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King Kong (1933) tells the story of white adventurers who encounter a band of Africans who worship a giant gorilla. They are seen offering up one of their young women as a sacrificial bride for King Kong. However, when they spot the blonde white woman in the adventurers’ party, they take her as captive instead for their King. Kong, attracted to her, is at one point seen taking off her dress with one huge Black finger.

Ultimately, however, he is captured by the white adventurers and brought to New York. There he is put up on a Broadway stage in chains. He then breaks out, pursues the girl, and wreaks havoc in the Big Apple, the center of America. He is eventually cornered, perched on top of a skyscraper. Here, the supposedly large and mighty Kong looks tiny against the towering, white phallic symbol that is the Empire State Building. He is soon shot down by circling airplanes, and the blonde white woman is saved.

The capture of Kong and his removal to America symbolizes the slave trade. Kong, in chains up on stage, represents both slavery and the chaining of the Black image in the media to minstrel or entertaining stereotypes. Kong also is a symbol of the supposed danger of the brutally strong, but stupid, Black man who lusts for the white woman.

When King Kong was first released, the infamous case of the Scottsboro Boys, nine Black men falsely accused of raping a white woman, was all over the news. Ironically back then, however, it was the Ku Klux Klan that was ravaging Black women and openly killing Black men. Members of the US Congress at the time proudly announced that they belonged to this terrorist organization. It’s interesting to note that the words “Kill King Kong,” which becomes the goal at the end of the film, have the initials KKK. The Army even used the left pic as a recruiting tool. 🤔
The 1981 version of this “American classic” similarly addressed the racial dynamic in American at that time, just as the latest version of King Kong subliminally speak to the “race problem” in America today. #EducateUrself #KingKong #Throwback #YouGoneGetDisWork

lit saturday nights gettin that lang perf elite award #educateurself #hydrateurself

N2DEEP 90's Cult Banger. Dudes were from San Bernardino. #nelatv #ninetieskid #educateurself

I stopped bothering myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.

Y'all know how I feel. I been posting this same post every year on the 4th. Ain't nothing changed. Even though on this day in 1776, this continent was declared Independent from Great Britain, Blacks still were not free until almost 100 years later during the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. But we still were not free until The Civil Rights Act in 1964.... Another 100 years later. Blacks gained Independence on July 2, 1964 when segregation ended and it became ILLEGAL for WHITES to do this ISH to us! So Happy 4th to a country who didn't consider us HUMAN until well into the latter part of the 1900s. #EDUCATEurSELF #FACTS #IndependenceDay #4thOfJuly 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Vivien T. Thomas was born in New Iberia, Louisiana on August 29, 1910. His family later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he was educated in the public schools. In 1929, after working as an orderly in a private infirmary to raise money for college, he enrolled as a premedical student at Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial College. The bank crash that year wiped out his life's savings, forcing him to drop out of school.

In 1930, he took a position at Vanderbilt University as a laboratory assistant with Alfred Blalock after Blalock noticed the potential Thomas possessed while working as a janitor at Vanderbilt. Thomas' abilities as a surgical assistant and research associate were of the highest quality, and when Blalock moved to Johns Hopkins in 1941 he asked Thomas to accompany him. Thomas joined Blalock's surgical team, (amongst the uproar of racists not wanting to work with a 'negro') and helped to develop the procedure used in the "blue baby" operation. He helped train many of the surgeons at Johns Hopkins in the delicate techniques necessary for heart and lung operations.

Thomas was a member of the medical school faculty from 1976 until 1985 and was presented with the degree of Honorary Doctor of Laws by the Johns Hopkins University in 1976. Today, in operating rooms all over the world, there are great surgeons performing life saving surgical procedures who received their training techniques from Vivien Thomas. His achievements stand as a testament to the power of research, discovery, and persistence to improve the health of generations to come. #EducateUrself #VivienThomas #YouGoneGetDisWork

Once in the Americas, slaves were sold, by auction, to the person that bid the most money for them. It was here that family members would find themselves split up, as a bidder may not want to buy the whole family, only the strongest, healthiest member.
Slave Auctions were advertised when it was known that a slave ship was due to arrive.
When the slave ship docked, the slaves would be taken off the ship and placed in a pen. There they would be washed and their skin covered with grease, or sometimes tar, to make them look more healthy. This was done so that they would bring as much money as possible. They would also be branded with a hot iron to identify them as slaves.
There were two main types of slave Auction:
1. Those that sold to the highest bidder
2. Grab and go Auctions "Highest Bidder Auction"

The slaves would be brought from the pen, in turn, to stand on a raised platform so that they could be seen by the buyers. Before the bidding began, those that wished to, could come up onto the platform to inspect the slaves closely. The slaves had to endure being poked, prodded and forced to open their mouths for the buyers.
The auctioneer would decide a price to start the bidding. This would be higher for fit, young slaves and lower for older, very young or sickly slaves. Potential buyers would then bid against each other. The person who bid the most would then own that slave. "Grab and Go Auction"

All people who wanted to buy a slave on the day of the auction would pay the trader an agreed amount of money. The trader would then give them a ticket for each slave that they had bought. At the sound of a drum roll, the door to the slave pen would be opened and the buyers would rush in and grab the slave or slaves that they wanted. The buyers then checked their slaves out by returning their ticket or tickets to the slave trader.
The slave auction was a terrible ordeal for the slaves, they did not understand the language, had no idea what was happening. Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and children all separated, as most of them never saw each other again. #EducateUrself #SlaveAuction #DestructionOfTheBlackFamily

Melanoma is the least common but the most deadly skin cancer, accounting for only about 1% of all cases, but the vast majority of skin cancer death. Its been estimated that in 2017 there will be 87,110 new cases of melanoma in the United States and 9,730 deaths from the disease.

Melanoma is the third most common cancer among women ages 20-39 and the second most common cancer in men ages 20-39. In the US, melanoma is currently the fifth most common cancer in men and the sixth most common in women of all age groups.

white people are 30 times more likely to develop melanoma than Black people (30 per 100,000) and for Black people (1 per 100,000) Our skin protects us 😎 Worldwide, caucasian populations have the highest risk of developing melanoma.
The world’s highest incidence of melanoma is in Australia and New Zealand (more than twice as high as in North America). Some say it's due to how close these countries are to the equator, their greatly reduced ozone layer, but we know it's because their population consists mostly of people with low levels of melanin. #EducateUrself #TeachTheBabiesTheTruth #YouGoneGetDisWork


"You may not believe that cannibus can cure cancer...
Luckily cannibus doesn't care what you think, and cures cancer anyway.
-moms for medical marijuana
#womeninbusiness #cannibusandcancer #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #fightcancer #awarness #survivorstestimony #womensupportingwomen #womengrowaz #localsupport #momsandmedicalcannibus #doctorseducate #educateurself #redleaf #quoteoftheday

Team meeting on tour...very impressed by the turnout of the guys...
#Dedication #WorkingHard #EducateUrSelf #FitFam #NoHoldingBack #TeamWork #CravenbyCricketClub #LoveIt

Having our team meeting out in Worcester for pre season game...love the turn out
#CCC #GreatClub #BringingBackTheLove #TeamWork #WorkingHard #EducateUrSelf #FitFam #NoHoldingBack

Inspire College ... A great place to get your education. #inspirechurchtv #highereducation #educateurself

A post of appreciation to one and all of my clients (including those STILL not on insta😁) saying thank you very much for the trust you have in me and entertain the method of my madness...it was one really strong week by all of you..truly impressed.
Now to those crazy few doing the FORREST DUMP I mean GUMP thing...@robinadamsza @salehmartin @mz_mparker wev worked hard for this...remember, it's not how you start but FINISH...go and have a blast guys
#Dedication #WorkingHard #EducateUrSelf #FitFam #NoHoldingBack #TeamWork #Fitter #Leaner #Stronger @shivaan29 @ronellm1977 @jkluner @robsd_04

When do you know it's a good workout? When they normally talk ALOT but very very quiet during training😁a great start to the end of a working week...this women did a serious job with kicking her workout out the window💪#Dedication #Friday #5am #KickingAss #EducateUrSelf #FitFam #NoHoldingBack #NoRoids #Fitter #Leaner #Stronger @aka_mrsjay

#thewayofinnocence #ilovebooks #recruitment #lifeofarecruiterainteasy #ilovewhatido #motivation #educateurself

In the hands of the heart the intellect becomes intelligent.
Great day everyone!

These buncha guys are just fantastic...abit of a 'farewell' HOLIDAY session for RA😁very very impressive this morning...lotsa numbers and FIVE rounds...seriously pleased this morning...true appreciation for them
#Dedication #WorkingHard #EducateUrSelf #FitFam #NoHoldingBack #TeamWork #Fitter #Leaner #Stronger @shivaan29 @robinadamsza @robsd_04 @ronellm1977

Last training before the marathon Sunday AAAAAND her holiday come Tuesday...sade to say she's already to take the road..her and the road then jet off to 🇪🇸
#Dedication #WorkingHard #EducateUrSelf #FitFam #NoHoldingBack #ReadyAsCanBe #StarSheIs #Fitter #Leaner #Stronger @mz_mparker

Henryanus can't vote but he lub the herb! #legalizeit #gatewaytoyourmind! More jobs! More stress! More monetary slavery! Let's do this! Henryanus loves google cause he can research ancient knowledge to better understand how the elites r running this werld, power to the pepool 💚🍄#googlemichaeltellinger #ubuntumovement #educateurself #liberateurself #onelove #chur

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