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@kashbarb pulls off ANY style!! - #thecutlife #boblife #MUA #haircolor #edgystyle - ⭐️⭐️

Midnight post for those can't sleep. #SummertimeMadness #ocean #summer17 #tb #blue
Photo cred : @weetziebones

"Drew" love forever ☺️

Casual Saturday brunch, then heading to show my client an awesome 2 bedroom apartment. I love how it feels to see someone fall in love with the place I knew would be their favorite 😻

This dress was an impulse buy in a @forever21 in Vienna after I realised I had worn my denim pearl shorts for about four days in a row 🙈
I instantly fell in love with the floaty material and spliced pattern. I can't wait to rock it up with a leather jacket, boots and black tights this autumn 🖤
Happy Tuesday my lovelies, I'm having another productive day today. I wrote two blog posts this weekend that need to be finalised so that they are ready for posting. Today I am tackling my holiday blog post complete with scenic photos where I'm not standing in the middle of the views 😉😂
I know I've asked this a few times but is there any subject that you would like me to write about? I'm always interested to hear what you have to say and/or think about my posts. I write them with you in mind so it's only fair that you have your say in what I write about. ❤️
I've been restructuring my blog a lot recently and I know some of you have already been on there to see the changes. Is there any features that you want me to add?! Ask and you shall receive my loves 😘😘

An awkward pose for an awkward day lol! #HappyFriday everyone 💗// Things are turning around! Gonna go enjoy my Friday after this move 💁🏼Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words!


Worst wine ever #edgystyle

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