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Only thing better than a book about adventure on a cold fall day is actually going on one. ****** #ultimatebreak #travel #efcollegebreak #efultimatebreak #europe #wanderlust #solofemaletraveler #adventure #eftours #wanderlust #pasteltravels

This place felt like a dream #nofilterneeded

Seattle in the fall is straight out of a fairytale 🍂

Life is short & the world is wide

For only a couple euro I got vanilla, mango, lemon and raspberry shaped into a flower 🌼🍦

These buildings and streets are probably 5-10 times older than my grandma. I loved everything about these, literally, ancient European cities (well, everything but the heat). And I could totally see myself living the life of a professional traveler someday. At this point, I believe that anything is possible. :) Although, that slight tummy I developed in this shot might take an awful turn for a full-blown tummy if I actually lived in Italy. Those people DO NOT f around with their meals. There were times when I thought I was full on apps, but still managed to finish a 6-course meal, excl. the dessert. Lol! It’s fun being nostalgic when you’re under the weather. There’s only so much Netflix-ing the brain can enjoy. Hah. Also, I am realizing all the things I *could* do when I am at my 💯 that I usually choose not to do. Perhaps, this is nature’s wake up call for me. Anyway, enough rambling. I thank you for being my loyal follower and reading my random thoughts. You are truly appreciated and loved. ♥️🤧🤤

TRIP ALERT!! Hey Guys for my 21st birthday I’m traveling to London and Paris with EF Ultimate Break (also extended my trip to go to Amsterdam). If you want to come with me click this link for more information! EF Ultimate Break - Their trips include flights, hotels and more. They also have payment plans! Interested? Use this link and we both can save: https://www.efultimatebreak.com/?r=pL16P0GitaE= #travel #europe #efcollegebreak #efultimatebreak #amsterdam #paris #london #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlstravel #fun #adventure #explore #overseas

I think the most humbling thing about traveling is realizing how small you are on such a large and beautiful planet. 🌍
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I know, I know. It’s weird to post a #mondaymemories pic (so I actually wrote this last Thursday as a #throwbackthursday but forgot to post it lol) after my last post haha, but like I said, it’s ok to remember the past—hopefully fondly—as long as we don’t dwell on it. (Ok maybe Dumbledore said basically exactly that about dreams, just much more intelligently and poetically, but whatever) •
Anyway, here is the Eiffel Tower, in all of its splendid industrial glory. The scale of this thing is truly not done justice in photos; when I stood at its base and took this pic during the summer of 2016, I was so surprised at how massive and magnificent it was in person. •
I think I go back and forth between being amazed by the beauty of nature and being amazed by the ingenuity and ability of humankind (and the beauty that it creates). I like this photo because it shows both of those things together, and despite being such seemingly opposing forces, I think they look perfect together and maybe even compliment each other. •
I considered going into a deep metaphorical analysis of how I could apply this to aspects of my life to help me realize and accept that the things that seem to be opposites can perhaps work together and not be so unbearable. But, I’m lazy, and maybe sometimes it’s better to plant the seed and let y’all explore that yourselves. ...and because I basically said what I wanted to but in much fewer words than I would have if I actually tried 😂. •
Anyway, here’s to very fond memories of Europe, and to using them as encouragement to find my way back there one day. I saw a lot of that amazing continent during those two months, but there is still a lot left to explore... 🙂

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