#edsheran. Just a little throw bk, as this song is lit to... an oldie but a goodie 💥😁 Annie xx

You're The Perfect Reason (?)
Idk why, japanese theme?
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#photograph Mantengo tu Amor en un fotografía. Donde mis ojos nunca se cierran , donde mi amor nunca se rompe y nuestros recuerdos el tiempo allí los congelan.
Así que te llevo en una foto dentro de mi corazón .
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" Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin's sons

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out father, oh, stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn on and on
The mountain side

And if we should die tonight
We should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time
Calling out father, oh, prepare as we will
Watch the flames burn on and on
The mountain side

Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you'll remember me

Oh, should my people fall in".. #iseefire #edsheran#euvejofogo#@teddysphotos

Day 12: idol waving (we‘re so sorry🙏🏻 we couldn’t find a pic from him where he is waving)😫🌹❤️

Ed Sheeran (Perfect, Shape Of you, Photograph, Galway Girl, Castle On The Hill, Thinking Out Loud) #weloveed #myfavoritesinger #edsheran

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