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I haven't any thought for the sadness that fills your heart.
I haven't any breath for the words you need to hear.
Lost from my fingertips is the grip which you need to hold.
Cool currents twist the tide of the flowing warmth your skin craves.
You turned. I whispered.
We are. Lost. *
I hope to dedicate wednesdays to #sexpositive posts.
We are all sexual beings.
I won't hide. 📸 Photography @mr_baber
Model @brooke2315

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best... And the simplest outfit is no outfit!!!!

I am not acceptable on social standards. Too old. Too fat. Not the right curves in the right places. But goddamn I am beautiful. #effyourstandards.

🎶You just DO YOU....IMMA DO ME🎶
I have #StretchMarks...a bit of fat...and a ton of confidence!!
I'm good😎😏😎
NEVERRRRRR thought I'd get here, but one day it clicked...STOP trying to be/look like someone else and worrying about another's opinion! If YOU want to do something then DO THAT SHICK😜
Maybe one day these pictures will become my "before's" but for now I'm enjoying the moment
#thickandfit #notskinnybutfit
#LoveThyself #bethebestversionofyou
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I love to watch people do things ignorant people say they shouldn't be about to do... #effyourstandards

Do I look like I'm stressing you or anyone else for that matter ? 🤷🏾‍♀️ #ohHi #teebeetee #moretolove #effyourstandards #curvegamestrong


I was so worried about all the incisions and how bloated I’d be, I was dreading how far I would be setback and lose my gains.

Thankfully I only needed 2 incisions and I am only slightly bloated because I’ve finally gotten to eat 😋

I’m eager to workout, but I also know I need to let my body heal.

2 weeks and I’ll be back chiseling my abs and booty more because they are my most important goals 😁

I felt so energetic when I came out of anesthesia, but I honestly think it was because of the anxiety medicine they gave me for my seizures 😂

As soon as Marsha left I could start to feel my body being like, “Hey homegirl, your recovery isn’t going to be 100% pain free, now watch me.” 😂

Needless to say I’m going to try and take the least amount of pain medicine , but take enough that I won’t be miserable.

Thank God I know what to do! ☝🏼#effyourstandards

another shot of my new favorite #bodysuit by @blushlingerie. did you know the brand has been around since '88? we're the same age! i love this piece from the 'bound' collection because it's super versatile & i can wear it without a bra. plus, the mix of mesh and microfiber make it simple but super sexy as well! the bralette & high waist panty from the same collection are also a must. i'm in loooove! 🖤
#blushlingerie #bodysuit #athleisure #personalstyle #messyhair #bedroom #interior #montrealbrand #effyourstandards #curves #hipsdontlie #natural #morninglight

I read this morning and it is just a little reminder that we can only save ourselves, that we have to be our own hero.
That also means we can’t save others, they have to be their own hero 💜

But instead I said
Because here is the lesson
the universe gave me
the humble pie
I have been eating

It was never ever your responsibility
to save me
It was never ever your job
to read my mind
know my heart
and heal my soul
And I was completely
out of line
to resent you for not doing
what wasn’t yours to do
Because it is only ever my responsibility
to save me
It is only ever me
that can save me

So please
This is so so incredibly important
And I know
so many of you
are waiting
for someone to save you
I know because I was you

I know so so so many of you
are hoping someone is gonna swoop in
and make it all better
I know because you tell me
I know because my inboxes are filled
with messages from you
that could tear my heart in two

But here is what I am really upset about
here is my plea
listen to me

You cannot wait
You must not wait
for someone to save you
this is not someone else's job to do
this is yours

So if you are
or just plain self destructing

You get that it is you
who is going to choose
to do it differently

And as incredibly confronting
as this may sound
It always
comes down to a choice

All the time I am asked,
How did you get yourself to stop doing that?
How did you heal?
How did you finally break free?

And my answer is always some version of
I chose
You choose
And then you choose again and again and again

In many mundane and exciting ways
life is a series of tiny choices
And the more you learn to master
your ability to make choices
that are conscious
the more you will win
the more mastery you will have
and I really believe the happier you will be
Because at the end of the day
the only person
who can truly heal you
is you
and that will be because you choose
Because you choose
You ❤️- Emily Rosen

as women we must build each other up, hold each other’s hands, warn each other of bad people, and hold each other when we’re broken. we are not on this earth for your pleasure or gaze or enjoyment. we are here for ourselves. we must do things for ourselves, and for each other. (Model: @drumnbassnerd )) .
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