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If students don’t speak English fluently, can they still attend university in the United States? Link in bio #studyintheusa #educationusa #youarewelcomehere #internationalstudents #studyenglish
إذا كان الطلاب لا يتحدثون الإنجليزية بطلاقة، هل بإمكانهم أن يلتحقوا بجامعة أمريكية؟ اضغط على الرابط في البيو

Count down to EducationUSA Fair.
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Thank you @nyutandon for visiting us in Lima today and sharing valuable information about how to apply to graduate programs in engineering!

If you missed the presentation and have more questions please send us a message with your email address.

#SiSePuede #EducationUSA can help.

Nuestra asesora de #EducationUSA brindó una sesión informativa hoy en la Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil sobre cómo escribir ensayos personales y ensayos de propósito para admisiones de postgrados en Estados Unidos. Nuestro centro de asesoría de EducationUSA está encargado de promocionar e informar al público interesado en cómo realizar sus estudios superiores en dicho país. Agradecemos a la Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil por la apertura brindada. Si necesita asesoría en la ciudad de Guayaquil para recibir información por favor escribanos a educationusa@cenecuador.org

Nigerian student Eucharia volunteered on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and here she shares about here experience: "I chose to volunteer on MLK day because I like to give back to the community where I live in. I wish I could do that more often. On MLK day I was volunteering with some friends from UM-Flint; it was fun bagging oatmeal for kids. During that activity we were singing, making fun of each other; it was hilariously fun." What did you do on MLK day? What did you learn?

Share your story and a photo to Katie at colpaert@umflint.edu

Go Blue!

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Gather documents for arrival and immigration compliance.
For more information visit our Facebook page!
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Выбирая языковые курсы FLS International в США, можно без сдачи TOEFL поступить в следующие ВУЗы США🇺🇸:
* University of California
* California State University
* University of Texas
* University of Washington
* University of Arizona
* Northeastern University
* Boston University
* UMass Amherst
Мечтаешь учиться в США? Приходи в @Compass_Dnepr
🚩г.Днепр, Гоголя 19
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Happy Monday! Let’s make the best of today! 🔥

Good afternoon, good night, or good morning depending on where you are in the world! 😅 How do you say goodbye to your friends? Here are different ways to say goodbye in English:
This phrase is quite formal and very emotional-sounding. It also seems very final. It's the type of thing that two lovers in a movie might say if they're never going to see each other again. You probably won't use it often in daily life.
2️⃣Take care.
This phrase is still a little bit formal, but not quite as formal as "Have a good day." Use this when you're not going to see someone again for at least a week.
"Later!" is a cool, casual way to say goodbye. Men often use "Later!" when speaking with each other. You often follow "Later!" with something like "man", "bro", "dude", or "dear".
4️⃣So long.
"So long" isn't very common for actually saying "goodbye" to someone, but you may find it sometimes in news headlines and other places.
5️⃣Peace! / Peace out.
"Peace!" as a way to say goodbye comes from hip-hop music and culture. It sounds very casual. "Peace out" is the same but it was popular in the early 1990s. Today it sounds very dated.

Gracias a todos los expositores, ayudantes y asistentes quienes hicieron posible nuestra 3era Miniferia de Universidades #EducationUSA en Cuenca!

The Global Launch office is CLOSED today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. 🎉 His passion for equality and inclusion will never be forgotten. Thank you #MLK!

Diagnostic IELTS with EducationUSA at American Space Almaty 📝 .
#educationusa #educationusaalmaty #EdUSA #ielts #ieltspreperation #TOEFL #SAT #GRE

🎭 Театральный лагерь при Университете Карнеги Меллон @carnegiemellon 🖐
Эта программа помогает старшеклассникам подготовиться к прослушиваниям и интервью при поступлении в ВУЗ. Ребята участвуют в массе проектов, лекций, демонстраций и мастер-классов. По окончанию программы каждый участник представляет свой номер на прослушивании перед преподавательским составом. Это очень интенсивная и академически нагруженная программа, предназначенная для тех, кто всерьез решил выбрать актерскую карьеру 🎙 +79653211077; info@hermiona.com

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