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The UK release is in less than a month (September 7th) and I'm TERRIFIED but so so hopeful that what I've written will help people who are struggling to accept and love their bodies as they are 💙 there are chapters on overcoming food guilt and eating intuitively 🍴 societal beauty standards and why they're bullshit 🙅 where diet culture comes from and how to escape it 🌈 my own personal journey overcoming anorexia 💐 and SO much more!

This is kind of weird for me, because I've never really asked you guys for anything and I've never sold you anything either, but if this page and what I do has ever helped you or made you feel supported, it would mean the world to me if you could support me back with this book, because my whole heart is in there 💜
If you're in the UK and you're able to, the pre-order link is in my bio ✨ for all of my US babes, the book WILL be coming to you! Keep your eyes peeled and I'll let you know when! There's a German translation coming as well 💃 other countries 🌎 if you click the link in my bio it will tell you if it's available to you (it's also on kindle!). Regardless of what happens with the book, I'll keep bringing you bopo here! The love you guys have shown me over the years has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I'm so thankful. I love you all! 💜💙💚🌈🌞

H O T N E S S comes in all different shapes and sizes! Just sayin💁😏 #iamproudse#balibody

Let me tell you why this isn't just another picture of me in a bikini.
Today I pushed through one of my subconscious fears: I went on a beach walk in a bikini.
Maybe you're thinking, well duh, she's always in a bikini so naturally if she's walking on the beach it's in a bikini.
But there's the thing. I NEVER take beach walks in a bikini. I'm always wearing a dress or active wear. And today as I attempted to get back into my routine, I got ready for my beach walk and had a dress on.
I stopped and asked myself "why are you wearing a dress"
I thought about it for the first time and realized I was covering up because I didn't want people to see my body moving and jiggling in a bikini on my beach walks.
There. I said it.
And I owned up to it.
Then I said to myself "do you care what anyone else thinks of your body? Whether it's perfectly posed in a picture or moving freely in the open?"
No, self, I don't.
And so I popped upstairs and put this bikini on, swiped a little extra @megababe thigh saver chafe stick on my mermaid thighs, and walked for 2 miles.
And it was freeing. And glorious. And hot and sweaty. And Im ready to do it again tomorrow.
It's just like when I wore the skort to the gym. I realized no one cared, and neither did I, and my comfort was my priority- not whether or not my body offended someone.
There is always going to be new ways you can explore to take you outside your comfort zone.
There is always going to be things that you choose not to do out of fear of what others will think (either consciously or subconsciously)
You can work through fears by asking yourself these same questions:
Why am I doing this?
What am I afraid will happen?
What's the worst thing that can happen?
Even if that did happen, would I be okay?
Will I benefit from changing this?
Is my comfort and joy more important than others opinions?
And when you get through all those...you can move on with your life and do fun, new and exciting things.

Just do you babes!

@larrykingnow interviewed myself & @zachmiko today about body positivity & what it's like to be the first models our size in the industry & we talked about my book!! 😭😭😭 Today was a moment I will never forget 🙏🏻Our interview will be out in September, so stay tuned 💘

Hair @hisvintagetouch
Makeup @makeupbyjmonroy
Styling @littlelimedress
#larrykingnow #notsosubtletess #effyourbeautystandards

No one ever taught me how to love my body. In fact, no one ever told me I should love it. Not my mom, not my dad, not any relatives or teachers. From a very young age I was told how my arms should be covered. How to suck in my stomach. How many diets and detoxes I should follow in order to lose a couple pounds. How I should wear spandex under my dresses and skirts. How not to draw attention to my body. And the list goes on and on.

I'm here to tell you your body is amazing. For everything it is and everything it isn't. For its bumps and scars, it's smoothness and marks. And it deserves to be wanted. Accepted. Loved. Flaunted. Despite the many lies we have all been taught for decades.
I hope you stop hiding. I hope you don't let people scare you. I hope you no longer hold things off. I hope you don't let others judge you. I hope you find your voice. I hope you gain courage. I hope you become strong. I hope you believe in you. I hope you learn to love yourself. I hope you never stop hoping. I hope you never stop doing.

In the age of social media, it's hard to decide what's real. Working with @truepic to encourage others to show their authenticity and embrace the real. Download the app and show your beauty, unfiltered. #truepic #nofilter #ad

Beauty and fashion vlogger @NabelaNoor has had enough with body-shaming comments. No matter what the content of her videos are — fashion, beauty or body positivity related — she consistently gets comments about her weight. “I have found that people feel like it’s their obligation, their duty, to let me know that I’m overweight,” Noor said in the above video posted to her YouTube page. “Sometimes I feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, should I just not post because I’m fat?’ … It’s as though I should just be in a closet, hidden away, and not come out until I am thin, or not come out until I am society’s definition of beauty.” The entire purpose of the video for Noor was to open up the conversation around fat-shaming and try to build a community of people who understand that trolls’ words don’t really matter. She added in an interview with @strutbymic: “My size, how I look and what I do with my body is my business. I hope people think twice before commenting on someone else’s weight/body because you never truly know where someone is on their journey.” 🙏👑✨
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Absolutely love my new tank by @designsbythecreator - His apparel focuses on creative imagery, music and design. Get yours today at: www.designsbythecreator.com
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Am I sitting in the most flattering position? Or wearing the most flattering outfit? Am I sucking my belly in as much as I can? Did I skip food before this shoot to try and prevent bloating? No, no, no & no!
Am I still sexy AF? Hell yeah!!!!
Happy Hump Day!
Here's to ALL my humps & bumps, curves & contours! 🍑🍒🍎🍐🍓
📸: @sydneyglamourphoto .
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Plain white tees are always a good idea! Ps. The ladies @meplussizefashionbloggers and I have been working on a summer lookbook that will be out this Saturday :) Stay tuned! #nouchalineootd #outfit #outoftheday #ShahineOhanianPhotography #psbloggers #curvyfashion #effyourbeautystandards #whitetee #style #fashion #fashionblog #Lebanon #PurpleHair

The days where you plop on the bed and sigh. Just gotta give yourself a minute or 30 and then not let the overwhelm paralyze you any longer. Just start with the next step, the next action and everything will be fine.

💂‍♀️ Una jumpsuit da uomo oversize? Curiosità e consigli nel post ▶️ goo.gl/khQsa1 👘 #banggood @banggood
La jumpsuit non è affatto un pezzo nuovo, ma è una tendenza tornata alla ribalta grazie ad Instagram e alla sua crescere polarità. Non è più solo una cosa da meccanici, apicoltori o piloti da corsa: la moda ispirata agli anni ’70, già popolare tra le donne, la stanno anche rivivendo gli uomini.

Wer möchte mit mir mit ? Sich manchmal dem Alltag und den ganzen Problemen entziehen ? Einfach raus ins freie und an nichts mehr denken müssen ? 🤗😌⭐️ aber im Moment läuft alles perfekt und ich schaffe meine kleinen Probleme auch so auszublenden 🙏🏼😌 habt einen wundervollen Tag ♥️ ---------------------------------------------------
Das Foto wurde von der lieben @_chriissy._ gemacht. ❤️🤗 Das Kleid wurde mir bereit gestellt von @fashionnovacurve . Mit dem Code Curvysina könnt ihr 15% sparen . ---------------------------------------------------WWW.CURVYSINA.COM
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Today's foundation stack! My oh my we all loved today's outfit, myself included! I've got some exciting undergarments that are gonna lift it to a more authentic height too! But for today, it was about a nipped waist and letting my flared hips shine in all their glory! .
Mistresses bullet bra, corset, Liz suspender belt and black glamour seams from @whatkatiediduk
Cotton briefs from Kmart .
Dress ~ @voodoovixenldn
Shoes ~ @missroyalvintage .
. .
#missi #pinup #pinupgirl #pinuplife #pinupstyle #retrofoundations #foundationgarments #curvypinup #effyourbeautystandards #idressforme #curvy #lingerie #retrolingerie #curves #retro #vintageinspired #notforthemalegaze #selflove #bodypositive #everyBODYisbeautiful #beautybeyondsize #bodylove #lovetheskinyourin #myownkindofsexy #whatkatiediduk #voodoovixenldn #royalvintageshoes #corset

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