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I grew up being ashamed of my body. I used to hide it under baggy T-shirts and oversized clothing..... Years later, I realized that everyone's perception of beauty is immensely different. Nothing is wrong with my larger-than-average body... nothing is wrong with your body either. Stay healthy, happy and go take a walk somewhere beautiful. Go to the beach this summer and wear a bikini!!.... Photo by @josefienhoekstra #effyourbeautystandards #honormycurves #plusmodel #lovelife #beyourself #bodypositive #bodyacceptance

#motivationmonday -373lbs 👇 naturally together in less than a year & a half! When we first started going to the gym last year it was hard & a complete lifestyle change from always being lazy on the couch. When we were tired, sore, full of excuses, & didn't feel like going we would say to each other our mantra - "baby reed 2016" and if we couldn't find the strength from each other being able to have a child one day pushed us through. We knew in the direction we were going being parents, or even growing old together wasn't possible. We have fought hard since we set our New Years Resolution last year every single day not just for ourselves, but for our future, each other, and to be able to be parents to that miracle child one day. We are living the life we dreamed of last year and have grown closer together through this journey. When you find your why you will find the strength and motivation to keep going. Anyone can lose weight the same way that we have, start today!
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When you get reposted on United Nations Women about de-stigmatizing the word "fat"...well it's a moment of surreal excitement.
I began this online journey just over a year ago and I've shown up every. Single. Day. With something to say and an encouraging nudge to "just do you."
It blows my mind that I'm able to have this message of body acceptance and self confidence shared with the masses...and it warms my heart even more that my activism in the way of body positive parenting has received so much mainstream press.
Of course it comes with with its own set of challenges being so open and vulnerable, but listen to me when I say: no matter if a population of people NEVER agree with what I'm doing, at the very least they are SEEING that there is another way.
And beyond that, the women and the girls and the parents craving a new way to raise this next generation...they are speaking up and we are rising together!
Thank you THANK YOU for the unending support.
Just do you babes and NEVER EVER stop believing in yourself and the goodness of humanity.
Swimsuit by @swimsuitsforall
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Happy #MotivationMonday the last two years have been such a struggle for me, and if you've been following me you've seen me document a lot of it. What I didn't disclose until recently is that I've been suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks for the majority of my life. I hid that part of my story because I was always embarrassed by it. However, I decided to start sharing it more over the last couple of months and so many people have benefited from hearing it! I've been up and down in weight over the last two years because of it, and major binge eating when my depression and anxiety spikes. The pic on the left was 2015, mid upswing of a terrible bout of depression with so many things going wrong in my life. I had gained back half the weight I lost, putting me around 215lbs. I could have done what I've seen a lot of people here on IG do when they gain weight.. give up & stop posting. Instead, I decided to keep sharing my struggles. As of now, I'm down to 168, almost to where I was before the weight gain two years ago. It's been a long time coming & I've learned so much about myself and body that will help me keep going. It's important to know that there is no set amount of time in which one loses weight. Some do it fast, some do it slow. The importance is losing it! So don't get frustrated because you've taken longer than someone else. Just keep focusing on your goals and never take no for an answer. If you fall down, use that as an opportunity to learn, grow and get back up stronger! #ThePlusSizeTrainer @theplussizetrainer #prettyhealthyandthick

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Que no todas podemos llevar bikini? BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD! ❤️ @luvacurvy


Eu escolhi ser livre com o meu corpo! E você?! #plusssize

Have a blessed day💗💗

I am learning to put myself first & with that, comes prioritizing my mental illness & chronic illness. Sometimes I find myself laying in bed for hours. While it appears I am "just being lazy" for the day/night, I'm actually busy fighting a battle in my mind. I am either having flashbacks of past trauma, reminiscing on my ED days, or practicing opposite action with my self destructive thoughts & behaviors. Other times I am stuck in bed fighting a battle with my physical health. When my blood sugar is low, I am unable to think clearly, & walk safely. When my blood sugar is high, I am unable to think clearly, my body aches & my stomach hurts. I am learning that when I am busy "just lying in bed," I don't have to justify it to & it is so empowering!!
If any of you are physically AND/OR mentally busy, it is 100% okay to take time away from your life to take care of yourself!! You matter love!!

This morning I woke up to a comment notification of "That's fucking disgusting." Of course, it was on a photo of me, it was from May of 2016- me in a crop top. Which means they either scrolled for a long, long time or found a direct link from one of the times I was shared on a fat hate website. This isn't the kicker or anything new.
The kicker is: I look at their profile. It's private but their bio isn't. They have an eating disorder and run a recovery website for people with eating disorders. The bio on the forum they run is "------ is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board." (I'm not directly naming this site due to the fact it's full of "thinspo" and unhealthy mindsets for anyone actually in recovery.) Yet their behavior to fat people- notably me, a fat person who is very open about the fact I have an eating disorder, is part of the reason eating disorders exist in the first place.
Irony just stops being funny after awhile.
Anyways, here's me being fat, happy, and still in recovery. ♥

Obsessed with my new Panda 🐼 dress from @ladyvolup #sponsored #ladyvoluptuous --------------------
I have so much in common with pandas 🐼 besides being cute and cuddly.... Plus... I just found out that Pandas are coming to New York!!! I can't wait 🐼🐼🐼
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What is everyone's opinion on this? I am new to tracking! Would love some input!
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Sooo, was asked last night why i haven't posted any #bathroommirror pics, and well its because im not at the jib anymore , so yeah.... but here ya go lop, nee job, nee bathroom, new bathroom mirror pic hahahah. The lighting here is not that great but meh.. dress is by @rebdolls #rebdolls. #feelingmyselftoday #yaas #LasBrujas #LadiesOfHorror #sisterwivesofhorror #glittertribe #glitterbabe #loveyourself #effyourbeautystandards #gordaperosabrosa #fattytohealthy #fattyconlatty

#NewontheBlog - Taking a moment to show some appreciation to @daniebb3 and her amazing style today! Check out some of my favorite looks of hers by tapping the #linkinbio📲💻 !!

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