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I’m telling you, whatever size you are, you can slay anything guys 💅🏾💅🏾

Step outside of your comfort zone. There isnt a week that goes by that someone doesn't tell me how much they appreciated this shoot I did with @keithwebb ... so here's a confession for you. The day of the shoot I was in my bikini and denim shorts. We arrived at the beach and made it down to the water. I did some deep breathing, right into that place in me where the ego / fear voice was kicking in. "Who do you think you are doing this? You aren't young or thin or beautiful. You're fat. And you're old. And your body looks like a battlefield..." All these things, and more, I said in my mind in a matter of moments. Because, let's be honest, we can be really cruel to ourselves sometimes, no? But then I stopped. I knew pushing myself out of my comfort zone would result in something beautiful for me, personally. Even if it was only the damn victory of standing on a beach, comfortable in my own body as a member of society that other people believe should be ashamed of herself. If I did nothing else, THAT would be my own personal victory. But oh no, I did much more... "You are a battlefield, Sarah, but its a battle you are fighting for yourself. And yup, you're not young and thin, and yup, you aren't 'hot' in a way that most think, but honestly, you're a fucking warrior for your own life and that's beautiful and you deserve this moment and this space as much as anyone else... now take off your damn clothes and stand here like the bad bitch that you are!" And so I did. And it was scary at first... but then it wasn't. Then it just felt natural. And maybe people looked at me, maybe they didn't, I don't know and I don't care. Because at that moment? I was so deeply cool with me that I was feeling it from the inside out. And so we got pics that look like this. That woman? Was feeling herself big time. On the other side of fear was something so visceral and so tangible and so, so real. So I remind you, whatever comfort zone you are dancing around ---- just do it. Whether the result is a small, personal victory or a picture that floats around online, or whether it's simply the joy of knowing you DID something... beauty is on the other side. I promise. ✌💙

#motivationmonday -392lbs 👇 combined since 1/1/16 with @dannyreed5! This journey started as a New Years Resolution like many other Americans to lose weight, but became so much more. We stepped in this same gym not knowing where the journey would take us, but determined to not stay in the same place. We had set the same resolution many times before, but we knew if we wanted to live a long life together we HAD to change. This journey was fueled by the feeling of being FEDUP with the life we were living & FEDUP with being prisoners in our own body. This journey was fueled by the hope to be parents one day and the mantra of "baby Reed 2016" carried us on during the days when our motivation was low, muscles weak, & we didn't know if we could continue. This may have started as a Resolution but through diet, exercise, & a lifestyle change - it became one of the greatests decisions we'd ever make and one of the most epic battles we'd ever face. Don't wait to the New Year to change your life. Decide you are FEDUP and ready to fight for your health - start today! #fit #fitness #swolemate #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #gym #gymlife #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #fitcouple #transformation #transform #fattofit #obesetobeast #muscles #workout #extremeweightloss #diet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #anytimefitness #weightlosstransformation

Just over here loving every inch of the skin I'm in. Beauty is in every body type. Thick, curvy, skinny, fit, bodybuilder etc... whatever "label" you find yourself in YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 💖

Want to see more of me in this outfit? Click the link in my bio and sign up for my Patreon! They are already up on my site 👌🏽

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Dream A Little Dream Of Me
I never thought I could love all of me. Yet somehow I do. Until two years ago I use to sleep in a long baggy t shirt, thinking my body did not deserve to be adorned in sexy lingerie. Because I wasn't sexy. Yet here I am. Standing tall and proud. Now the owner of so much lingerie I had to buy a new set of drawers. I am amazed every single day by his far I have come from being just the short & fat small town girl I once was. I am still short and still fat and so much more.

Muy buenos días señor@s! Espero que mañana tomen asiento para echarnos unas buenas risas con el nuevo video que nos espera en el canal de Youtube Dianina XL 😉. Si no llego esta tarde a horas intempestivas (e igual si llego también, para que nos vamos a engañar 😂😂😂) hacemos un directo máximo en instagtam que tengo que contarles una super new 🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤ . Un besazo enorme 😘😘😘😘

Today is #BodyConfidenceDay.
I remember I was in a change room with some girls in my elementary school, I think I was in grade 7, we had to get changed for gym class. I looked over to the washroom, it was in use, "damn" I thought. I pretended like I left my gym clothes in my locker and left the locker room. I hung out in the washroom down the hall and waited a few minutes. When I came back everyone was gone.
"Success!!!" I quickly changed in my gym attire, into weird shorts that smelled bad and an oversized school t shirt. Seriously, jersey material is so gross lol amirite.
When I opened the door to the gym, our gym teacher was already in the middle of discuss what exercise or game we were going to play. When she stopped talking to the class she looked over at me and said I was going to do extra laps for being late.
I didn't understand why I had to do extra laps, I was late because I was trying to be comfortable with myself. I was late so no one made fun of me in the change room, I loved running so I'll run extra laps anyways but I don't need people to make fun of me for being in trouble on top of making fun of my body.
This story isn't unique, collectively amongst all young girls its actually quite normal for girls to hide their bodies and be scared about what YOU are going to say about them.
So, how do we work on this?
- Be nice.
- Ask for more representation in the media.
- Tell young girls that they are smart, that they are beautiful and they can be whatever they want when they grow up.
- Give compliments to others.
- Teach kids to not body shame by NOT body shaming at home.
- Ask your school to teach about body image and body confidence!!!!
And most of all, know you're so worthy, awesome, totally cool and valuable to this world. 💕
#believeinyourself (⚠️This story is modest amongst the ones I have, keep in mind I don't always want to profess to you guys the worst things thats happened to me!)


We are SO CLOSE to the end of the challenge and I am SO PROUD of you and this community of self-love rockstars! But so many of you have been hinting at "What's Next?" 🤷🏻‍♀️⠀

I want to invite you to a private webinar training that I am doing just for you, just for the beautiful 10-Day self-love babes! 💓⚡️✊️⠀

REGISTER FREE for "How to Keep The Self-Love Practice Going After The Challenge" here: http://bit.ly/selflovewebbie 👈⠀

It's scheduled for the evening of the last day of the challenge, Thursday October 19th at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST. ⏰⠀

I am REALLY excited to be able to connect with you on this live call and show you the next steps to take in order to lock in feelings of liberation you've just created.✊️⠀

I also can't WAIT to hear about what shifts YOU'VE experienced over the last 10 days! ✨⠀

Make sure to REGISTER HERE and we 'll talk soon! http://bit.ly/selflovewebbie 👈👈👈⠀

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Some people don’t like sneakers with dresses or skirts... I personally think it’s a good look :)
And if #badgalriri is doing it, who are we not to trust the queen 👸🏽.

How do you find motivation. When life is happening and sucking all your mental energy out of you!! Got to @foundationfitnesscenter today but I'm mad about my lack of motivation for my workout.

Also I my range of facial expressions in just one clip kept cracking me up.

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When I saw this image, I instantly hated it. My legs look bigger than they are, muffin tops galore, my arm looks bigger than I wanted.... I saved it, in hope I could look at it at a different stage of my self love journey and accept that this is how I look and be ok with it. The time has come. 💛

Ma copine @maya.curvy nous disait ce soir qu'il fallait tenter, au maximum, de quitter sa zone de confort ..... Il est clair que j'ai énormément de mal à la quitter, me faire violence au quotidien et remporter mes victoires personnelles !! ✌✌ Pratiquer du sport régulièrement, sourire un peu moins sur les photos, parler moins et moins fort, freiner ma cadence de shopping et ma consommation de sucre, de viandes ou charcuteries. Troquer les robes pour des jupes et les jupes pour les jeans, passer moins de temps le téléphone en mains, moins de selfies ...... 😂😂 Mais miiince !!! Qu'est ce que c'est bon !!! Je suis une pure épicurienne !! 😂😂 Parmi vos objectifs et vos challenges du moment, quels sont ceux qui vous permettront de quitter votre douce moelleuse zone de confort ??? Bonne soirée 💋💋💋 #msmode #noiretblanc #blackandwhite
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