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About Le Corbusier and Galerie Delta ~~~~ Door onze expert #moderne en #hedendaagse #kunst #PetervanBeveren... Coming up soon in our March #auction, titled "Provenance: Galerie Delta, The Heritage of a Passionate Collector", this 1957/1958 model by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis for the Philips Pavilion at the Brussels World Fair, 1958.
The Philips Pavilion was a World's Fair pavilion designed for Expo '58 in Brussels by the office of Le Corbusier. Commissioned by #Philips, an electronics company based in the Netherlands, the pavilion was designed to house a multimedia spectacle that celebrated postwar technological progress. Because Corbusier was busy with the planning of Chandigarh, much of the project management was assigned to Iannis Xenakis, who was also an experimental composer.

Le Corbusier's vision was a Poème électronique ("electronic poem"), saying he wanted to present a 'poem in a bottle. He asked Edgard Varèse to write an electronic score for the installation, which went on to become one of the seminal works in the genre. Iannis Xenakis also composed a piece for the installation, which was played as an interlude when the audience entered and exited the pavilion.
#edgarvarese #poemeelectronique #xenakis #provenance #auction

La puntata di oggi sarà dedicata a "lo Zappa contaminato" un incrocio di stili, epoche e artisti collegati al grande compositore americano. "L'ora della volpe" alle ore 18.00 con Sergio Fox Volpato e Radio Noventa

#frankzappa #thecoasters #ericdolphy #allmanbrothersband #igorstravinsky #belabartok #tenoresdebitti #edgarvarese

#tbt de 2014. Densidad 21.5 de Edgar Varese, un lujo de obra. #flute #flauta #flöte #flauta #flutemusic #flutist #edgarvarese #flautistasvenezolanos

Tonight listening on vinyl: Edgar Varese, Ionisation-Density, 21.5-Integrales, Octandre-Hyperprism. What a trip! #vinyl #edgarvarese #musiconvinyl

On December 22 we observe the birthdays of German composer Carl Friedrich Abel, Austrian composer Franz Schmidt, French-born American composer Edgard Varèse, and Italian composer Giacomo Puccini.

Besides being a composer, Herr Abel was a virtuoso viola da gamba player. More about him at http://bit.ly/2iIapQA
A pianist as well as a composer, Herr Schmidt was Professor of Piano at the Imperial Academy of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna. Read an article about him at http://bit.ly/2BpGW9H
Monsieur Varèse was prominent in using electronic and new instruments to create his music. Read a biography at http://bit.ly/2B5om6g
Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini is considered by many to be the greatest composer of opera after Giuseppe Verdi. His operas La Boheme, Manon Lescaut, and Madama Butterfly are loved by audiences everywhere. Read his biography at http://bit.ly/2AqDH1C #theclassicalstation #giacomopuccini #edgarvarese #carlfriedrichabel #franzschmidt

Keith Giffen & David Anthony Kraft from Defenders 48
.#comics #marvelcomics
#thedefenders #edgarvarese

El compositor contemporáneo se niega a morir. FVZ se fue un 4 de diciembre del 93, pero permanece. #frankzappa #edgarvarese

"La construction d’une étoile" Milano San Siro 2017

#star #étoile #stella #tychobrahe #mission #beyondtheclouds #dream #edgarvarese #astronomy

Museums and collectors of media / design: It has become necessary to sell my copy of the rare 1967 Aspen Magazine (the magazine in a box), issue no. 4, the Marshall Mcluhan issue. It is in pristine condition with no signs of disturbance and extremely minimal wear on the box itself. Includes all contents: notably a vinyl flexi disc of experimental compositions, and poetic contributions from John Cage. DM me for details and/or offers.

Will ship international

#aspenmagazine #johncage #marshallmcluhan #mediumisthemessage #edgarvarese #artcollecting #graphicdesign #1960s #museums #curation #curatorial

Mannes Double Basses #bartók #debussy #edgarvarese

It looks like some kinda post rock album, but really it’s a friggin’ Edgar Varesé LP. This one is awesome because side 1 is the harder to find piece “Deserts”, with side 2 having numerous more popular ones. Comes with a nice booklet all about the man too. Jams. #edgarvarese #avantclassical #vinyl

Current desert listening. Not pictured here is Portland, Oregon's Alma Freer, a hot mess of a free jazz trio. #beaconsound @beacon_sound #almafreer #sissyspacek #xenakis #edgarvarese #rvng @rvngintl

Our team and dancers are on their way to Tbilisi to perform "Continu" by Sasha Waltz at the GIFT the Georgian International Festival of Arts in Tbilisi the 20. and 21. of October 2017.
#continu #choreography by #sashawaltz #dance by #sashawaltzandguests #performance #georgia #tbilisi #festival #contemporarydance #music #edgarvarese
In »Continu« a field of tension between choreographic, musical and visual currents of energy is generated, while the title denotes the continuity of the perpetual forces of Nature. Sasha Waltz engages in »Continu« with primary impulses deriving from her major projects for museums of 2009 - the artistic inaugurations for David Chipperfield's Neues Museum Berlin and Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI in Rome. Employing twenty-four dancers she has conceived a large-format, archaic choreography. The epochal symphonic work »Arcana« by Edgard Varèse represents the musical core of »Continu«, which is then complemented by compositions by other artists like Iannis Xenakis and Claude Vivier.
Ninety years ago Varèse - a visionary artist like no other of his time - promulgated the combining of artistic and scientific content. One may speak of transformation, of change, of awakening in respect to »Arcana«, though it be not so much a matter of alchemy as of a colossal nocturnal volcanic eruption, the Promethean temptation to take possession of the cosmos encompassed by and through sound.
Since the 2010 premiere of »Continu« in Schauspielhaus Zürich the piece has been revised several times and in Salzburg, summer 2011, Sasha Waltz presented the final version. The beginning of the new version includes the live percussion solo »Rebonds B« composed by Iannis Xenakis.

Photo © Sebastian Bolesch

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