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Sat, Jul 14, 2018

Tiki Night 2018 - Bosko and Rolly
A Tiki Marketplace will open at 4:00 PM in the Egyptian Theatre Courtyard, selling new and vintage Tiki-related art, memorabilia, clothing, accessories and more. Starting at 5:00 PM, King Kukulele & The Friki Tikis and the Polynesian Paradise Dancers will perform alongside a no-host bar.
“Bosko” (2018, 30 min. Dir. Kurt Mattila) This documentary portrait of Bosko Hrnjak. follows the artist through his childhood in Los Angeles, education at Art Center College of Design and his unsung, pioneering work as the first individual to revive the lost art of carving Tikis, sculpting Tiki ceramics and building the first proper home Tiki bar. Much of what Polynesian Pop devotees take for granted today began with Hrnjak 30 years ago in Escondido. Based on extensive interviews with Hrnjak and his wife and collaborator Truus De Groot, the film contains further commentary from fellow Polynesian Pop luminaries such as Jeff “Beach Bum” Berry and Sven Kirsten.
“The Whimsical Imagineer” (2018, 29 min. Dir. Ken Kebow) When Rolly Crump interviewed for an animation job at Disney back in the 1950s, he was told he had “the worst portfolio of anyone ever hired at Disney Animation Studio,” but it turned out he was one of the best hires the company ever made. Working with Walt Disney himself, as well as the original group of Disney Imagineers, Rolly went on to create some of Disneyland's most beloved attractions, including the Haunted Mansion, the Enchanted Tiki Room and It's a Small World. The recipient of numerous awards and accolades, this documentary takes viewers on an informative and entertaining journey with Rolly himself, as well as Disney legend Bob Gurr, Rolly's son and Imagineer Chris Crump and a number of others who worked with Rolly over the years to help create “the happiest place on earth!”
Discussion between films with documentary subjects Bosko Hrnjak and Rolly Crump (via Skype), moderated by King Kukulele.

Hey Clever Guys, we're bringing a rack of men's vintage Hawaiian shirts to Tiki Night at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Join us July 14th for some TIki FUN! For more details & tickets click on link. http://www.americancinemathequecalendar.com/content/tiki-night-2018-bosko-and-rolly #tikinight #vintage #tiki #menswear #hawaiian #laevents #vintageforsale #egyptiantheatre #clevervintageclothing

Tommy one of us 🎬 thank you for all you’ve done!!! #theroom #egyptiantheatre @tommywiseau

The Simpsons 🏡
Вот никогда в жизни не мог себе представить, что смогу познакомится и пообщаться с создателями самого крутого мультсериала всех времён - «Симпсоны»
Первое что я смог произнести при встрече с Главным аниматором David Silverman, который придумал и нарисовал всю семейку, и Mike Reiss, который писал сценарии почти для всех сезонов Симпсонов было: Thank you for my childhood guys. I grew up on this cartoon!!
Так же я сказал, что родился в СССР, и поблагодарил за все те шутки, которые они придумали про нас 🤣
Например эпизод, в котором Гомер проходит алкотест в Таверне у Мо перед тем как сесть за руль, и у это тестера есть 4 показателя опьянения:
• Трезвый
• Под мухой
• В сосиску
• Борис Ельцин 🤣
Я думаю мне не нужно говорить вам какая из них самая сильная степень опьянения ))))
Mike Reiss удивился, что цензура в нашей стране пропустила этот эпизод, но вместе с тем он знает, что Симпсоны в 🇷🇺 очень популярны.
В общем этот день можно смело отнести в разряд life time experience ✅
Это мероприятие было приурочено к выходу книги #springfieldconfidential, в которой Mike Reiss рассказывает все что он знает о Симпсонах. Я и мой друг Эдуардо купили по экземпляру книги с подписью автора.
А David Silverman нарисовал мне Барта и Гомера, и поставил свой автограф. Кто знает, возможно этот автограф с Бартом будет стоить миллион долларов через какое то время 😉Смотрите сториз друзья!! #thesimpsons #симпсоны #бартсимпсон #гомерсимпсон #спрингфилд #голливудскоекино #simpsons #mikereiss #лосанджелес #жизньвсша #сша #losangeles #hollywoodwalkoffame #egyptiantheatre

“I just LOVE finding new places to wear diamonds!” 💎 Went to see #gentlemenpreferblondes at the #egyptiantheatre which also included a discussion on 50’s fashion in film. Amazing time. Couldn’t figure out what to wear so I settled on the #rian dress from @pinupgirlclothing and @bettyandveronica The #tiffanyblue color seemed fitting. 👗 #pinup #vintage #couture #coutureforeverybody #pinupfashion #pinupstyle #fiftiesstyle #sixtiesstyle #classiccinema #bettyandveronica

Great New England Horror Triple Feature at @egyptian.theatre as part of @sidgrauman guests included Julie Carmen & Sandy King Carpenter for In The Mouth Of The Madness and Brian Yuzna for From Beyond. (The Myst was the third film) Loved @barbaracrampton and @juliecarmen3! They really make these movies sing! #egyptiantheatre #juliecarmen #barbaracrampton #InTheMouthOfMadness #frombeyound #horrormovies #newengland #triplefeature #cinematicvoid #naarrt #nathananderson

Last nights Cinematic Void triple feature of Lovecraft VS King was most excellent! From Beyond - The Mist - In the Mouth of Madness. They screened The Mist in the black and white version which looked great, plus From Beyond producer Brian Yunza and producer of ITMOM producer Sandy King Carpenter in person for a Q and A. Perfect night- long and went til 2:00am but damn worth it. Also a small take away I had after rewatching The Mist last night was (and this is a habit I have when I watch films) was; I feel like you could totally make The Mist a staged play...like 90% of the film happens in the market and there’s something I guess- very theatrical like about the characters in the film that I think the way the script is written would come across beautifully on stage. And you could really have some fun creating the creature for stage and of course have a kick ass fog machine on stage. Anyway.. just dreaming up possibilities. #inthemouthofmadness #stevenking #lovecraft #hplovecraft #themist #cinematicvoid #hollywood #egyptiantheatre #frombeyond

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