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This is a cool spinner from @diddysdaddio. Makes me want one! Do you have a spinner? What do think of them? I admit to fascination with the gyroscopic effect. You certainly see more of them so their popularity is definitely on the rise. What do you guys think? ・・・
Still waiting for the lazer shop to release the 1/4inch #diddyspinner. Also still waiting for the last parts for the #peakspinner #munsenspinner #munsenringspinner


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Special for #edcarmory Broken knife it's not a problem 👍⚒

Double Tap 👊👊 if you like it!
Our edc buddy Matt at @knifekrazy has mastered the art of sharp. He's using a KME Sharpener @kmesharpeners to give this @hinderer blade the edge every knife only dreams of having. Well done, Matt!
#KME #hinderer #hindererxm18 #mirroredge


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