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Post-Vacation 2 weeks Progress
Slowly but steadily picking up my workout routine again - successfully pushed myself to go back to 5 workouts a week! Giving mahself a pat on the shoulder👋🏻😂 The first week I was dreading the workout seshes so much and was secretly complaining to myself the whole time as I was training😅 But this week I am finally enjoying the sweat and burn again 💦 🔥 Stay tuned for my 15 mins Full Body HIIT Workout Vid that's coming your way in a few days! 🎥
The hardest part has to be finding motivation and getting back on track with my eating🍽‼️ Even though I don't follow a strict clean-eating diet, going back to relatively healthier home-cooked meals everyday after a long holiday of yummy deep fried + sweet + any junk food is always a challenge and taking more time to get used to than I expected. I could not help but to binge on snacks every night after dinner 🍫 🍪 you have seen it all in my story🙈 Also found myself looking for instant noodles around the office after finishing my own lunch box that I brought from home🤦🏻‍♀ Last night was the lowest point because the urge of throwing up after snacking came back for the first time since I recovered from bulimia😞
Would love to end this post on a more motivating note but I am still struggling this week. As I always say, progress is not just the looks and the weight - I miss waking up feeling fresh and strong, having a healthy relationship with food that I worked so hard towards. The journey towards recovery can be long and not everyone may understand it, but it is a sum of small efforts - repeated, day in, day out - until it becomes part of who you are.
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So today I did a thing......I got my belly button pierced!! 🙊💎✨
I'd been thinking about doing this for a little while so whilst I was out by myself today and the opportunity presented itself, I thought that now was an as good time as any! And for me, being a person who usually thinks and rethinks and then overthinks everything I do before I actually do it, this little spontaneous act was a #win for me 💪🏻
A belly ring is a piece of jewellery that many get when they are proud and confident enough with their bodies to show off their stomach, along with their piercing. So for me, a belly ring symbolises a love and appreciation I have for myself ❤️ That by decorating my tummy, the most hated of my body parts, I am finally saying that I think it is beautiful. That it deserves to be recognised rather than scrutinised. And even when I forget this, I can look down and notice how cute my little tummy looks ☺️🙌🏻 This may sound like a silly or stupid concept to some, but growing up being an extremely self-conscious child took its toll on the way I treated my body, resulting in years of self harm and neglect. I placed so much value on the way I looked as I grew up surrounded by mirrors, petite dancers and constant opportunities for comparison. I saw myself as the "chubby girl" for far too long and eventually decided to make change; little did I know it would only make me hate myself more! I may have reached ultimate "thinness" but it didn't mean I was any happier than when I was healthy. Body positivity is independent to body shape or size! Learning to love your body means accepting it for how it naturally is, whether that be slim, broad, tall, lean, pudgy, large, bulky or toned 👫👭👬 Happiness isn't achieved when we change the way we look, it's achieved when we change how we PERCEIVE the way we look! And if there are any little harmless ways we can make loving ourselves a bit easier, I think there's nothing wrong with that. So now my tummy wears jewels because it should be honoured, nurtured and worshipped for not only all it does for me, but all I have put it through in my life previously #tummylove ❤️🤗✨

When I was 5, a tiny event was the start of a long road...I went to pre-school and one day, the bus that picked us up from school came too late. I cried and was scared that I could never go home again(logic of a child), I got terrible stomach aches and felt so sick. Since then, I was terrified of losing my mum or my grandmother, I'd never go to school again unless my grandma came with me and stayed for a few hours, or when my mum didn't pick me up punctually, I cried so badly. I never told what really was the matter, I just said I had stomach aches (which was true) but no doctor found anything as it was psychosomatic, the reason was deep inside me: me being so scared of my mum or grandmother to be gone and being left alone (which also has "roots" in the past before that happened) This was the "start" of everything, I still have these aches now and they were the reason for the developement of anorexia when I was 12.
I just think it's both fascinating and terrible that such a fear or even stress/tension in family or whatever can cause such physical pain. It's the subconscious mind that plays such a huge role... That's exactly why I am so interested in psychology and why I consider studying it... How can a five year old get so affected by things, be so terrified of certain things, get psychosomatical pain and become mentally ill? Maybe one day I might understand things better and maybe I can help others who experience/d the same things, that'd be one of my biggest dreams...🐥🎀

Lunch was spaghetti hoops on a bread roll alongside 50g of green and blacks butterscotch milk chocolate and strawberries 🍓❤️#anorexia #anorexiarecovery #ed #edfamily #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #recovery #strongnotskinny

Colazione? Spuntino?
NO, è il gelato(ne) che ho proposto ieri sera a Vale prima di andare alla festa: mango, CREMA DI RISO (uno dei miei gusti preferiti!) con il cono con la cialda😍
Penso che questo sia davvero vivere: ascoltare sempre le proprie voglie. E soprattutto, essere normopeso non vuol dire rinunciare a ciò che si vuole! Ricordatevelo❣️
(E comunque il #gelato della sera non devono più togliermelo 😭).
La festa è andata bene, ballato, bevuto, riso e via 🙌🏻🍾
Voi come state?💕 cosa farete questo weekend?💜
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Afternoon snack today is biscuits, goats cheese, port cheese, a vanilla cupcake Greek yogurt mousse and some cheetos! 😋🧀🍞 this is such a weird snack combination but so yummy as well 🙌 Ana is quite loud at me for being so unhealthy but lalala I'm not listening cuz I'd rather eat what I enjoy 💪 the psych appointment went well but it was so short cuz the meds haven't done much 😂 but after I went and paid in my first paycheck 👏 it's literally my first time making real money ever omg I'm so excited 👊 have a lovely afternoon angels!! ❤️😘 xxx #prorecovery #minniemaud #edfam #ednos #edfood #edarmy #edrecovery #anawho #anabitch #anawarrior #anarecovery #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #recoverywarrior #recoveryarmy #anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #eattolive #eattogrow #eattogain #edfamily #anafamily #goodbyeed #edcommunity #beated #fuckana #happypoints

I just love this project from @zinteta which has turned stretch marks into art. Most people have them, in the same way most have scars. They are common, natural and nothing to be ashamed of 🌻

Yay! Good ol lazy Viv is back on it 😂 no fear! My new found cooking motivation isn't lost I just had no chance to. Since yesterday evening the weather here was still amazing my sweetest friend just called me spontaneously in the afternoon after she finished work and asked me to spend some time after work chilling and drinking at the Rhine promenade again. Actually I had planned a lazy nonsense evening at home but the weather made me be absolutely last minute spontaneous and I made my way up to the city. And to be honest, although food was already planned and would now totally not happen this way i didn't even waste a second thinking about this being a reason to stay at home. I was more like : "come on viv, just leave and there will be a way to arrange something else. Put priorities where they belong - eating can be catched up easily, special memories not 😂" and since I was spending time with my foodie friend I knew there wouldn't be much time without her not planning on going to eat something too. And so it happened! After 2 hours of sitting in the sun, having a cool drink and looking at the panorama she got seriously hungry and oh boy girl then needs her food. She wanted: DOENER 😍 my mind actually started working - yes no yes no? Many calories! Huge portion! But me not yet hungry enough! Still craving and apetite though! So follow your cravings and just have a huge friend or listen to Ana telling me it would be nice for sure but not necessary cause it's not time for me having dinner as I'm still lacking of hunger. As soon as my friends noticed that my mind was working again she immediately started pushing me to make a decision: yes or no? Eitherway just decide and no time for unnecessary pro and con! 🙄 I tell you - this girl is such a bad ass and I love her for it. And especially this coolness supported me again and I took a freaking huge ass chicken doener formyself and enjoyed it to the very fullest. Friday night spent at its best I can say 😂😍
Hope you guys had a great night too and continue this Saturday just like this 😍
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Chips from mcdonalds. Scary for obvious reasons but i also had mcdonalds yesterday so the guilt is extra strong 🙉

BLOODY MASSIVE RECOVERY WIN!!! a medium sized fries from mcdonalds for snack. Scary for obvious reasons but also the fact that i had mcdonalds yesterday made me feel more guilty. However i'm not listening to them 🙉

Non è una merenda molto invitante 😅😅 ma ho un forte mal di pancia 😥😥😥 ho fame, ma al pensiero di mangiare mi vengono crampi, poi mi dico che devo mangiare qualcosa, mi ritorna la fame e dinuovo crampi. Che bello. Spero in una vostra merenda più piacevole! #merenda #merendatime #zymil #raw #gallettediriso #notproana #beatana #kickana #eatbetter #anoressiaitalia #prorecovery #recoveryisworthit #anawarrior #edfighters #edfamily #strongnotskinny #anarecovery #foodporn #afternoonsnack #yogurt #ananas #takeabreak #menssanaincorporesano #happinessisastateofmind #anorexia #growstronger #foodie #feedfeed #fuckana #healthy

Veggie pasta as part for dinner today. Added (read: drowned in) cheese afterwards. 🧀
Thank you for your lovely comments recently sweethearts! I can't even begin to tell how much they mean to me. Truly, every single one of them just warms my heart and make me feel at least a millions of times better. 🤗 Something I also wanted to say is that I hope you bare with me replying to comments and DM's. I will always take my time to read them and answer them the best I can and just know that I read and appreciate them. ❤️
It's currently raining and I'm still not well so what could be better than Netflix? 😏
I hope everyone's having a lovely Saturday!

YUUUM brunch with friends after a night out

Da ich eigentlich ja eher ungern detaillierter über meine Osteoporose rede, habe ich mich letztendlich doch dazu bringen lassen ein paar Dinge über die Erkrankung zu berichten. Im Gegensatz zu meinem Herzfehler, denke ich dass es zur Osteoporose insbesondere durch meine jahrelange Es gekommen ist. Natürlich gibt es auch unterschiedliche Einstufungen, was bedeutet zB verschiedenen Vorstufen etc.. Bei mir wurde sie leider erst ziemlich spät diagnostiziert, weshalb ich mich mittlerweile leider in dem höchsten Grad dieser Erkrankung befinde. Somit bin ich natürlich auf starke Medikamente sowie starke Notfall 🚨 Tabletten angewiesen. Wobei ich die Notfall Tabletten (nehmen häufig auch Krebspatienten) natürlich nur an schlimmen Tagen mit unerträglichen Schmerzen nehmen darf.Bei Menschen, die beispielsweise nur eine Vorstufe der Osteoporose haben, kann sich die Knochendichte durch Normalgewicht jedoch noch verbessern ! Also bei jedem, bei dem ggf. nur eine Vorstufe festgestellt werden sollte, sollte sich umso mehr drum bemühen dringend Normalgewicht anzustreben, da dieses der einzige Weg ist, den Vorgang noch zu stoppen. Klar ärgere ich mich manchmal persönlich umso mehr, dass ich die Untersuchung damals erst so spät angeraten bekommen habe, da für mich der Vorgang somit ggf. auch noch reversibel gewesen wäre. Nun ja, jedenfalls möchte ich mit dem heutigen Post umso mehr jeden Einzelnen von euch, der mal eine Essstörung hatte/hat, dazu ermutigen diese blitzschnelle Untersuchung umso dringender, besser heute als morgen, durchführen zu lassen!!!
Sowie sich ggf. natürlich auch noch bewusster darüber zu werden, was man seinem Körper durch diese grausame Es tagtäglich antut. Auch wenn man die Folgen häufig erst Jahre später zu spüren bekommt, leidet der Körper jede Minute so unglaublich sehr, die man damit verschwendet alles zu tun, um seine Es aufrecht zu erhalten. Denn ist das Leben nicht eigentlich zudem auch viel zu kostbar, um jeden Tag aufs Neue gegen sich selber anzukämpfen, anstatt jeden Tag mit wunderschönen & einzigartigen Momenten des wahrhaftigen Lebens zu füllen ?! 🕊
Eure Nina 🐷
(⬆️ picture shows my #afternoon 🎂 🌺 #snack from a few days ago)

Ansia ansia ansia!!
Buon ansia pomeriggio💙
Oggi è l'ultimo giorno che starò a casa. Ancora non realizzo che domani partirò e starò lontana da tutti. Ho paura. Ho paura di non essere all'altezza. Ho paura di mollare come al mio solito. Ho paura di non essere accettata. Ho paura di aver fatto la scelta sbagliata. Ho paura di tutto!
Scrivo solo ora perché mi era salita l'ansia per lo studio così mi sono isolata per studiare perché mi sentivo in colpa che da domani non potrò farlo sul serio. Ma mamma ora è venuta e mi ha chiuso i libri. "È l'ultimo giorno non puoi passarlo a distruggerti studiando" ed ha ragione. Ora sto un po con lei finisco di preparare le valigie e stasera verrà la mia migliore amica. Non so come farò senza di lei. Ci sentiamo 24h su 24. È stata lei a starmi vicina, a spronarmi, a litigarmi, ad appoggiarmi, a supportarmi, a sopportarmi prima di tutti. Lei ha sempre saputo tutto quello che avevo dentro dalla prima volta che mi sono accorta che le gode si stavano mettendo male. I grazie non saranno mai abbastanza. Ma davvero mi hai/stai salvando. Ti voglio un bene dell'anima e mi mancherai troppo😭😭😭😭 ti giuro che tornerò ad essere io. Questa volta sul serio. Saremo lontane fisicamente ma vicine con il resto❤ (so che leggerai)
E nulla non so come mi sento ho voglia di andare ma allo stesso tempo no. Ho paura di fallire. Non so li come funziona con i cellulari ma sicuramente non potrò tenerlo. I saluti comunque li farò domani. Ora starò un po con mamma😭👭 P.s: in foto la prima zucca dell'orto della nonna👵

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