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Suce$$o a todos nós. 🎓💪✅ #ef2016

Well wishers from the past and the future! #ElectricForest #EF2X17 #EF2016

Forest 2015 to Forest 2016 and just 19 days till Forest 2017. Literally counting the days to home 🌻🕉 #eletricforest #ef2017 #ef2015 #ef2016 #home

Electric Forest is just a few short months away. The anticipation is almost TOO much to bare. #ef2016 #electricforest

Posting this because I had a dream about the forest last night and I'm happy af in this picture with my forest friends🌈🌲✨🍄✌🏼#EF2016

Throwback to pure happiness at a place that will forever live in my heart❤️👽🌳✨🔮......I'm so torn between which forest weekend to go to this year.... #electricforest #ef2016 #electricforest2016 #forestfam #halp

[Engineering Festival 2016]
Sie Perlengkapan EF'16 🔋🔌✂📏🔨 #EF2016
Thanks my members!



• (i will never stop talking bout this place sorry not sorry)

@spinzerella spreading the forest love, magic, and positive energy to those who spend their lives protecting us 🙏👮✨💓~~~~~~ ~~~DM for Creature Features #ef2x17 #electricforest #ef2015 #sherwoodcreatures #forestfamily #plur #kanditrade #sherwoodforest #forestfam #ef2016

Tb from around last year in Oxford #ef2016 #efoxford2016

#ef2016 #electricforest #tripoleestage the originals for camp #fullpanda this is how it all started. these people changed my life in such a great way

Forgotten gods of Tripolee's past lying dormant in the forest just waiting to be discovered. 🌳🌳
#electricforest #ef2x17 #ef2017 #electricforestweekend1 #tripolee #tripoleestage #ef2016 #latergram #myfirstforeststory

crazy long post ahead:

wow. year three was absolutely insane. we had early arrival so we had fun wednesday night, but woke up to a COMPLETELY flooded campsite on thursday morning. i'm talking a solid two inches sitting on the grass. our group managed to find an open site in a nearby camp so we walked all of our tents and about five shade tents to our new spot. after setting everything up we joked that the universe must have something amazing in store for us after our rough start. oh boy, were we wrong to think that was the end of our obstacle course.

SO many insane things happened over the weekend that could have completely ruined the entire experience, but we always dealt with everything, learned from each situation, and moved forward. our group became closer and stronger this year. we saw the not so fun and darker side of festivals this year. we learned a lot. we are now prepped for other life experiences and tougher festivals due to this.

even after everything that happened, I can say it was an absolutely beautiful experience. this picture was from day one. when I walked into sherwood forest this year I was so overcome by emotions that I started crying. I have always called it "home" because so many others do. but coming back for my third year, it really hit me that it IS home for one weekend every single year, and will continue to be. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. I fully realized how much I love this festival, and more importantly how much I love the people that attend.

I ditched my phone for most of the weekend so I could truly live in the moment. I became closer with amazing souls this year. I became more confident in myself. I grew stronger as a person. the old me would have let all of the hang ups this weekend ruin the experience, but I sit here looking back on this weekend with a huge smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks.

thank you to everyone who was a part of our group this year. you're all amazing, I love you, and I can't wait until next year. happy forest🖤✨

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