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2017 Youth Are Calgary Conference

#yyc #educationalreform #youthpoverty #engagements #poltics

It is said that "A woman is at the Heart of all great things..." This woman right here is doing AMAZING work with the students at Triumph Transitions School. This is what a Servant Leader looks like people! #educate #entrepreneur #financialfreedom #blackexcellence #EducationalReform

My students tried out mind-mapping for the first time. Brilliant results ! #educationalreform #Tunisia

Right about 3 years ago, report card time, Zayin's kindergarten teacher expressed concern that Zay might have a learning disorder as he was not picking up reading at all. Much to every teacher he's ever had's chagrin, I insisted I wasn't worried. That his pattern is to collect and collect info, and then all of sudden he builds a skill in his own way from all that info. Today, he reads and reads and reads, above grade level. All this say, don't be discouraged if your kid isn't on par in one thing or another. Don't ignore it either, but help them learn their own way. I'd much rather support my child than support an antiquated educational system.
#educationalreform #educationsystem #learningtoread

She made it out! She was just passed out and flew from the corner to the window afterr. Hero Ababa safely guided to outside freedom. My guilt has eased into gratefulness she is alive. My students have life chances to wake up. #educationalreform will emerge to save American kids from mediocrity. Tonight's writing prior to the bird's rescue: A bird flew
To a quite compact area through the window.
Clear and invisible danger.
She flew into my office
Circled around my head
Flew to the wrong- side window.
She flapped her short wings
cracked her beak
All against the wrong window.
She died tonight to a corporate American copier
And stucco wall. She died.
She was a little bird- had a small chirp-cry.
My big sister said 'she's lost; it's okay, she's lost.' How many youth do we have who are lost today? Hitting life walls of discouragement, complacency, non-ambition.
We watched a worthless movie today in my substitute classroom- on orders of some,
neighboring teacher. A stupid movie, degrading from 1960
with curse words that hurt any aware mind.
Womanizer 1960s young boys.
These kids read the book;
They watched the movie today.
On my time.
I am responsible for their valueless English class today.
I am responsible for my late, lost birdie.
I opened the window wide and flew to her death; I allowed children one added period of their normal mind-rotting content. I taught them the vocabulary word, 'empathy,' But that was for me. It was my strategy to get the rowdy students
To be quiet.
For the students who wanted to actually compare and contrast the book and video on their worksheet. I kept the gate open even
For one day. It matters. I didn't fight for their 50minutes today:
I did not refuse to show the senseless, American-made, Hollywood, close-brained story.
1960s video.
I ask Him
To Forgive us for being accidental bird killers.
For being substitute teachers in rural America; supporting the education system that creates lost youth.
protect these children from flapping around, trapped in compact spaces academically
next year
in high school. Eighth graders,
May they not round out their sharp brains...

We have come a long way and have a long way to go but this was such a special moment seeing Mathstronauts in the Hamilton Spectator. We hope to continue our mission to spread leading-edge instruction and inspire a passion for STEM in Hamilton's youth. #mathstronauts #hamiltonspectator #educators #educationalreform #educateenrichinspire

Some cast members from "Flip the Script" working on their community action project! This group is focusing on educational reform and the way standardized testing is affecting teens. Come check it out this Saturday at Washington Square Park! #flipthescript #communityaction #educationalreform #saturdaycast

And now, let's get political-litical #americanignorance #educationalreform #highereducation

Friday evening "civic duties" with the gang from @gentechutechchapter (G2K at Utech) talking educational reform #EducationalReform 💚✌🏽️🇯🇲 #Jamaica #G2k #Generation2000


We're #thankful for all those fighting to recognize and accept dyslexia in the educational system and beyond. Tag your hero using #DyslexicDays and be featured on this page!

#dyslexia #thanksgiving #education #educationalreform #bethankful

My students tried out mind-mapping for the first time. Brilliant results ! #educationalreform #Tunisia


The budget of ministry of education in Malaysia is $17b (31 Million People)

The budget of ministry of education in Nigeria is $1.6b(180 Million People). How can we justified the deadly infrastructural development in Nigeria as a whole?

While one idiot will wake-up one day to sack over 21,000 teachers for failing primary 4 competency test.

Where is the training, retraining and induction of the teachers to be the best above other state teachers?

Sacking of teachers can never be part of educational reforms, neither school feeding program could be one of the reform pattern.


Governor Nasir El- rufai's Employee, challenged Elrufai for sacking him after passing his primary 4 exams.
See this kind of Fulani herdsmen Elrufai want to employ to Reform the Educational Sector.

Yor ekselency,
My name was lado na Allah prom LEA Primary school Zaria. I was been teeching por piptin yars and all of a suden, you wan to sak us. Me I fass my examination . I want to tell you that I teech por many yars and if I cannot teech well, musa kallamu will not be a kansila becos I teech him, he is my sutudent. Because of this I hope yu wil leev us to contineu our work.
Lado na Allah

Ilyasah Shabazz is one of the speakers at the NJEA teacher convention. She is the third daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz. She is an author, most notably of a memoir, Growing Up X, community organizer, social activist, and motivational speaker.
#njea #teacherconvention #ilyasahshabazz #teacherunion #educationalreform #socialjustice #theachsecond #iteachthird #iteach2nd #iteach3rd #teachertribe

Have you heard the great news? Episode 16 of #TheWeightlist #podcast is out NOW 🎧😄🎶 Tune in today - LINK IN BIO! #EMChat #BigData #EducationalReform

#TGIF Getting their energy going this #Friday with some #fun #sports, #movement & #play before the bus! Did you know that the #brain #learns WITH movement?? Why are we having our #children #sitting most of the day? #educationalReform #nature #lessons #getoutside #goodoldfashionedfun #kickaBall #brothers #PappasFamily #TeliosStelios #DimitrisAdartis

Don’t ask how much a book cost, ask how much it is worth.

Dahil lamang sa isang guro napiga ang mahigit sa isang daang utak.
Dalawang grading lamang ang naibigay na pagkakataon para ika'y aming maging guro.
Tatlong salita kakabahan ka na. "Okay, Let's begin." Apat,
Apat na pagsusulit na tila isang torture sa aming isipan.
At Lima
Limang buwan lamang ang ibinigay sa iyo bilang maging isang guro ng literatura.
Sobrang ikling panahon kung tutuusin. Sobrang daming araling hindi natalakay. Pero isa lamang ang aming naintindihan.
Hindi lahat ng gugustuhin mong mamalagi ay laging andyan, hindi lahat ng mga bagay na kinatutuwaan mo ay lagi mo nang kinatutuwaan.
Parang pag ibig ang literatura. Ito'y mapag aaralan mong mahalin. Kung paano inihabi ng mga manunulat ang kanilang bawat mensahe, paano nila nililok sa ating isipan ang mga larawang nais nilang makita natin. Kung paano tumatagos ang bawat salita sa ating puso.
Parang sa pag ibig. Ito'y magulo, ito'y hindi madali intindihin lalo pa at ito'y komplikado.
Ngunit isang bagay ang tinuro ng literatura sa akin.
Hindi mo kailangan ng idealismo ng romansa para umasa sa realidad. Dahil ang realidad mismo ang iyong romansa. Romansa ay nabubuhay sa paniniwala mo na sa realidad na ito'y may pag asa pa. Pero pilit kang sinasampal ng realidad na hindi ito iyon dahil isang malaking laro ang realidad.
Hindi ito aayon sa iyo. Ikaw ang aayon sa kanya.
Kagaya ngayon. Ayaw ka man naming lumisan bilang isang guro kami'y mapipilitan mamaalam.
Pero bago pa man mahuli ang lahat, salamat. Salamat sa pasakit sa ulo. Salamat sa mga iyong tinuro. Dadalhin namin ang mga kritikal na ideyang iyong iniwan.
Salamat Sir sa maikling panahon."
- Dana Dominique, 11 ABM, COLM --- As I have said, I don't know what crazy things I did to have an impact on these guys. I just did what I know would be beneficial for them in their future adventures.

Oh dear God, thank you for this wonderful and meaningful first semester. I hope the second semester will be memorable, too.

Give me lots of excitement and enthusiasm. --- By the way, please forgive me for being too dramatic in my posts. I am not dramatic and expressive inside the classroom, though.


Progressive and Alternative Education Meeting tomorrow evening at An Creagan from 7pm to 9pm for anybody interested in learning about educational alternatives. I have recently become a reluctant home schooler and I have been meeting many, many like-minded individuals who want something better than our current choices. We would like the Northern Irish education system to move with the times and this meeting will be a fun, informative and informal meeting thinking about our options and discussing ideas. Everyone is welcome (especially the critics) and we are so excited about the future. 💕😌🙏 #education #educationalreform #homeschool #northernireland #schools #reform #progress #evolve #grow #thefuture #children #midulster #cookstown #ancreagan

I visited Bali's Green School today. What an amazing example of vision, perseverance and open mindedness. There are so many alternatives to our toxic way of life and all we need is more courageous people to turn their vision into reality. It works! It is powerful! It's our future! .
#susteinability #greenschool #bali #greenschoolbali #alternativeliving #green #greenliving #education #educationalreform #theaphroditeway #aphrodite #lifecoach #lifecoaching #intuitivemovement #intuition #personaldevelopment #selfcare #women #wildwoman #embodiment #embodimentcoach #embody #mindfullness #mindfullliving

Unless dyslexia is recognized by name in schools, students will not get the tools they need to succeed.

#SayDyslexia #dyslexiaawareness #educationalreform

Today we went to An Creagan and worked with wood and then went into the wild woods for a play and some roasted marshmallows on an open fire. A lovely way to spend an afternoon. 💕🙏😌 #homeschool #home #homeeducation #education #reform #progress #change #bethechange #ancreagan #northernireland #educationalreform #children #thefuture #progressiveeducation #alternativeeducation #schooling #love #life #light #fun #happiness #play #educationshouldbefun #educationcanbefun

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