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It's like a dream ... why did we born? Why are we still living? Is life a picture? Do people live in paints? What kind of activity do you think your soul?
- Make a picture🖌

I will say something if it is too short. I am normally in turkey. But some people used ridiculous words because I spoke English and had an English profile. I wanted to clarify this situation. I am proud of being Turkish. Since the day I changed my page, I have looked at the story-telling ministers from 4/3 British, Russian, and Brazilian origin. So I have done this to both myself and the people who follow me on behalf of me. Please respect...
Plants and us🍀👭

Avacado, plants and flowers


Do you like ıce cream?😇

What time is currently?



Type your favorite rock band☠️
- @gunsnroses ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

What is your style? What style do you like most to wear
-Sports and street fashion🌸

Your fav magazine name?
-Gucci & Vogue

Taken by: @starfiqhter ❤️❤️
-Do you find it nice?
-yes / no

Tag your 2 best friends in instagram!
@litterallyfeyza (It was too much🙊)

What is your eye color?
- green 🤣😜

Do you like ıce cream?😇

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