Breakfast: chocolate banana zoats topped with more banana and pb, and a coconut coffee🍫🍌🥜☕️ Well my attempt at a pretty breakfast failed😂 (i re microwaved my oats for too long to the toppings went into it😅

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Good morning, it's super sunny today🌞
For breakfast I had two slices of strawberry jam toast😋
This morning has been eventual in the diary half hour of me being down stairs 😅 I burnt the first lot of my toast which made the smoke alarm go off VERY LOUD! But I still made some new toast and one got stuck in the toaster..I hope you're all having a lovely morning and enjoy the sun today❤❤
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This is my body right now , and I'm ok with that. No I don't look ill anymore but that's not to say I'm not struggling at all, my strugglee are different now yes but they will always evolve always change. One day something might be easy and the next it may be the hardest thing I've had to do. But that's ok because right now I know that I WANt to be better, no matter how low I feel sometimes no matter now anxious I get. One day it will all be worth it ! I'm not giving up💛 I'm struggling a little atm but I can't really put it into words , oh well 🤦🏼‍♀️ enjoy these random pics! Ed Sheeran last week with my best friend 💛💛 ( ily millions thank you for everything you do for me !!) Getting ready for school now but heading into town first with mum X💘

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Weird that this should appear next to me this morning, haven’t seen it since I started counselling. Oh GUYS. I did my end of C1 photos and measurements today and I look exactly the same, bigger in fact in the most recent photo. I cried for an hour in bed and I’ve had a word with myself and feel a bit better now but I still feel so rubbish. I haven’t been 100% with food, I’m not sure I ever will be to be honest for so many reasons (if you haven’t been following me very long the leaflet is a giveaway 😂😂😂), but I thought 5 workouts a week would make a difference. People tell me to me kind to myself and I have been being kind to myself, but it’s not helping the weight loss, maybe it was better when I was being cruel to myself as at least I was a healthy weight. Actually to be fair I wasn’t a healthy weight I was underweight 😭😭 I’m so sick of feeling like I’m going in circles. All the time. It’s been a really rough couple of weeks with anxiety and panic attacks so this has come at a really shitty time. I can’t face the extra carbs right now so I’m gonna carry on C1 with low carb for a bit longer just as I don’t think I can cope with the change either. Life. #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorderawareness #bulemia #edrecovery #thebodycoach #gettinglean #leanin15 #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #motivation #fattofit #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #eatclean #cleaneating #fattofit #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitgirls #fatloss #strongnotskinny

Io sono stata fino ad ora con mia madre a fare una passeggiata 🚶🏻‍♀️ ma ora mi ricarico con questa bella merenda😍 Cioccolato 🍫nuovo🆕 e biscotti nuovi🆕 Sono gli Enervit che ho preso ieri e Ommiodio sono buonissimi😍 Non ci sono parole...sono wOw, SUPER MEGA BUONI🤤 Ok, forse esagero ma io amo i biscotti😻 (non a caso mi chiamo cookies_addicted😏) Biscotti 🍪 al cacao o normali(vaniglia, cereali etc..)?
I miei biscotti preferiti sono i Magretti quindi la mia risposta è abbastanza ovvia😂
A più tardi, principesse!
{Morning Snack: •10gr di Cioccolato🍫Fondente🔥alla Ciliegia🍒;
•3️⃣Biscotti🍪Enervit🏃🏼‍♀️al Cacao🍫;
•Mela Verde🍏;
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Yesterday evenings snack was a coconut 🥥 hobnob with a unlictured semi frozen banana milk, a cherry lollipop 🍭 a apricot and a plum 💪😊#edrecovery#anorexiarecovery#foodphotography#foodstagram#foodpics#foodporn#foodisfuel#foodblogger#instafood#foodie#strongnotskinny#realrecovery#like4like#follow4follow

Today I reached the weight I never wanted to reach again.
Today I reached the weight I was so afraid of a couple months ago.
Today I decided I don't want my weight, this stupid number, to define my happiness or my mood.
So yeah: I now weigh 60 kg again and that's fine. ✨
My body feels stronger than ever. I don't faint when standing up. My skin is not pale and grey anymore. My hair is getting thicker and healthier again. Yeah, my legs do jiggle here and there and I don't see all my bones sticking out anymore. But what I do see when I look in the mirror now, is a happy young woman who just graduated and is now ready to move on with her life. And I can only do that when I leave anorexia behind! I've already achieved that weight wise: I am WEIGHT RESTORED and I am starting to embrace it! ✨
But I still have to work on my mindset now. I saw it change the last months and weeks immensely and I'm really proud of myself for that. Having some bad days or some bad thoughts here and there is completely normal. But I find myself surprised with shock when I catch myself thinking about how I could restrict during meals, how I could skip a meal or how I could make it up with exercising more. Although I don't act on those thoughts anymore, it still is a disordered part of my thinking I want to get rid of! ➡️ I want not only my body to heal, I want my mind to heal as well! I want to develop a LOVING RELATIONSHIP between mind and body.
I want to really flourish and get out there and start a life! I want to go travel, I want to do an internship at a theater, I want to study acting. And I want to be at peace with myself. I want to be proud of myself and trust myself.
I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND WHILE DOING SO I WANT TO EAT WHAT I WANT AND LOVE MY BODY NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. I want to leave anorexic thoughts behind. I'm fed up. I'm done with it. I don't want it anymore.

Thanks for reading this! I hope you're doing well, I'm sending you all my love& hope that you are on the journey to an ED-free life as well! Because I'm telling you: recovery is possible and it's worth it! Love, Lisa😘
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• Breakfast • 9:45 a.m.
🍚 Porridge with banana, almonds, 99% chocolate, agave syrup and lots of cinnamon.
☕️ Usual coffee
Sorry for not publishing yesterday, but it was a very difficult night😥 My mother told me that while we were in the park, my grandmother had a stroke and my grandfather, going to the hospital, fell off his motorcycle and broke his leg and elbow😣 in the park was not as great as expected because we only get in two attractions and made a queue of 4h. And I felt very guilty about the food I ate (which was disgusting) and I had (and still have) a strong stomach ache and I go to the bathroom every 5 minutes😪 And that's why I did not sleep at all. Today I went to give my grandfather breakfast at his house and at 1:00 pm I will go to the hospital to see my grandmother. Last night I didn’t have anything for dinner, because of my stomach ache and my sadness and I don’t really want to eat breakfast, but my mother says I must eat it. What the hell is going on? I hate my life, I want to die😭😭
• Desayuno • 9:45 a.m.
🍚Porridge con plátano, almendras, chocolate 99%, jarabe de agave y un montón de canela.
☕️Café usual
Perdón por no haber publicado ayer, pero fue una noche muy difícil😥 Mi madre me dijo que mientras estábamos en el parque, mi abuela tuvo un ictus y mi abuelo, yendo al hospital, se cayó de su moto y se rompió la pierna y el codo😣 En el parque no fue tan genial como esperaba porque solo subimos en dos atracciones e hicimos una cola de 4h. Y me sentí muy culpable por la comida que comí (que estaba asquerosa) y tuve (y todavía tengo) un fuerte dolor de estómago y Voy al baño cada 5 minutos😪 Y por eso no dormí nada. Hoy he ido a darle el desayuno a mi abuelo en su casa y a las 13.00 iré al hospital a ver a mi abuela. Ayer por la noche no tuve nada para cenar, por mi dolor de estómago y mi tristeza y en realidad no quiero desayunar, pero mi madre dice que debo comerlo. ¿Qué demonios está pasando? Odio mi vida, quiero morir😭😭
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Dinner - Home Edition!
Okay so dinner tonight looked so gross and greasy but i ate it anyways. For dinner I had a chicken burger with chicken nuggets, fries and tomato sauce
This is one of my favourite dinner but it is sooo unhealthy! I have lost 200mg since wednesday, so I needed a meal to boost my weight back up. I hate tomato sauce and i had things like chicken nuggets and fries but I did it
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Stop running.

Good morning world 💕

Breakfast is (surprise surprise) Porridge!
Topped with strawberries, almond butter and A fibre one brownie
I am increasing again to 3000 because I did something yesterday that I shouldn't have done. I'm sick of this controlling my life. There is a lot to eat today but I will try my best and I will keep you guys updated. I don't know how long I will stay at 3000. I'm presuming it won't be long tbh
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Herstellen van een eetstoornis vraagt moed. Moed om je eetstoornis te durven loslaten en op zoek te gaan naar iets wat je doet groeien.
Je eetstoornis loslaten is eng. Want hoewel hij je grootste vijand is, is hij lang jouw bondgenoot geweest.
Maar wat je ervoor in ruil krijgt is zoveel mooier, zoveel rijker en zoveel waardevoller.
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Celebrating Friday and the upcoming weekend with... oats and chocolate of course!!! 😍😍🍫 #brekkie #balance #proats #yummy #nutbutter #chocolate #chocoholic #aero #nutella
This was: a mix of @bulkpowders_uk Butterscotch Protein porridge, and @quakeroatsuk Guava Cranberry porridge, cooked in the microwave with liquid egg white! 👍🏼
Topped with: a whole @nestle Purely Chocolate Aero snack bar, and a biiiig drizzle of @nocilla Original Hazelnut Spread!! 😍👌🏼
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Jeg er netop kommet hjem fra Berlin - batterierne står på 110% ❤️// Det er 3 år mellem billederne og et komplet andet syn på mig selv, kost og træning - nemlig med krop og sind der begge er SUNDE 🙏🏼 ❤️ #stærksvag#ÆrligeTanker#edrecovery#DetSkalNokGå#fitfamdk#sund


Agréablement surprise par la portée de mes dernières publications, je tenais d'abord à vous remercier et vous annoncer un tournant à ce compte Instagram qui sera dorénavant relié à ma page Facebook, du même nom que mon compte Instagram ! 🙏🏼 Mon but, pour le moment, est de réussir à transmettre du contenu concernant les particularités des personnes hypersensibles, en reprenant point par point les différentes expressions que celles-ci adoptent. 💪🏻 ‼️Je tiens à l'annoncer de suite, je ne ferai JAMAIS de LIEN DIRECT entre l'hypersensibilité et :
- Haut Potentiel Intellectuel/Zèbre/Douance
- La relation empathe/pervers narcissique
- Le manque de concentration, de motivation et d'organisation
- Les troubles du déficit de l'attention (avec ou sans hyperactivité)
- L'introversion et l'isolement - L'impulsivité et la fragilité
Et sûrement d'autres qui me viendront en cours de route. ‼️ ⁉️POURQUOI ⁉️
Car ce serait simplement coller des étiquettes au-dessus d'une autre étiquette. Et les étiquettes, ça gratte... 😉

En effet les personnes hypersensibles N'AYANT PAS CONSCIENCE DE LEUR "PARTICULARITÉ" sont plus sujettes à porter - pendant une période plus ou moins longue de leur vie - une de ces étiquettes, de part leur vécu, leurs expériences passées, leurs déceptions et leurs échecs. ❌

CEPENDANT il faut bien prendre conscience que VOTRE COMPORTEMENT NE DÉFINIT PAS CE QUE VOUS ÊTES et n'est pas inscrit dans votre ADN génétique ; par conséquent : NOUS AVONS TOUS UNE CAPACITÉ D'ÉVOLUTION INCROYABLE, Hypersensible ou non ! 🙏🏼 Bien sûr, je viendrai à expliquer, suite aux premiers articles sur l'expression des caractéristiques de l'hypersensibilité, POURQUOI et surtout COMMENT ne pas avoir à passer par ces étapes, et profiter pleinement de ce Don qui est offert à quasiment 20% de la population! 😍 Et ainsi, comment en faire une force au quotidien au lieu de le traîner comme un fardeau. 📈

Thick and creamy Fruit Free Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl🤤
Start your morning right with an epic breakfast✨🙌🏻 This delicious bowl of goodness even had an extra handful of spinach in it, but I couldn’t even tell because all I could taste was chocolate😍🍫 WINNING!
Although you know it’s probably starting to get a bit too cold to eat smoothies for brekkie when you need the heater on and are wrapped in a blanket while eating it😅❄️

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