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Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with congress representatives to discuss generational sustainability for our millennial generation. I discussed 3 key topics in my speech:
•Student Loan Debt Crisis
•Shifting Job Market & New Skill Economy
•Education Reform
First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have followed my journey and given me the motivation to stand up as a leader for our generation. Like you, I have persisted to find success over the past decade in the face of adversity; against all odds and with limited resources. I was honored to be a representative and offer my servitude to my generation, millennials.
It is my passion to push our countries leaders to start taking action on the crisis that has been enslaving our generation for decades - student loans.
We now will have over 40 million Americans that are poised to die in debt of student loans. This has gotten out of hand. I am pro - education but we can no longer have our country allowing us to be sucked into this broken system.
In 1965, our President Lyndon B Johnson enforced the "HEA" Higher Education Act. It's quoted "this Congress will swing open a new door for the young people of America...it is the most important door that will ever open, the door to education. It continues..."until we win the war on poverty, we cannot expect to continue to be the leaders not only of great people but the leaders of all civilization."
Since then, we have seen the cost of college education skyrocket. In 1971, 4 years of college cost $43,328 with annual median income around $36,036. Today, the average cost of 4 years of college is $130,416 with the annual income still at only $37,138! Do you see the problem?
It's time we have champions to stand up for our generation and for our future.
I have spoken around the world about my journey as a millennial entrepreneur. But today, was the most impactful for me. I will fight for our generation until the day I die to have real reform. If you're with the movement, comment below. We are the VOICE. Let's make history.
Thank you @repswalwell 🇺🇸

Wrapping the series up here with the blue print. "All The While" #lithography #printmaking #educationreform #landmarkcases #emptyseats

Speaking with Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft on my upcoming trip to Jefferson City to discuss education reform. #Missouri #educationreform

After a 'Meet the leader' session with the President of the world bank! 👀 #financialinclusion #economicgrowth #Educationreform and many more! #pinchme

Manifest Exhibit: "Manifest Justice", Los Angeles, California

#ManifestJustice #prisonreform #educationreform #incarceration #newjimcrow

Now I'm not one to cry conspiracy or brainwashing, but this is absolutely true. Our education system has devolved into a factory of mediocrity. Students are taught to seek high scoring grades rather than critical thinking and abstract thought. Children memorize material and curriculum only to regurgitate the information and forget most of it within a matter of days. That is not true education, that is a cookie cutter approach that the individual does not thrive in. #education #freedomlegion #jointhelegion #school #educationreform

Spent a terrific summer with @successacademy

I implore others to look into charter schools as a legitimate option to providing educational opportunities for underserved youth. Zip code should not determine destiny, and charter schools like Success Academy are doing an incredible job of making this hope a reality. This is not to say that this should be the only option, but there is plenty that the public school system and other educational institutions can glean from the charter school movement. This knowledge sharing will be imperative to our education system, education being a major variable as we move forward in repairing the social fabric of our country and ensuring equal opportunity for all.

#EducationReform #SuccessAcademyCharterSchools #RealWorldZay


'Milwaukee #CharterSchool Is Backdrop for New Anti-Bullying Music Video' - @EdChoice's Jennifer Wagner has the #StoryOfTheDay

The second layer of Profound Learning, Mastery, is the result of students self-assessing against benchmarks, benefitting from differentiated instruction, and being given feedback through formative assessment. Learn more and watch the full video on our website (link in profile). #ImaginalEducation #ProfoundLearning
#Education #EducationReform #FutureReady


About to step into my last final of my career as a Education Major! Two years ago I enrolled in community college classes (after earning my B.S. in Sociology, minors in African and African American Studies). After volunteering with a local dropout prevention org in D.C. supporting students’ needs, I knew my journey changing the world of education didn’t end there. Here’s to graduating this spring and the next chapter of my journey #educationreform #droputprevention #dcschools #missdcusa

Just 47,000 students attend Detroit Public Scholls, down from nearly 300,000 in 1966. Losses of billions of dollars in federal funding to the burbs. Nearly 200 schools have been closed down in the last 15 years. Up to this date a total of 186 resulting in demolition, 82 are vacant.
ANATOPIA is re-imagining education through rotational courses that travel from school to school around each district in the city. A Fablab bus outfitted with generators and tools for building, construction equipment, software and hardware for new and emerging technologies.
Students taught at one school ride the bus the next school and become the teachers to the next set of students and the cycle continues.
We're working on a name for this nomadic reform.
Ideas? 💡
Full interactive map of school status:

Image partial credit to @alunbe for the superchild

That feeling when you know you're ready to roll into kindergarten...

So excited for @uclavapae ’s first ever #gallery TOMORROW where we are proudly displaying works of all of our #artists - celebrating both students of afterschool programs and their Teaching Artists! 🎨🎭
Dec 13 • 4pm to 6pm • UCLA Sculpture Gallery - See you there 💖
#uclacsbear #uclacs #uclabruins #uclagseis #uclapartnership #educationreform #urbaneducation #makingadifference #uclacommunity #uclarunsla #uclarules #bridging #uclapartnership #uclatieinschool #UCLApartnershipSCHOOLS #uclatieins #UCLACommunityProgramsInitiatives #emersoncommunitycharter #uclacommunityschool

✨Maybe the journey isn’t about becoming. Maybe it’s about unbecoming the characteristics you’ve assumed to please others or because the world told you you should. Maybe the journey is about uncovering that long lost person who hides deep inside, itching to accomplish the goals they once considered dear✨ #socialjustice #activist #attorney #legalactivism #blacklivesmatter #communitylawyerying #philadelphia #educationreform #nopoliceinschools

Don't forget to check out the podcast! The link is in my bio 👌

Independent Reviewers Say States' ESSA Plans 'Mostly Uncreative, Unambitious, Unclear, or Unfinished' - Christy Wolfe of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has the #StoryOfTheDay

‪The foundational layer of Profound Learning is student Ownership. It is achieved by providing students with tools and processes. Learn more and watch the full video on our website (link in profile). #ImaginalEducation #ProfoundLearning
#Education #EducationReform #FutureReady

“Human capital - the knowledge, skills, and abilities embedded into people’s minds - is our nation’s greatest resource.” / @senmikelee
Honored to be working with the Senator and other #education leaders on legislature designed to increase #transparency, affordability, and access to higher ed opportunities.
Opportunities that lead to amazing job outcomes!
@westerngovernorsu @ldsbc @saltlakecc @vschool_

Y’ALL! The end of the year is approaching FAST. This time of year always brings introspection, and we are just so damn grateful. We wouldn’t be able to do this work without you, and we hope you’ll continue to stick with us as we fight for students in the Bay Area, Boston, CHARLOTTE, Denver, LA, and the Twin Cities.
Show your support for our work towards educational justice for ALL students by giving what you can. (We even let you know ~exactly~ what your donation would be directly providing us and our chapters with.) Just head to bit.ly/fuelSFER

"I remember school when I was her age. It was a whole lot different, a lot more laid back. Now there are tests that you have to take to even get out of certain grades. You have to be able to read before you go to kindergarten. She’s already there. She doesn’t want you to read to her. She’s like, ‘Mom, let me read you a bedtime story.’ It makes me feel good because I know that she’s excelling in a whole lot of areas that I didn’t think she was going to for her age. There’s one book, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear,’ — I don’t think she could read it. But we read it just about every day now. I know it by heart." | Crystal Cooper, mother of 4-year-old Mikyla.

What happens with the brightest flames are doused, just because of where they were lit 🔥 🧠 ✏️ •

#equality o

#fightforeducation #morethan5
#jointhechange #charity #reform
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Follow along this week as we discuss the layers of Profound Learning and how they lead to student success.


'DeVos: Low Expectations for Students with Disabilities Must End' - Joshua Kearns of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has the #StoryOfTheDay

Because of you, we cared for 757 children this year in the Upper Mekong Region alone. Our on-site education facilities have been so successful that we are seeking to expand our classroom space to serve even more children in 2018!

Let's Talk About School finally has a podcast! Click the link in my bio to listen, and please leave comments because I love hearing everyone's thoughts. This first podcast is on motivation

The Future Right here! Honored to have @kamalaharris #SenatorKamalaHarris at our home this evening and for my children @ella_anthony8 @the_cole.anthony #Leo to have the opportunity to speak with the Senator about about a host of critical issues surrounding public service, leadership, power, compassion, progress and unification - incredibly inspiring! #TheFuture #FearlessForThePeople #ImIn #VotingRights #CivilRights #EducationReform #BailReform #CriminalJusticeReform #PoliceReform

#BOTD in 1851: Melvil Dewey. In 1876 he copyrighted the Dewey Decimal System which is currently used in libraries in over 135 countries around the world! A fierce advocate of education and library access, #Dewey started the first university program for library instruction and set up traveling library collections to serve the populations lacking in library resources.
#happybirthday #MelvilDewey #DeweyDecimal #DeweyDecimalSystem #informationsystems #cataloging #library #librarians #libraries #education #MLS #OGLibrarian #educationreform #birthday #libraryaccess #informationaccess #educationaccess #nypl #midmanhattanlibrary

Well let's start making changes!

Wait... how can you support a business’s right to refuse service, but not when they’re refusing service to people who support Trump? 🤔
#liberal #democrat #conservative #republican #opiodcrisis #criminaljustice #mentalhealth #mentalillness #education #educationreform #trump #woke #debate #refusingservice #MAGA

'White House Urges Supreme Court to Rule Against Forcing Employees to Pay Public Unions' - @Dropout_Nation's @RiShawnBiddle has the #StoryOfTheDay

Professor Umbridge was the most unbearable Harry Potter character because we've all known one.. or two. How wonderful would it be if more of us made an effort to stand up to these people?

Learning only happens when the biology of the brain is activated and altered.

Learn more at http://imaginaleducation.com/neuroscience.html

#educationreform #neuroscience

Catch us LIVE Friday, Dec. 8th @ 5:00 PM CST on "The Beautifully Said Show with the "Twins of Media!" Our guest the first part of the hour is Dr. Steve Perry. As one of the most sought-after educators, he is the person Oprah Winfrey, Sean "P-Diddy" Combs, Bishop TD Jakes and Steve Harvey call on to offer insight to parents and children. Join the conversation this Friday and tune in through @synergyradionetwork
#drsteveperry #educationreform #education #interview #beautifullysaidradio #fblivestream #synergyradionetwork #beautifullysmagazine #media #twinsofmedia #hosts #producers

An insightful narrative that sheds light on the disparity through personal experiences. Well done to it first guest writer @natalie.gnz!

#fundraise #fundraiser #morethan5 #jointhechange #education #teachers #teachersofinstagram #eduactionmatters #reform #educationreform #personalessays #submission #submittome #openforsubmissions


'Report Argues States Fall Short on Clarity, Accessibility of School Report Cards' - Bellwether Education Partners' Chad Aldeman has the #StoryOfTheDay

#tbt: In her @hellogiggles piece from the beginning of the school year, our leader @alexisrmorin details what it was like to recognize a former classmate’s name among the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville. For her, it starkly revealed the role that schools and teachers must play in combatting racism and creating a safe, but honest, environment for their students.
What was the environment like in your schools? Was there an open, honest discussion about the systemic history of racism in this country? Or did they shy away from the topic? What would you have liked to see happen differently?
Head to our FB to read her full op-ed.

Profound Learning is an empowerment model of learning that elevates student learning to heights not achievable using the traditional ‘command and control’ industrial age model of education.

Learn more at imaginaleducation.com/profound-learning.html


"With sickle cell disease, they say she’s not able to do a lot of things like normal kids. But you’d never know it because she’s such an active, spontaneous little girl. She’s overcome a whole lot, and reading has helped make her strong and independent. It gives her the feeling that she can do anything she wants. She wants to become a doctor, she says. I’m hoping she pushes through and is able to fulfill her dream." | Crystal Cooper, mother of 4-year-old Mikyla.

They pay “barely anything” under the current tax system. Where they do get substantial tax credit. Also taking “barely anything” from someone trying to raise two kids on minimum wage isn’t “barely anything” to them. It’s barely anything from a family making 500k a year tho :) -
#liberal #democrat #conservative #republican #opiodcrisis #criminaljustice #mentalhealth #mentalillness #education #educationreform #trump #woke #debate

No filter. Apocalyptic nights in Los Angeles... #losangeles #losangelesart #activism #educationreform #losangelesfire

If this room was any indication, the world is going to be in good hands. S/o to one of my favorite people @ky_nayomi (fellas don’t even try to slide in her DMs.. y’all ain’t worthy 😑) for inviting me to speak at her second installment of #BoardroomExclusive, which was created to give an intimate boardroom experience to students and recent graduate who want to hold executives level positions in diverse industries but aren’t/ weren’t business students... got to meet amazing students who are using their skills and voices in fashion, health, government, education and journalism to highlight the intersections of our experiences to create real change.
Met Kyshon when she was just a high school student and more than five years later, she continues to amaze me with her willingness to create space and opportunities for peers and those who will come after. Plus she also goes to @templeuniv #PhillyMade #TempleMade #BlackJoy #BlackGirlMagic #blackexcellence


'NYC’s Racial Achievement Gaps Widen as Students Get Older, Report Finds' - David Mansouri of the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) has the #StoryOfTheDay

Want to know what Imaginal Education is all about? Visit our website at imaginaleducation.com to see the full video!


This December we will continue to fight for Ping and the other 30 children, as we continue to raise $15,000 to ensure that they never have to worry about war again.

Young people are ready to lead, are we ready to let them #linkedinvideo #linkedin #templemade #philly #phillymade

Congratulations 👸🏾 @keishabottoms the newly elected mayor of Atlanta! We are so proud of you! We are so proud of the people who exercised their right to vote!! Make your voices heard!!! If you don’t vote, don’t complain! And help others to register to vote! Help others in your community to get their identification! Use the power and resources you have to help lift your brothers, sisters, neighbors, community! It will take a village to ensure that progress continues to be made in this country! #VotingRights #CivilRights #policereform #criminaljusticereform #educationreform #EconomicEquity #FreeTheVote #PrisonReform

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