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— svp twixtor tutorial
i actually made this for a different account, but figured i'd post it here too!

— svp glitch effect
sorry if this is a lil confusing, dm me if you still need help with it!

Next tutorial when I get 12+ likes on everything because I'M NOT WASTING MY TIME AND THEN HAVE NOBODY ACKNOWLEDGE ME THAT'S A NO FROM ME
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HELLO NEXT TUTORIAL this one isn't as good tbh I should start doing more complicated tutorials maybe??¿
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Yoo first tutorial up
When masking be sure to leave some space frm the border so the picture isn't left with annoying straight lines on the borders
#supernatural #deanwinchester #l4l #samwinchester #jaredpadalecki #jensenackles #mishacollins #castiel #destiel #edittuts

How to recolor using Superimpose:
1) Go into Superimpose and open the picture you want to recolor.
2) Set to foreground image as the color you will be using to recolour (for skin i chose tan)
3) In the top right hand corner there is a plus sign thingy, hit that. Then mask out the whole front layer so all you see in the background.
3) Then hit the button that says filter and turn the saturation down DO NOT TURN IT ALL THE WAY DOWN TO WHERE IT IS TOTALLY GREY IT WILL LOOK RECOLORED BUT WEIRD.
4) now hit the button that says mask and hit erase that is in the top right hand corner. A little box will pop up that will say something like opacity and soft brush and will have a check box. Well click the box so you have soft brush on. Then go to transform and change the blend mode to multiply
4) now draw or color what ever you want recolored. If you are doing the skin make sure you hit the paint brush and erase the eyes and lips.
5) mash the photos together and your done!
NOTE: i use the app backwards there are other ways to do this that might be a lot easier. Also you can change the opacity of the foreground so it isnt so bright and looks more natural. You can also change the blend mode in the beginning before you mask way the foreground its really up to you.
QUESTIONS? Comment :) //#sfslixrstuts #pll #edittutorials #edittuts //@a.liarsecret

@boomedits I kinda twisted the tutorial #edittuts

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