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Have you ever visited Edinburgh Castle in lovely Scotland? Blimey, look at this great shot by @edinburgh_edition... how wonderful with the autumnal colours of the trees reflecting that gorgeous ancient building! I do love a good castle. If anyone has a spare one they no longer want, I'm more than happy to take it over. 'Ta very much!
Edinburgh Castle is built high on an impressive 700 million year old extinct volcano called Castle Rock, in the middle of what is now the city of Edinburgh. No fairytale castle, this is the real thing, an uncompromisingly defensive structure that seems to grow organically out of the living rock beneath it. The site of Edinburgh Castle was occupied as early as 900BC. By the time the Romans made their brief visits to Scotland in AD80 and AD139 it was an important fort of the Votadini people, later known as the Gododdin, who called it Din Eidyn. Bless you. The earliest record of a castle come in 1093 – when the Picts and the Scots established ‘the castle of the Maidens’ on this spot.

Isn't it incredible... 1093AD! Such amazing history. And now we can all experience it whilst scoffing on a deep fried Mars bar! And yes, that's a real thing in the land of bagpipes. Before you go "Ewww", remember, frying chocolate in batter helps to remove belly fat. 100% true. Bloke in the pub told me.
Thanks everyone for continuing to tag your Autumnal shot with #photosofbritain_autumn - so lovely seeing your views from across the glove! Please keep tagging. Lovely shot by @edinburgh_edition 🇬🇧 Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and tag us in the picture too! We feature the very best of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! 🇬🇧

EVERYTHING IS TOO BEAUTIFUL HERE. MY BRAIN IS MELTING. 🤤#edinburgh #eurotrippin17 #returnofthetrippin PC: @staceyharkey

33 NW Circus Pl.
Edinburgh, Scotland 🍃♥️🍃
Do you have a place in your mind that holds unanswered questions, a place to ponder about, dream about, wonder about? While in Scotland last year I fell in love with
33 NW Circus Pl. I am not sure why, maybe the mismatched pots filled with mismatched blooms captured my heart. Maybe it was the old stones that were set in place in a time long ago, maybe it was the tiny moss covered staircase that just looked so worn and charming. And what about those little dark green doors on the left? I wonder what is beyond those doors with the beautiful hinges... old gardening tools and rusty watering cans, a cute old red bike with a weathered wicker basket, a lavender Vespa, dried flowers hanging from a handmade ladder? I'll never know for sure...and because I like the game of wonder I truly don't think I would ever really like to find out. Life needs a bit of wonder...
33 NW Circus Pl... you are wonderful...
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Autumn means the evenings are beginning to draw in, but that just means we get see #edinburgh looking stunning as it begins to light up into the night ❤️❤️❤️ #thisisedinburgh #edinphoto

12ème de la Coupe du Monde à Edimbourg... Pas encore à la hauteur de mes attentes mais la motivation est là et j'ai hâte pour les deux prochaines étapes en Chine 🇨🇳 ‼️
Bravo à @romaindesgranges 🥇, @juliachanourdie et @joannes_thomas 💪🏼🇫🇷

12th of the last Lead World Cup in Edinburgh... Still not quite what I'm aiming for but motivation is high and I'm super excited about the next stages in China 🇨🇳‼️Congrats to @romaindesgranges 🥇, @juliachanourdie and @joannes_thomas 💪🏼🇫🇷

📸 @sytsevanslooten

#lead #worldcup #edinburgh #scarpateamfrance #arkoseclimbing #frenchteam #climbing
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I was humbled yesterday at @eicaratho as I watched this blind Spanish 🇪🇸 climber with his one legged climbing partner climb together at the wall 😌
He had his guide dog with him as well who waited patiently as he slowly climbed the long 20m+ routes of my home climbing wall in Edinburgh as his climbing partner shouted the way. They were there all day climbing, and to them I guess it was just a normal thing, but to me it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen.
Maybe I shouldn't be amazed? He's just another guy doing what he loves and getting on with life. I think though I was amazed at how despite blindness, he just did exactly the same thing that I did and actually required very little support. When he was lowered, he untied, took of his shoes, put on his socks and trainers and found his way back to his friend where they chilled out before his friend would climb 🙂
I don't know the history of his blindness or how extensive it was, but it was inspiring nonetheless 🙂 I also saw him compete in the World Para's the days prior and he always went AMUERTE 🔥
📸 by @kieranjduncan
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Me he dado cuenta de que en TODAS las fotos de Escocia salgo sonriendo 😁 (Excepto en las de #Glasgow jajajaja).
Aquí en la abadía del palacio de Holyroad, uno de los sitios con más historia y más impresionantes de #Edimburgo. Detrás de mí la tumba de #JamesV (padres de #MaryQueenofScots 😍😍) ¡Muchachada, esta tarde a las 19h vídeo de más de media hora contando batallitas! 😂😂

Had a great Worldcup in Edinburgh finishing with another podium! So excited!!
I really enjoyed this comp, the wall is amazing and the routes were very nice 👏🏼 Furthermore the city of Edinburgh is stunning 😍 Hopefully we will see more Worldcups there in the future 🙏

Now it's time to rest from comps for a while and climb outside, couldn't be more psyched!!

Thanks for the photos @shintaozawa

#ifscwc #edinburgh #podium #thisisconsistency #sopsyched


SuperCultured™ 🖼️ @meganthehun

It was lovely havin' ya, until next year green leaves 🌿
#byesummer #wellmeetagain #green #edinburghhighlights #edinburgh #edinburghlife #scotspirit #vsco

"I've been good for you but you're so bad for me..." #altgirl #piercings #redhair #glasses #edinburgh #scotland #palisades #songlyrics #emo #goth #scene

Fall colors (or is it autumn colours) have come to Edinburgh...and so have we.

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