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Hello this is the quick video of my routine ➿➿
For wash my hair I used:
1. @bouncecurl moisturizing shampoo- Medium moisture
2. @bouncecurl cream conditioner Required moisture
3. Deep conditioning themanechoice Green tea and Carrot Mask
4. Styling with grape seed oil and edenbodyworks Natural creme
5. Volume with @righteousrootsoils oil and scalp massager
I tried to make all the steps in 1 minute for you, however I styled my hair live here and the video is still in my stories
Este es un video Rápido de mi rutina de hoy, todo está explicado rápido pero la mayoría lo hice en una transmisión en vivo que aún está disponible en mis historias, pueden ir a verla.
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Being consistent with your gym routine is no easy feat, remembering to bring little things such as your headphones and a sports bra is a whole other story.
Let’s honest: nothing kills your motivation like forgetting your headphones (I’ve actually had times where i went back home because i couldn’t stand the idea of working out without my favorite African tunes 🎶 #judgeyourmother)
Having my gym bag always prepped, packed and ready to go is one of the many ways i stay motivated to get workouts in.
I decided to share a sneak peek into my gym bag, filled with all my pre & post workout essentials and more because it may help someone out there who is just as clumsy and forgetful as myself.
With my new work schedule I’ve decided to prepare my gym bag the day before so that i won’t be running around at 6am in the morning in complete darkness trying to look for clean socks or my sports bra.
Shall we take a look?
Gym bag: I’ve had this bag three years bought it on clearance at school
.▪️ Bag was originally $50 i got it $24.99 (i love a good sale)
.▪️ Shoes: I wear whatever is comfortable enough to run in and what matches my gym clothes
.▪️ Resistance bands and lifting straps by my favorite black owned company @performance.tempel if you keep up with my insta stories you know i use my bands everyday ☺️ .▪️ My @jblaudio Bluetooth headphones
.▪️ @kleenex wet wipes: these are an absolute must-have in my gym bag. I use them to quickly freshen up after a sweaty gym session. I use them to clean my face because sweat and oil leads to breakouts, i also use them to clean my scalp
.▪️ @edenbodyworks scalp therapy and natural hair oil. Because of high levels of androgens one of the #PCOS symptoms i suffer from is hair loss so keeping my scalp clean and treated is vital to keeping my hair from falling out again. I use @edenbodyworks peppermint tea tree line because like other essential oils, peppermint oil can help stimulate hair growth because of its ability to increase blood circulation around the scalp and tea tree oil helps to unclog hair follicles abs nourish the roots of the hair. **continued in comments

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Easy protective style for summer!🌺 the back a little wet but it’s all good
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Have you seen my latest video? All about the deep conditioner from @edenbodyworks. It’s the Coconut Shea Natural Hair Masque Treatmemt. Full video on my #YouTube channel. 😘

The truth is, I’ve learned more about myself standing in front of this barbell at 4am than I have at any other point in my life. I used to think people were crazy for loving exercise. For calling the gym stress relief. For finding solace in working up a sweat.

But then, the strangest thing happened - I fell in love with the feeling of strong. And when I love, I love HARD. All it takes is a lil’ pre-workout, my ratchet playlist, and the right equipment, and you can’t tell me NOTHIN’. Literally, because I’m zoned out and can’t hear you. 😂

I encourage you to find and get lost in something you love. Running. Hiking. Dancing. CrossFit. Underwater basket weaving. Whatever activity brings you joy - do it without fear of judgment from others.

Thank you, @edenbodyworks for once again being the 🔌 and connecting me to @performance.tempel - a #BlackOwned fitness & apparel brand that inspires me to keep pressing toward my goals. If you wanna follow my gym moves more closely, check our @30daysofdope. I’m excited for this giveaway that’s coming, y’all. Issa big deal. Stay tuned! 📸 @samwithnoinstagram #30daysofdope #performancetempel #gutsandglory #bodypositive #barbelltherapy #edenbodyworks #bblogger #blackgirlswholift #blackgirlsworkouttoo #maneobjective

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Morning curly fam ➰ From I woke up like this to I left my house like this 😂 Swipe to see the quickest refresh ever. I used my @qredew and then applied some of my @curls aloe and blueberry juice curl moisturizer ! I then used my @edenbodyworks peppermint tea tree oil to do a scalp massage and help with the frizz in my halo area. Today is wash day so I was a little more generous with the oil, but it’s ok because it smells great. With this humidity, my hair will get a little bigger and I’m learning to embrace the frizz. But for now, I’m loving these quick and simple refresh routines #CurlsWithAsh #Refresh #QRedew #Curls #EdenBodyworks #Rizos #NaturallyCurly #CurlyHairCare #EmbraceTheFrizz #EmbraceTheCurls #CurlyHairEnthusiast

For a firm hold & polished finish, try Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Edge Glaze! #shopcbsco #shoppingonline #shopaltamontemall #edenbodyworks

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