✨Surrogacy amazes me ✨What amazes me even more is the incredible women that have babies for other people altruistically. ✨ These ladies are empaths that know the pain of not being able to bear a child and help others from their massive hearts and feelings for others. .
We did not go down the road to Surrogacy but we considered this. It’s a complex journey. What I do know is how difficult it must feel for any woman to hand over the baby she has grown in her womb. 🌸.
✨Babies hear your voice in utero, move with your moods, plays and bonds with you. There is a connection, physical and spiritual. ✨ ✨Intended parents will go overseas for Surrogacy through an agency for a multitude of reasons. ✨There are good stories and there are bad. ✨
✨Some surrogates don’t even get to see the baby when it’s born ✨ 💔This lack of care for the surrogate is psychologically damaging to the birth mother and also the baby. Care for both is a MUST. ✨ Then there are wonderful stories of surrogates seeing the newborn, with Parents supporting her needs now & continued into the future✨ ✨Thinking of Surrogacy? - Check out Podcast ~ The Australian Surrogacy Conference 2018 @families_surrogacy With @sarah_surrolawyer. All the legals plus real surrogate stories that will bring a tear to your eye. It’s powerful✨ (This is not endorsed by anyone but my personal opinion, love of babies and humanity)

Become an Egg Donor! Ages 21-32. Healthy, non-smoking, drug free woman willing to travel. Make up to $30,000! Working will ALL Ethnic Backgrounds! Currently seeking Eastern Indian and Asian Donors.

Visit us on the web at www.hbed.net or call 1-888-943-6667 for more information!
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God gave me these beautiful children and i am so blessed to be able to give that gift to others. Today on my YouTube channel I have a new video about why I donated my eggs and how I feel about it now! Link in bio.
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My child my joy my everything, she's a blessing.
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Soon we start our journey home to Sweden. I don’t know where to begin. 2 years ago, me and my husband were lucky enough to find these two amazing, courageous, selfless women. They chose to help us, with no other gain than eternal good karma. They’ve gone through pain and suffering to create the family we so desperately wanted. The titles #eggdonor and #surrogate just aren’t the words that describe these amazing women. The words to describe them don’t even exist. The only thing I can say is “thank you”. Thank you for giving us our family, and for being so kind. For letting us be part of your families. Thank you for forever changing our lives. Thank you thank you thank you. Leaving #Canada today is bittersweet. We want to go home, but you will be so missed. Missed but never forgotten, and we all know that we’ll stay in contact. We are now family. We love you @_lauren.c.l and @cassiebellamy #gayparents #rainbowfamily #lgbtq #hbtq #sweden #regnbågsfamilj #surrogacy

“Mom, chilll” 😳

Well now I’m a bit less drowsy I thought I’d upload this, so yesterday’s surgery went really well! I really hope the three weeks of injections and the two months of pain and sickness was worth it! A good dozen eggs retrieved now just the hope they pass fertilisation and the two families receiving them all the best!

❤️ Sometimes it takes a tribe of people and a whole lot of love to create a family ❤️

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U are the kindest girl i have met in my whole life. 😇I have spent my whole life lucky to meet u. You also are the most beautiful angel. 👼Thanks for everything, and the intended parents will have their babies with your help!!! I am so proud of what I am doing now, meet the egg donor, help the parents. It is a holy job. I will bring the love to everyone! Promise. #eggdonor donor #eggdonation #FertilityFriend #IVF #IVFjourney #fertility #surrogacy #boilingpoint #losangeles #laxairport #jin #pasadena #baby #parents #love

Today I indulged a few glasses of wine {possibly a whole bottle 😬} and I feel zero quilt about it. I am on this amazing journey to being the best version of myself and that includes having more of the things that I enjoy and less guilt for having them. .

I started my day with a butt kicking 20 minute workout, did some grocery shopping, some serious meal prepping and now am working on some great content for my upcoming challenge group. I can honestly say that today was a day I felt fulfilled. I did all things I love and I only want to share that joy excitement with others. .

I use to look at this body with nothing but thoughts of things that needed to change. I know lol at it with love and grace. I have learned so much from the amazing women I choose to surround myself with and if you are looking for that too, then let me know 😊.

We stayed in the sleepy little town of Muizenberg, right along the beach, with some of the best surfing and body-boarding spots along the Cape Peninsula, back when we were in Cape Town for our second attempt at using an egg donor, and hoping for better success than the first time! #muizenberg #capetown #southafrica #muizenbergbeach #beach #thecape #ocean #theocean #huts #bodysurf #bodysurfing #bodyboarding #bodyboard #bodyboards #november2016 #sleepy #sleepytown #eggdonor #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #ivftwins #ivfpregnancy

Someone is saying “Bye Bye Bye” to Father’s Days without children. Former N’Sync member Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, have begun their #surrogacyjourney! Join us in saying congratulations on this amazing moment in their lives!


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Gestational Surrogate Mothers Wanted!!! If you are a caring and healthy woman, please consider helping a family through the gift of gestational surrogacy. Compensation from $10,000-$70,000 plus all expenses. Visit our website www.hbed.net or call 1-888-943-6667 for more information.

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“Receiving a letter to donate is an amazing feeling, to know I get to help someone in such a big way.” In 3 days we are going to take you with us on the entire journey of one of our donors. She will be visiting California, USA to donate from Cape Town, South Africa. Watch this space and don’t miss a day.
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We wanted to congratulate our very own, Surrogate Intake Specialist, and 3x Surrogate at SAI, Kim Mangin, who recently had her heartbeat ultrasound where they confirmed two heartbeats! TWINSIES! Kim was supported by her SAI sisters, Support Coordinator Venise Raschick and SAI VP Ann Miranda. Congratulations to you and your Intended Father’s on the wonderful news. #SAIagency #prideweekend 🌈 #SanDiego .
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