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Se for para mudar, mude pela única pessoa que vale a pena: você!

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Ayer nos tocó vivir en un pueblo de Cuenca una situación que no le recomiendo ni a mí peor enemigo 🤦🏼‍♀️ Nos hemos vuelto a Madrid antes de tiempo para estar en casiña tranquilos, que es donde mejor se está ❤️ A ver si reinicio energías y os cuento, pero estamos bien! No 'preocuparse'. Yo me quedo con que hasta las situaciones desagradables tienen su parte positiva: darte cuenta de la suerte que tienes con tu vida feliz rodeada de gente increíble 🦄 El turbante y la bufanda gustosita son de @kiabies 💋

Buenos días preciosas! Qué os parece este lookazo de @rue107 ? ❤️

#CHEGADEFILTROS A gente passa tanto tempo com medo do que as pessoas vão pensar da gente né??? Aquela vergonha de tirar a roupa na frente do Boy, da amiga, de ir a praia e colocar um biquíni... mas será que o problema é realmente com a gente ? Quantas vezes a gente deixa de postar uma foto porque a barriga marcou na roupa, o braço ficou imenso ao lado dos braços magros das nossas amigas, o cabelo tá "zuado" ... são os filtros que a gente mesmo cria pra se proteger do que os outros vão pensar de nós!!! Tá na hora de acordar e ver que realmente o que as pessoas pensam é sim problema delas e não nosso... o que um olhar torto pode realmente mudar na sua vida??? Se você não se importar o olhar torto, a risadinha maliciosa, a cara feia não vai mudar nada na sua vida! Então vamos parar de nos anular tanto e viver mais tranquilas com a nossa aparência. Cada foto que eu posto aqui serve pra ajudar não só vocês a verem que perfeição não existe mas me ajuda também a ver que a opinião que realmente importa é a minha ♥️
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I'm honestly so done. First men created the Eurocentric beauty standards, pitted women against each other and shamed women for not fitting in them. Then they profited off of the insecurities they gave root to by creating the make up industry, and now that women are using make up to please themselves and not men, men want women to go all natural and make up free and are creating another level in the competition of seeking male attention and validation. Well guess what, we're not down with it. We're not down with your sexism, your misogyny, be it institutionalised or internalized. You don't get to have access and say in bodies that aren't yours. Our bodies are not objects that you get to personalise according to your whims and fancies. Stop telling women how we should present ourselves, be it physically, mental, sexually. Stop telling women what to do with their bodies. Our bodies are not debts we owe to men. Our bodies are ours to claim and we can do whatever the fuck we want with them. In a world that's filled with messages on how we should look like, which parts of us we need to change, which if us are "real"and which of us aren't, flaunt your individuality, be unique, be powerful, be unapologetic, be loud, be heard or not, just don't waste your life pining over and fighting for the validation of men, cause you are worth so much more than that. #makeup #bodilyautonomy #sexism #misogyny #fuckcapitalism #bodypositivity #beautystandards #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #womensrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #feminism #woc #intersectionality #poc #humanrights #smashthepatriarchy #yesallwomen #sexism #misogyny #mybodymyrules #mybodymychoice

When I was a chubby little black boy shopping in the husky section. I remember not seeing or having any representation of me or anything that look remotely like me. I know this happens daily with our boys and girls all over the world. Beauty is everywhere and that's why representation matters for everyone!! I'm blessed to be a part of @DestinationXL's new "Time To XL" campaign. Now, somewhere a kid or adult will go into a store and see some type of male representation that they can relate to. Be great and be you-nique!!! #XLStyle #Strong

Freizügig? @curvysina ❤️ Egal welche Körperform, Größe, Farbe, Alter - ich pfeife auf sogenannte Richtlinien. Jeder ist schön - vielleicht nicht für jeden, aber auf jeden Fall für den/die Richtige(n) ❤️
📷 @nartigraphy -
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If you think "i'm too big" for you, then I assume you dont have the proper equipment for the job anyways ;) #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #plussizefashion #plussize #bbwgirls #bbw #loveyourself #beyourownhero #beyourownkindofbeautiful #ladyboss

Heyyy ft.UTSC bathroom

#repost 🌹 @dianasirokai - Im a fan of your body but I am number 1 fan of MY BODY!!! You need to understand its okay not to fit in a certain category. You were born to stand out! We all go through different stages of our body and I am happy to slay all stages! Yes I am overweight, yes I have cellulite, yes I have thick thighs,arms, I have tummy and so what? If I want I'll change it thats up to me but I wont let anyone bring me down ever again! Neither should you:) this set of lingerie just made me wanna slay on yall haha @dearscantilly you're the best! 💕

Brunch was a not drag.

🌙 #WomenYogaTribe Round 2 🌙Day 3 #ForwardFold
Theme: Love for our body
"Your body hears everything your mind says." ~Naomi Judd
Uhhh I don't necessarily talk about my body, I guess at this present time I'm indifferent.
Not sure if that's good or bad but with everything this body has dealt with over the past 2 years it's better for my peace of mind to not dwell on it.
I will say that practicing Yoga has sparked something. I don't know what IT is, but I'm certainly just appreciating the process. 🙏🏽
🌙 Hosts :
🌙Super generous sponsors :
▪️ .
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A Lindaa Dany @euehellokitty arrasando com o nosso vestido Hello Kitty Pink !!! Amamos muitooooo!!! 🎀🎀🎀💖💖💖💖💖#Repost from @euehellokitty. #vestidodiva da @hellokittybrasil feitos por @asobimodejapan - 😱💖🎀💖👗😍 Vem conhecer o Ateliê・Loja na Rua da Consolação nº 2514 Cj 11 (na frente da Avenida Paulista, do ladinho das estações Paulista e Consolação do metro)
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