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Throwing it back to when the gorgeous, PLUR princess @kayleenicoleestes CRUSHED this AMAZING groove at #Ultra! 👽🎶🔥💃🏻 **Repost @kayleenicoleestes
I think this weekend trumped any other music festival experience I've had so far! So many great shufflers and good vibes at ultramusicfestival 💜☮️☯️ Shoutout to @dazedanddyedco for the outfit, @flashgearfootwear for the kicks, and @chrislake for one of the best sets of the weekend! 👽🎶🔥 TRACK ID: Cevin Fisher ft. Loleatta Holloway- You got me burning up

HEY GUYS -- RATED 10-1👊🔥
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its a mini clip from sunday ^^ If the video gets 2k views, tomorrow comes a new small video #ifyoulikeitfollowme
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Dancer💃➡ @abby_la_flakka

Song🔊 ➡ @markbmusic - Vamos A Ponernos Locos (@djsolano25 Remix)

Admin👤 ➡ @marktinez_
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Dancer🏃: @josesikuu6 & @alshapes (happy birthday bby💜)
If you want that I upload you, tag us @universalshapers & use the hashtag #universalshapers
Admin😊: @joancarretero_

La que hace 15 años y me deja pequeña putavida 😂💪❤❤
Saber que te conozco desde el año pasado y tantos momentos de locura que hemos compartido en persona y en skype (cunden los skypes a la 1 de la mañana xD).
Enserio te quiero un montón y no te cambiarÍa por nada del mundo porque eres como una hermana para mí y con la que puedo confiar 100%.
Nosotras dos sabemos perfectamente que el mundo esta lleno de falsos y falsas, hipócritas, egoístas y subnormales que quieren destruir la vida de los demás para que dejes de hacer lo que más te gusta. Y si te dicen "te copias de alguien", "vas de subidita"; pues dejame decirte que esa gente es muy gilipollas y se nota que no te conoce, porque tú, Anna, eres un amor de niña y ellos hablan desde la ignorancia.

Ya sabes que a los Haters los mandas a tomar por culo, ya sean conocidos o no porque esos son realmente los que van subiditos y se creen los mejores del mundo, no hace falta decir nombres😜💖 TE QUIERO NENIII💙💙💙💙
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Not the best camera shot which sucks because this moment was AMAZING, but this is probably one of the best clips I got of @ecruz_n at #ultra this year 😻 you can actually hear me saying "oh my fucking gosh" right before she starts dancing LOL
This moment also features @tmack8769 who's another extremely talented dancer that I've loved since I started dancing and the energy here was just so cool to witness.
Elena, it was SOOO incredible to meet you, you're so talented and I really never thought I get the chance to share a dance space with you. Youve been an inspiration since I began dancing, and I truly can't wait for the day I get to see you in action again.
Thank you both for letting us watch you during this special moment ☺️💙


Everything's been frustrating me lately. Shuffle it out.

Trying to dedicate some time to smooth out my style. Swipe left for part 2.

Went on a walk with some dear friends and my ❤️, and had to take advantage of the scenery a lil bit 🙃

Why don't we do it in the road? 🔥💣💃🏻💜 **Repost @vansecoo
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I don't think @ecruz_n & I have ever been more excited to drop a vid for you guys! I HOPE YOU ALL LOVE AND ENJOY IT as much as we enjoyed creating it!
You'll never know how many cars we had to dodge to finally get the perfect take (without messing up)😅 but we couldn't have done it without our A1 film crew: @agustinseco & @pamelaasecoo 🎬✨when positive energies connect and genuine intentions are present, you truly do receive the dopest results! Only the beginning of this summer's adventures from the #dreamteam. Let's make some more magic 😝 #thepowerofintention💡🌄..... ~ & let all that you do be done in love ~ 🙏🏽🦋
🎶SONG: New Breed - @enjoyryde 👅
👟SHOES: @flashgearfootwear 💛💛

💖Lets do a teenage crime💖

Gran cámara y bailarin :@concejoftf

El siguiente video será de los mejores de todo cutting shapes , tardaré unas 2 semanas en prepararlo, dejadme canciones rapidisimas y con parones abajo
Song: teenage crime- en el canal de yt selected
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Found a way to get you in the video👽✌️ @cha_feeel

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