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These bad boys are ready for Melbourne's little people.
Congratulations to all of our Macedonian Students at the Victorian School of Languages tomorrow, Saturday 25th November. They finish up the 2017 year with a class party and parents bring a share plate. My daughters put me down for cupcakes - I completely outsourced (plus a few accents).
It is true that if we do not teach and practice our Macedonian language, we will lose it. This program is very dear to me and it continues to run strong.
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An enormous 'Happy Thanksgiving' to all my American-Macedonian friends. May your day be a little bit wonderful. Gobble Gobble from Melbourne, Australia.

1951 Macedonia to Melbourne by Boat.
Those who didn't have a suitcase, firmly held their few keepsakes the entire voyage.
Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents, Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren.
We have come a long way.
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I captured Marley & Peaches last week, playing dress ups and role play behind the scenes whilst shooting for Project Balkanika.
They kept occupied so effortlessly, for hours upon hours.
They parade in Folk Costumes dating back to 1913.
I am blessed to have them and so excited by their enthusiasm.
They are Proud, they are Passionate and they too are Project Balkanika.

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Chetvrtok Thursday.
Now that I'm older I understand;
Stamena told Stojan:
"If only you were as diligent, as you are handsome"
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Proud, Passionate - I am Project Balkanika

Coming Soon "The Cowboy" Bang Bang!
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Proud, Passionate - I am Project Balkanika

He needs to look every day like this. This people who are against our country and people. I don't want to say bad things like this but this man doesn't fight for our country. BRAVOS MAKEDONCI!

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Fitzroy, Family, Street Art & Marley - #1 Supporter stealing props & spreading Rainbows.
Proud, Passionate - Project Balkanika

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Akele subway loko! #egej #queevento #voarenova @renova_jr

Empresários juniores impactando, né nom #egej #florestajr

Case sobre nado sincronizado 🙆🙆 #egej #tbt @georgiaregla @carol.abella16

Aconteceu nesse final de semana mais um Encontro Gaúcho de Empresas Juniores (EGEJ) e a CompAct foi para IMPACTAR com mais de 30 membros presentes. Foram 3 dias de reflexão, aprendizado e integração. Questionamos sobre como fazer a diferença desde a sociedade local ate o impacto a nível nacional e ficou a pergunta: somos modelo para toda terra? #empreendedorismo #compactjr #egej #mej

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