Some people will #Talk behind of me
They are behind of #ME FOR A #reason 😎

When someone tries to tell me a Positive mind won’t provide a positive life 🧐👏🏻 #catchthesehands #onapositivenote

#davidmeltzer !・・・
The quicker we can understand that we don’t know what we don’t know, we can seek people who have the situational knowledge, relationship capital, skills, and knowledge that we seek and ask them for help.
The only thing stopping us from asking for help is our ego. A perception of fear. 💯.
#learningzone #anxiety #pressure #comfortzone #ego

Saber reconhecer o talento, esforço, habilidades e méritos de outros é importante demais. Quando deixamos o ego de lado e aprendemos isso, conseguimos aprender lições valiosas que nos impulsionam mais e melhor.

Make the Weak #Hits #Strengthen Your #Ego 👊💪😉

Hold up real quick while I get on my rusty ass soap box and open my loud mouth...
So I literally laughed out loud when I put this on my back.... it’s been a hot minute since I’ve back sqwaattted any kind of heavy. I believe “aw fuck.” were my exact words... 😳 After the first couple sets I thought, dude, I can totally go up over 200 easy. 🙌🏻💪🏻 (not keeping in mind that I needed to complete 10 sets without shitty ass form.)
I didn’t. Because I’m not trying to lift to fulfill my ego. It isn’t a PR every fucking lift, it isn’t go until I die every session. This sport is full of ego, and quite frankly... it’s disgusting. If you constantly strive to fulfill ego as a motivator, it will do what any other muscle does... grow... and you will never actually grow a positive intrinsic motivation. The moment your ego is gone... you’ll be a fucking mess. I’ve seen it happen.
Not a single person is going to give a fuck what my squat is when I step on stage. It doesn’t mean I give anything less than everything I have, every time I lift. It’s just more important that I keep my ego in check because there is nothing worse than a person who constantly tells themselves (or the people around them) that they are better than everyone else... and it’s all about the ‘win’.
The fuck it is. 😒
Oh and I‘m aware some of my ‘friends’ are going to screen shot and send this to certain people... aaaaaaaand I don’t give a fuck. They already know how I feel about their attitudes because I told them to their faces. ✋🏻
Make sure you swipe left before you click click mother fucker.

Happy Friday, everybody 👌🏻

Personality driven, happening, vital integrity of self: #Ego
We foster identity and creativity.
Illuminating the true essence of innovation.
Jump into our creative space.

Eliminate ego before it eliminates you.
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