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🐼The fitness industry runs on a pendulum of extremes. Everything is either good or bad. Healthy or unhealthy. Fattening or fat burning. And no matter what, someone will always have studies to prove they're right and you're wrong and Hogwarts doesn't exist and we're all just muggles and other really hurtful comments that sting but aren't true.
☕️Truth is, very few things in the fitness industry (or life, for that matter) are black and white. The answer usually falls somewhere in between - smack dab in the grey area - where the answer depends on your individual needs, goals, and preferences.
🎃Take eggs, for example. Aside from the obnoxious comments bound to come about how eggs are awful and should never be eaten (malarkey, btw, they're amazing for you), everyone and their house elf has an opinion on whether or not you should eat whole eggs when you're trying to lose fat. Here's what I think.
🦉Whole eggs are great because they're stacked with countless nutrients. Only issue is they have way more calories than whites and don't fill you up all that much. Whites, on the other hand, are much more filling (bc you can eat way more for fewer cals) but don't get all the nutrients whole eggs offer.
🏓So...why not have both? You can have either/or if you want. But there's also no reason you can't have 1-2 whole eggs and a whole bunch of whites to get all the benefits of the nutrient profile without adding too many calories.
🦄In the end, do what works best for YOU and allows YOU to stay consistent with your training and nutrition. Because, above all, consistency is king.
💩PS if anyone references "What the Health" as a valid source for why eggs are unhealthy, please remember you're referencing a Netflix movie and not legitimate scientific research. Eggs are 100% healthy (in moderation) and "What the Health" is a film designed to scare you. Nothing against vegans btw - I love them - I just can't stand the fear "What the Health" has created over meat and eggs when, truth is, they can be a great part of a healthy diet.
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The most important meal of the day! 🥚🥓🍳🥑🧀🍊 Repost 📷 xoloveclaire #eggslut #eggslutvenice #venice #eggs #eggsontheregs

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Food Diary 😋
Meal 1 - Fat Coffee (coffee, collagen protein, coconut oil, coconut milk)
Meal 2 - Four egg and spinach omelette cooked in butter. Topped with half an avocado and hot sauce
Pre workout - Keto//OS MAX
Meal 3: Coconut milk and lime chicken with sautéed zucchini and cauliflower.
Before bed: Keto//OS #pruvit #keto #eggs

Egg Slut。Los Angeles
在L.A Downtown的中央市場內,最多人潮聚集的就是這家Egg Slut。名符其實買的是各式各樣的蛋料理,主打有機健康的蛋與自製麵包。
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What's your brunch drink of choice? We're feelin' a spicy Bloody Mary, a Cold Brew coffee and H2O this morning 🙌🏼 We open at 11AM for #brunch see you then!

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I would eat them with a burglar
I would eat them on a burger
I really like fried eggs and ham
I really like them, Instagram

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Gotta put these. Babies in the fridge before they go bad! #eggslut

L.A.'s Sundays

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