Hey @youngscholarsacademy staff members! 👋🏼 If you haven’t already heard, I will be there on Tuesday to give chair massages. Educators don’t always receive the amount of appreciation that they deserve. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to show you a small thank you! 😀
Young Scholars Academy placed Silver in the After School, Day care, and Preschool category for Best Of The Springs! I love supporting local family business.
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SHOUT OUT TO MS. MENDOZA who has been working at #LPSRichmond for 13 years as our school's lunch server! She is also the mother of a couple LPS alumni. We want to appreciate her for always coming to work with a smile on her face, for being kind to all of the students and knowing all students by name. Most importantly, let's recognize her hard work!!! "Being here with everyone and doing the best that I can for you guys, seeing you all happy, is what makes me happy.
I do the best I can everyday because it's important to me, it brings me great joy." - Ms. Mendoza (creds: Maryalexis @_alexis1110)
#LPSAppreciates #educatorappreciation #HeartOfOurSuccess #Loveforalleducators #LeadswithLove #LPSMediaIntern

Getting ready for next week’s #EducatorAppreciation event! #succulents #appreciation #thankyou #ece

Smart Friday is Educator Appreciation Day at the Fireside Lounge! We open at 2pm❤️

I got the opportunity to make a cake for one of my wonderful professor friends, as she moves on to another teaching position! #lemon #lemoncurd #marshmallowfondant #fondant #succulents #buttercreamsucculents #edibleart #cakedecorating #cakecommission #educatorappreciation

Looking for a special and unique teacher gift? 🍎
This little 3” cutie is perfect for your favorite educator and would look great on their desk. ✏️
I’ve listed 5 slots for custom orders for your teacher’s name (link in bio). 👩🏻‍🏫
They’ll be so proud!👍🏻

Poems, flowers, candy, hugs, letters, parties, and a whole lot of food! There are so many ways our schools have been celebrating our educators this week. Thank you for your passion, dedication, empathy, and tenacity! #educatorappreciation #teacherappreciationweek #charterschoolsweek

Here's the apple that Carter made for his teacher. He made it for Teacher Appreciation Week. Don't forget to thank your own teachers. #teacherappreciationweek #educatorappreciation #perlerbeads #perlerartistsunite #applefortheteacher #perler #perlerartist

Imitation is the highest form of flattery! Student/teacher swap day at RMS! #rocketshipschools #educatorappreciation #thankateacher

Educator Appreciation week at Rocketship Rising Stars. We love this! #repost @arsnperez #rocketshipschools ・・・
Educator Appreciation Week gift from our school leaders 💜💚 #rocketshiprisingstarsacademy @rocketshipschools
#educatorappreciation #teacherappreciation #teachersofrocketship #teachersofig #teacherideas #teacherappreciationweek #charterschoolweek #thankateacher

“I’d like to give a shoutout to Principal Gassaway. Huge props to him for directing traffic this morning. Very thankful that he’s always hands on and always involved.” - RNNE parent. #educatorappreciation #thankateacher #thankaprincipal #rocketshipschools

How cute is this?! From our school for Teacher Appreciation Day 💖🖋👩‍🏫🍎 ••• #teacherlife #teacherappreciationday #educatorappreciation #ilovemyjob

HAPPY #TEACHERAPPRECIATIONDAY TO ALL EDUCATORS FROM LPS!!! Thank you for inspiring our youth on a daily basis in your unique way. Thank you for supporting our youth in achieving their dreams. Thank you for helping our youth unlock their true potential and seeing that there are limitless ways to succeed. Thank you for never giving up! #EducatorAppreciation #HeartOfOurSuccess #LeadsWithLove #Loveforalleducators #LeadsWithCreativity #TeachersThriving #JustATeacher

Today is officially teacher appreciation day and I couldn’t let the day pass without thanking my favorite educator. My husband, Jonathan, is an Associate Principal (kind of a newer role...we grew up with the term “vice principal”) Currently there is a lot on the news about educators and how people are fleeing the profession and for sure the job doesn’t come with a lot of perks (no, he doesn’t get summers off) but Jonathan whole heartedly loves what he does despite the long strange hours and sometimes angry parents. Weekly I get frustrated with his profession and remind myself constantly that his job is 100% his mission field. He loves his job, his coworkers, and his students. Thank you, Jonathan and thank you to all other educators. I greatly appreciate you! #teacherappreciation #educatorappreciation 😘

As a 4th generation educator I am beyond grateful for all of the educators in my life, last and present, you have played a significant role in shaping the person I am today. You have made a significant difference in so many lives. Thank you for your continued dedication to making this world a better place through learning, loving, and caring. I hope you are able to take some time this week to celebrate you! 👩🏻‍🏫👨🏻‍🏫#teacherappreciation #educatorappreciation #notallheroeswearcapes

My favorite teacher...a title she still holds today. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Betty H. Jenkins whom I affectionally call Momma J, recognized what she considered to be something special in me and nurtured it every single day I entered in her classroom. She knew that I was a natural educator and leader and was more than willing to let me “teach her class” from time to time. Those early experiences paved the way for me and I’m forever grateful to her. And did I mention she is a lovely lady of AKA?! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to her and all of the wonderful educators out there. Thank you for touching our lives! 👩🏾‍🏫 🍎 📚 💞💚💞 #ThankATeacher #TeacherAppreciation #Teacher #Educator #Education #EducatorAppreciation #teacherappreciationweek

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