Education is the way to resist. Dalit history and struggle is omitted from school and college history precisely because it threatens the status quo. Make our own schools. Make our own spaces to teach our children. #bhimarmy #saharanpur #kamalwalia #uttarpradesh #up #bhimarmypathshalas #daliteducation #daliteducationmatters #dalitvoices #sc #scheduledcaste #breaktheuppercastehegemony #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #india #caste #dalitfeminist

Desk Calendar 2014 issued by Dr.Ambedkar Foundation. Will link it in my bio. Today 14th April is Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary. Each of this slides carry an important lesson. #babasahebambedkar #ambedkarjayanti #india #dalit #sc #scheduledcaste #dalitheroes #caste #casteindia #democracy #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #dalitassertion

Article “What Millennials aren’t taught about caste”
from arre written by a savarna, Manik Sharma dated May 11 2017.
Now. This article which you can read by googling shares an important perspective of Brahmin privilege and how ignorant upper caste kids remain thinking casteist thoughts from their parents and grandparents is okay. Many of what is detailed here is often told by lower castes but they are not believed because it dismissed as “trying to play lower caste card” “trying to play victim”. And only upper caste stories as seen as valid and no one questions their intentions on why they are suddenly sharing this.
2. The last slide shows perfectly how even very progressive thinking people still have to make it as point to say “reservation doesn’t reach those that it needs the most”. Who told you that? Another savarna, I bet. And why do you think that it matters who you think deserves reservation and who doesn’t? When you have face none of the social problems and issues that lower castes face, what makes you qualified to make a remark on who deserves and doesn’t deserve reservation? This is casteist. And if a savarna says this, they need to check their privilege. #caste #letstalkaboutcaste #india #casteindia #castediscrimination #untouchability #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #dalitvoices #dalitfeminist

Calls have been made to protest against the recent Supreme Court order which greatly diluted the already under-utilised SC/ST atrocities act. This is nothing but a way for the savarnas to protect themselves after committing crimes of casteism. The Supreme Court which needs to uphold law and equal justice has showed its casteism by diluting SC/ST act which will only make it harder for Dalits and Adivasis to get justice against the crimes savarnas commit towards them. The call for protest is on April 2nd. You can read more on google. News sources: India Today| March 27| The last screenshot is also a call for March in Hindi submitted by a follower.
#calloutcasteistjudiciary #dontdilutescstact #dalitvoices #dalitfeminist #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #caste #casteindia #india

We often hear shit like “education will solve problems of casteism” and “young educated people and this generation doesn’t care about caste”. It’s only Dalits who talk about caste. Here are two young people who came to write casteist slurs under the post of “Brahmin supremacy group” running on FB. It’s always on that post that most casteists seems to gather. Even when they have to write casteist comments they want to congregate like flies to shit under the post where I called out a Brahmin supremacy group on FB.
Translation of what they said because I want to let the world know how shitty and casteist young upper castes are. And please don’t dismiss these as random hate accounts. These people still say shit like this to others.
Dixit sahab says “one, they are dishwashers and they are Dalit. I won’t even allow my commode to be cleaned by people like you. If you are Dalit be a Dalit. Don’t dare to come out of the boundaries we have drawn for you.” Note: Upper castes in India relegated an entire group of people to clean their toilets and shit. The reason India is filthy is not because Indians lack hygiene lessons. It’s because they know if they are filthy, throw, litter, don’t keep their toilets clean- a Dalit is going to come clean up after them. It’s the arrogance that they are perpetual spoilt brats who never have to clean their house because of the persistent “maid culture” in India who also happen to be lower castes. And everywhere they go, they destroy and expect Dalits to come and clean up their garbage. A group of people so despicable that they relegated an entire group just to clean up after their lazy, incompetent asses.
Jrishabh says: “If we uplift Dalit also who will clean our sewers? Anyway, they don’t do anything else also, *slur abuse* They just pollute the country. At least clean the sewers and do something for the country. We are letting you live in our country and now you need seats( reservation) and rights too?
#exposecasteists #uppercastetrash #caste #india #casteindia #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #castediscrimination #dalitfeminist

Remember Justice Karnan who at the verge of retirement was insulted by the casteist judiciary of the Supreme Court of India for calling out their casteism. Remember these laws and this country’s constitution was shaped by a Dalit. By the efforts of Babasaheb Ambedkar and yet in the same halls of law where everyone should be given justice without prejudice, a senior judge was discriminated by a group of upper caste judges because she dared to call out their dirty casteism. Justice Karnan went to jail for 6 months. Today the CJI faces impeachment by a small group of judges. While you acknowledge the act of these judges, do it ever forget that a Dalit judge was shamed, called mentally unstable, had media gag and thrown in to jail for calling out the same thing. You say caste disappears if someone gains “socially” upward status? You think that a Dalit IAS, Dalit SC judge won’t be discriminated? Here it is for you. Plain and clear. This is the level of casteism seeped in the judiciary of our country. How do you expect Dalits to get justice from upper caste judges who discriminate against their own colleagues just because of caste? #CJI #Dipakmisra #justicekarnan #neverforgetthecasteismofjudiciary #supremecourtiscasteist #sc #judiciary #sc #dalits #dalitfeminist #caste #casteindia #india #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem

Part 2 of the article about #casteinus. We are all indebted to the great work Thenmozhi Soundararajan and Maari Zwick Maitreyi have done. #casteintheus #caste #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #equitylabs #endcastediscrimination #castediscrimination #dalitfeminist

Upper castes carrying their caste disease everywhere and spreading it. The work of recording this by Equity Labs is one step closer towards ending caste discrimination. We can only end an oppressive practice if we can recognize it. #casteintheus #caste #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #equitylabs #endcastediscrimination #castediscrimination #dalitfeminist

Some snippets of how #casteintheUS plays out.
The first slide is an Adivasi account of savarna discrimination. Adivasi is not a caste and are indigenous people of India. Adi=ancient and vasi=someone who dwells. But savarnas treat adivasis in shitty ways simply because they don’t follow the hegemonic practices of their religion and caste. The rest of the slides are discrimination from upper castes in various scenarios. This incredible work is done by @dalitdiva #casteintheus #castediscrimination #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #breaktheuppercastehegemony #caste #dalitvoices #dalitdiva #thenmozhisoundararajan #dalitfeminist

"Drinking the water will not give us very much. It is not the matter of only of our human rights though we establish the right to drink water. But our goal is no less than that of the French Revolution. That was fought for the reconstruction of society, for the eradication of old scoiety based on feudal inequality and the establishment of a new society based on liberty, equality and fraternity. Similarly, we want to end the old inhuman caste society and reconstruct the world, and reconstruct the society based on liberty, equality, fraternity. That is our goal!" - Dr. Bahasaheb Ambedkar.
The first three and last two slides are from @dalitfeminist
The fourth and the fifth slides are from an article present at the Velivada website.

PSA: The Mahad satyagrah took place on 20th march, 1927. (I'm posting this a day late). #mahadsatyagrah #righttodrinkwater #thingsdalitsstrugglewithtothisverydate #righttolife #dalitvoices #caste #castesystem #scst #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #destroybrahminhegemony #india #incredibleindia #drambedkar #brambedkar #frenchrevolution #equality #liberty #fraternity #feminism #woc #intersectionality #poc #smashthepatriarchy

Today marks the historic #MahadSatyagraha We must remember that since 1927 to till today in 2018, Dalits drinking water from a common well is contentious because of savarna casteists. They poison the water, kill Dalits for daring to drink the water of upper castes. Probably the only group of people who continue discriminating the same way their ancestors did. Across the world if we look at marginalized people, the oppressors still oppress them but in a different way. But casteist savarnas did this decades and centuries ago and their children still continue to do this today. Also, the last slide is not any conspiracy theory. The hatred the RSS and right wing carries for Dalits is well documented. Doing all this on the historic days of Dalits shows their hatred for Dalits and Ambedkar. #mahadsatyagraha #dalitvoices #dalitfeminist #india #caste #casteindia #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem

Source: Times Of India, March 19 2018.
This illustrates savarna casteist pride in raping Dalit women. They will deride Dalit women as untouchables and shame them. But they will also want to sleep with and let their frustrated anger and uselessness by taking Dalit women to fuck. When we think of domestic abuse in India, the savarna men can’t show it to their savarna women at home and take it out on Dalit women by gangraping them and playing out their sick, sadistic fantasies which if they ever did to their fellow savarna women they will at the least be scrutinized and shamed if not jailed and convicted. But a Dalit woman is an easy target. You can fuck her, rape her and if she ever dares to tell her story of assault, they will drive her to suicide by threats and mental torture or kill her themselves but make it look like a suicide. Yet, this is called suicide. If someone drives you to kill yourself, it’s not suicide. It’s MURDER. The police of course filled with Savarnas gives a sorry excuse for why protection was not provided. Would they have taken it so lightly if it was an upper caste’s wife or daughter being threatened? What took “the government” so long to approve police protection for a woman that was gang raped and being threatened? And now the witness. The justice system and the police in this country don’t care about Dalits. #dalitlivesmatter #stoprapingdalitwomen #rajput #shitsavarnasdo #caste #india #casteindia #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #jaipur #tansingh #lakhsingh #boothrathodan #chohtan #barmer #Gangandeepsinghla #pankajsingh #dalitvoices #dalitfeminist

A late report of Neeraj Jatav beaten by sticks causing him to die while celebrating Holi. The days celebrated as joyous also results in death for Dalit families. Notice how vague the wording of the police officer is where they don’t name the accused and just say “one person wanted to apply against the wishes of another”. So he was beaten to death because he applied some colour to people who didn’t want to be applied colour? If this is the reason half the people who celebrate people should be dead because that’s how many people indulge in that behvaiour. A lot of this is also masked as “drunken behaviour”. And finally the victim’s family themselves are blamed for “vandalizing” the hospital. And because it’s Indian media, we won’t hear what happened to this case and if the people who ever killed him will be arrested, they probably won’t be and get away. #holi #stopkillingdalitmen #alwar #dalitlivesmatter #rajasthan #neerajjatav #bhiwandi #pushpendrasinghsolanki #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #caste #casteindia #india #dalitfeminist

Source news: DNA MARCH 10th.
Whose liberation are we celebrating in this country? Happy women’s day for whom? Not for Dalit women. Exactly in the day savarna women are abound posting “happy women’s day” and recognized fellow savarna women, a Dalit women burned sustaining 80% burn injuries for failure to repay just 2000 rupees. Attached pics (TW: Burn survivor). I have no words to say to the atrocities still being done to Dalit women in 2018. #india #casteistindia #dalitlivesmatter #dalitwomenmatter #stopburningdalitwomen #shitsavarnasdo #savarnasareshit #casteistsavarnas #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #uttarpradesh #ballia #varanasi #dalitvoices #dalitfeminist

Caste system in Islam. So don’t come at me with ignorant comments about how “you as a Muslim cannot be savarna”. If your religion has lower castes, then you are a savarna. We have to understand that neither Islam nor Christianity carries a caste system that is divinely sanctioned like Hinduism. This epidemic of caste is unique to India and neighbouring countries. There is no caste with white people who practice Christianity or those who follow Islam in Islamic countries. Caste is so ingrained in Indian culture that it is carried forward as explained by Tejas in this post. It’s the same way, I have redefined savarna. Savarna derives from Hinduism, but you don’t have to be a Hindu to enjoy caste privileges in this country. The Dalit Muslim and the Dalit Christian’s oppression is not at the same level as an upper caste, privileged Muslim or Christians. The Muslims we see get lynched, beaten to death are from economically lower sections and not privileged. #caste #casteinislam #casteists #savarnas #dalit #dalitchristians #dalitmuslims #dalitfeminist #effyourcastesystem #effyourjati

Upper castes cannot stand that Dalits assert themselves through Babasaheb Ambedkar. They lynch Ambedkar in statue because in their casteist hearts that is what they want to do to him and Dalits. They cannot stand that even existing as a Dalit- to live, to breathe, to study m, to work each step is defiance to their casteist scriptures that told that we are worthless. Defy them. Your existence is defiance. Exist. Fight. Live.
#dalit #dalitpride #dalitdefiance #breaktheuppercastehegemony #fuckcasteists #effyourcastesystem #effyourjati #india #caste #casteindia #ambedkar #babasahebambedkar #dalitfeminist #dalitvoices #sc #scheduledcaste

Privilege is when a Mishra gets applauded as a hero for cleaning a toilet for just a day and just one toilet while Dalits clean multiple toilets every single day, inhale the toxic fumes from the shit and get skin and respiratory disorders dying while their families are orphaned. Privilege is to romanticize a heinous job that should never have been to say “that you should have no shame to do it”. Before your casteist Gandhi and until today before all your spiritual gurus, Dalits clean your shit everyday. If they felt shame and had chosen death, India would have stunk even more. Don’t preach us about what we are ashamed of. We are not ashamed of toilets or shit. We are ashamed of shit casteist savarnas.
#dalit #dalitpride #shitsavarnasdo #bjp #janardhanmishra #effyourcastesystem #effyourjati #india #caste #casteindia #breaktheuppercastehegemony

Source: Hindustan Times Feb 11. 2018
Dalit student dies by brutal beating at the hand of savarnas. And those that have been detained are simply going to get bail and be let off. And you still want to believe that Dalits have a legal system to believe in this country? And you still can’t see how caste influenced this crime? #stopkillingdalitmen #dalitlivesmatter #dalit #sc #scheduledcaste #savarnaviolence #shitsavarnasdo #caste #casteindia #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #breaktheuppercastehegemony #savarnaviolence #allahabad

Shared via BAPSA FB PAGE. Picture content says: Condemn the state violence. In solidarity with the people of Dima Hasao. In Dima Hasao district of Assam on 25th Jan, Police have fires on the protesting people. 3 people have already been killed in the firing that took place and many were left injured. It is beyond any dispute that the ruling party BJP and RSS are involved in the incident on the sensitive issue of Nagalyam, they are trying to incite ethnic tensions in the region. People are demanding clarification on the issue. All of it has sparked with the careless statement issued by RSS. Immediately arrest DC Devajyoti Hazarika
#bapsa #dalit #dalitfeminist #dalitvoices #dalitlivesmatter #effyourjati #effyourcastesystem #breaktheuppercastehegemony #caste #casteindia #india #dimahasao #assam #nagalyam #rss #bjp

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