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Knitters are a colourfull and lovely bunch of people. We attended the knitters brunch at AKVA. It's so nice to be able to sit at a table of strangers and make connections with them within a few minutes. The most welcoming, safe, warm, sharing and interested community I know. I know a few communities and they are lively as well but not like this one. Thank you so much @edinyarnfest and all your staff and volunteers for making this amazing event happen. 💕✨💕💪🏼🐑💪🏼 #eyf2017 #edinburghyarnfestival #edinburghyarnfestival2017

We are excited about getting ready for our next yarn fair in Edinburgh next week. Anyone coming? @edinyarnfest #wool #britishwool #edinburghyarnfestival #cambrianwool thanks to @yeshen.venema for the lovely photo

First day at #edinburghyarnfestival today! And what day! So nice to meet wool friends! My mom managed to snap a photo of me, @hannaontheroad and @thewoolclub who reached their funding goal for the @_makingstories book Woods not too long ago 🙆 Dreams really do come true and hard, dedicated work really does pay off so keep on inspiring ladies! Also, I'll admit, I bought yarn 😳😳😳

unsurprisingly the majority of my money this weekend went on @brooklyntweed such beautiful yarn! #edinburghyarnfestival #eyf

Я пищу от восторга!!!
Нееее, у меня истерикааааа!!!
Получила бесценную, невероятную по значимости и ценности посылку из Шотландии от @glafirasknitwork
Она побывала на фестивале пряжи в Эдинбурге #edinburghyarnfestival и я упросила раздобыть всех самых вкусных, самых классных составов пряжи для моих экспериментов!
Буду это все тэстировать и выводить качество своих поставок на запредельный уровень!
А теперт рассказываю что тут:
1) Фермерская АНГОРА высочайшено класса от фирмы Orkney ! Выращеная в самых лучших условиях и пух добыт БЕЗ ЖЕСТОКОГО ОБРАЩЕНИЯ с животными.
Это просто золото! Таких фирм мало, кто действительно прошел все комиссии и имеет пакет документов об этом. Как показатель- они поставляют сырье для обежды самой королевы Елизаветы! 😍😍
2) Натуральный шелк
3) Мохер на шелке
4) Пух верблюжонка и верблюда
5) Шерсть овец породы Polwarth !!! С эффектом superwash.
6) Шерсть шотландских овечек.
Короче вааааааа😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

På vei hjem fra #edinburghyarnfestival med hodet fullt av farger og ideer og kofferten full av garn. #eyf2017 #eyf #edinyarnfest

Mum & me with a rainbow of yarn. It's Mum's first yarn fest -- come say hi! @edinyarnfest #rainbowheirloom #edinburghyarnfestival #knittersofinstagram


My DIY bag from this year's Edinburgh Yarn Festival is finally finished. I gave up on the idea of using yarn scraps though and went with ordinary embroidery floss.
#edinburghyarnfestival2017 #edinburghyarnfestival #embroidery #broderi #totebag #tygkasse #kasse #knittersofinstagram #knittingbag

So peaceful and gorgeous ❤

@Regrann from @loumaskatron - Joe is assessing my very modest haul from #edinburghyarnfestival . 2 braids of merino/silk tops from @johnarbontextiles (wish I'd got more) and a skein of magical dyed-in-the-wool Payback from @spincycle_yarns (wish I'd got more) . But why so restrained? asked Joe. Good question, there were a million other things I now wish I'd bought but basically i went in there and stole (bought) the cherry off the very top. - #regrann #igspinnersinspiration

Edinburgh yarn festival tote bag #eyf2017 #edinburghyarnfestival

His and her Bousta Beanies. This is a really fun knit and I loved imaging my trip to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018. My solid colors are Cascade Fingering and the self striping is Rialto Luxury Sock. #cascadeyarns #debbiebliss #fairisle #edinburgh #edinburghyarnfestival #bellingham

Spinning the gorgeous bat I bought from @spincityuk when I was at the #edinburghyarnfestival I love watching how the colours appear and disappear and twist to make spirals then change again. I've not spun for over a year and sitting in my garden in the sunshine today I am wondering why! I think I will Navajo ply this once it's done and use as a weft for a scarf.

#outofthebluetextiles #handspunyarn #spincity #ashfordtraditional #madeinscotland #yarnaddict

My latest spins. @spincityuk bought at @edinyarnfest and @malabrigoyarn bought in @thisisknit. For some reason I don't buy pink yarn but can't pass it by when it comes to fibres.
#spinnersofinstagram #spinnersofig #igspinners #spinnersofravelry #malabrigo #spincityuk #edinburghyarnfestival #thisisknit #yarn #fibre #fibre #wool

This is Juliet the beautiful #daughterofashepherd #hebridean #sheep who you will be seeing a lot more of over the coming months. She was named by Mr K at #edinburghyarnfestival in honour of Juliet @johnarbontextiles and if you're down #Devon way this weekend, pop by the open house at their Mill to see the spinning machines in action and bag a few #woolly bargains. Wish I was there but we have a little puppy arriving whom I also wanted to call Juliet. I have been reminded that other names are available!

Finished my #eyf2017 tote bag. Loved embroidering this. Maybe I'll branch out to become multicraftual 😄#yarn #embroidery #edinburghyarnfestival #onedayillbethere 📸@chuckweather

Jo and Mica, the Edinburgh Yarn Festival organisers, cane to visit today. We invited them to officially open the new shop extension here at the mill! #thebordermill #jjbordermill #EYF #edinburghyarnfestival #alpacayarn

This time yesterday I was knitting a lace shawl with @oldmaidenaunt yarn from Edinburgh Yarn Festival. Now I am gradually suffocating in work. Take me back to yesterday? #latergram #knittersofinstagram #laceknitting #ravelry #serenityshawl #oldmaidenauntyarn #edinburghyarnfestival #madebyme #craft #knitting #notjustforoldpeople

Came home from sunny afternoon at the park to find a lovely surprise...you are truly too kind Janet😘 I think Scotland is on my short list! #boustabeanie #shetlandwoolweek #edinburghyarnfestival #ysolda

Yes yes and triple yes! 🤣
Flights are booked! 🛫
An exciting week that'll be! Aimée will turn 16 and then off to #eyf2018 the next day! 🎉🎁
#sweetsixteen #edinburghyarnfestival

Это будет маленькая #истрияодноготвида
От пасмы к изделию в картинках. Смотрите в сториз.
Мне так приятно, что эту пасмочку держал в руках и с очаровательной улыбкой продал сам @jared_flood 😍😍😍
Отец всеми известного @brooklyntweed
Он так мило и просто общался с поклонниками, без всякой звезды во лбу. Сам стрял у стенда с пряжей на #edinburghyarnfestival
Кто еще хвастанет такой истррией, а? 😋
Это делает ее для меня почти бесценной. Вывязываю мееедленно и нежно каждую петлююю

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