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When it’s finally Friday and you wrap up the week with your first house party and you’re filled up with love and gratitude that you’ve let people in. This is what life is about... I’m so glad I know now.

Breakfast was some Cheerios with cinnamon and a protein shake. I’m already* in my basketball jersey because I’m excited for our game lol. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

Breakfast before an amazing workout class. The lady next to me told me I should do some races! I’m pretty fast and I’ve always wanted to run in one so it was very flattering :) Btw I put protein powder in my cereal to give it some taste and protein for my workout. Just Incase you were wondering what the white was. I feel so strong!! Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

I wasn’t too hungry, but I still had to eat so I made a lighter lunch but still made it have enough in it. I took a two hour nap which felt nice. My geometry exam was okay; I took the entire 2 hours to finish and I might go workout with my mom later depending on how she feels. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

Snack was a pear apple and a cheese stick. My mom is obsessing if I’m getting enough protein? I’m eating what I want but I know want but I know it’s important. She’s like eat more protein! Yet she won’t go to the store to get me more chicken. I’ve been using beans but like still..I don’t want to obsess over it and have it become disordered ya know? Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

I got some veggie patties at the store and it was soooo good! There are more veggies under the sweet potato. I was gonna have some soup but I wasn’t really feeling it so I decided on this dinner instead :) Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

Dinner tonight was my pasta bowl with pasta, sweet potato, veggies, chick peas, and some sauce. I’m never full after dinner like I used to be haha. Guess that just means my stomach has expanded and that’s ok! I always eat my night snack like right after my dinner but that’s okay because I’m listening to my body. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

Lunch before my basketball game. We were out of turkey so I decided to cook a chicken breast for my protein. My mom doesn’t want to go to the store so we are running out of stuff haha. Rip to the grapes. One of my best friends gave me a cute mug for Christmas so I might make a cup of tea. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

STRESS. It can alter everything from internally to your day to day. Stress can seriously throw you so far off track, sometimes without you even realizing it.

So I’ve been all sorts of stressed lately and I could go on and on about different side effects of stress (bloating, internal inflammation, binge eating, self doubt etc. to give you a few people go through) BUT instead, I’m going to just give you my 3 go-tos that I use everyday that work, to help with stress and the side effects that come along with it. For me- physical stress from training, as well as, occasional headaches, weight fluctuating, and although not often...pimples...the pimps..lol ok too much.
1. Peppermint 😍 I USE IT FOR EVERYTHING. I put peppermint oil on my wrists to relieve stress, headaches and soreness, I drink peppermint tea and put drops of it in hot water to avoid sickness (and in my coffee bc it’s yummy), I dab a TEENY bit on start of pimples and it makes them go away *maaggiicc* AND it helps ease the stomach.
2. Anti inflammatory diet 🥑 this is too long to explain, but it works and keeps me from bloating on a regular basis and really helps my body when it IS stressed. And I’d be more than happy to answer any questions regarding it.
3. Meditation 💆🏼‍♀️ as little as FIVE MINUTES. This has helped me a tremendous amount and for those that know me...ya know I can be all over the place, so if I can do it you can do it. BUT it puts my head to where it needs to be. I do this in the morning right when I wake up before I do anything.
I hope this helps some of you even in a small way. I do do more than these 3 things & my beautiful friend @karisslee_ is A GENIUS ON THIS TOPIC. She has taught me so much and I tell everyone they need to follow her/ use her services bc quality of life be on that 💯. Worth. It. Do. It. Love. It. Okay bye 👋🏼 *& hair by @0hheyamanda bc she is a magical human and makes my hair pretty always😬❤️* #beaniesznforever #whyisitsodamncold #someonehelp


For breakfast some grapes (wow fresh fruit!! 🍇), toast, margarine, eggs, and soy milk. Counting down the last glasses of soy milk/ meals I’ll have here (2 breakfasts!!)! I found out today went well so I’m just pushing on and hoping to keep it that way (: this feels so so hard, but it also feels amazing to know I’m doing it and getting close to being back at home and that being honest yesterday when the nurse forgot it paid off. ☺️ #recovering #veganrecovery #eatittobeatit #recoverywarrior #anorexiarecovery #edsoldier #realrecovery #foodisfuel #anasoldier #eatingdisoder #vegan #recoverywin #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfighter #plantbased #minniemaud #vegancommunity #edawareness #veganlife #inpatientrecovery #inpatient #dinner #health #veganismismagic #hospital #weightrestoration #staystrong #recoveryispossible #whatveganseat

8:00am #Breakfast - sorry it’s so messy... I forgot to take a photo before mixing. It’s an apple, few peace slices and strawberries mixed with Greek yoghurt and a handful of cereal on the side. Ugh Monday’s.

This year taught me that life is worth fighting for.
I went through a period of really heavy depression a few months ago, and I didn’t know if I would make it through, to be honest.
I was too exhausted to keep fighting for recovery, and I lost a lot of hope and faith in humanity and the people in society who are meant to be there for us.
I was engaged to be married and feeling like my life was a shitstorm.
It was confusing, confronting and I felt like something was terribly wrong with me.
I had fought through so much, I actually thought that I was exempt from the Black Dog. Life had thrown enough my way.
But, I wasn’t. No one is.
It hits you when you don’t expect it, and then slowly you realise you can’t get out of bed, you’re constantly tired and lose all your focus and purpose. You start to feel trapped in the dark and nothing and no one can make it better.
I stopped work, self care, eating and lost all focus.
Thanks to the team at my ED clinic, I was able to understand why it was happening and how to handle it.
I’m slowly on my way to making a full recovery and even returning to university next year. I’m
back at work and remembering the joy I find in helping people live their best independent life 💪🏼
This year taught me that life is so worth fighting for.
For love. For happiness.
For the moments like yesterday - when you’re driving down the Great Ocean Road and nothing else matters. For chasing waterfalls, patting cute animals, swimming in the ocean or drinking a good wine. For lying in bed next to your husband dreaming of the future without this hanging over you.
For picturing the day, when you are completely free from the claws of an Eating Disorder.
For dreaming of the sun shining forever.
Life is so worth fighting for 🌛🌝 #depression #BlackDog #life #mentalhealthawareness #edawareness #strength #light #health #wellbeing #mindful #ocean #sea #adventure #2017 #12apostles #GOR #greatoceanroad #quotes #qotd

Hi friends 👋🏻 just a gentle reminder for you ✨ being scared does not make you weak, your feelings are valid 💕 I hope you have a lovely day✨

What an amazing experience this two day workshop was. I cannot wait to share what I have been working on since this experience as well as the game changing things yet to come ⚡️ #EDawareness

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS. 7 days 'til Christmas. Social arrangements being made, food is everywhere you go that it makes you question is Christmas just about food?! For those of you recovering from eating disorders, I completely relate to you that Christmas is the worst time of year. The pressure to eat anything & everything, surrounded by your family & friends is so daunting, the fear of eating way too much or eating nothing at all. I've known Christmas to be a time of darkness, this is the first Christmas I've been excited for, last Christmas ended in a binge cycle, negative body image, loneliness although I was in a relationship, restriction & regret, this Christmas will end in a love for food, love for myself, happy single, gratitude, no restrictions, love for family & friends, no regrets.
This festive season, ED survivors, BOPO warriors, keep yourselves safe. Protect your energy, if that means asking for some solitude if that's what you need, if the supermarket is just too overwhelming can you restock in advance or ask a family/friend to pick some things up for you? Do Christmas activities until your heart is content & if that means not doing anything then so be it. Protect yourself from ED this Christmas & have faith that next Christmas & the rest to come have the ability to be everything you once dreamed of! ⭐

#festiveseason #christmas #bopo #bopowarrior #edsurvivor #guiltfree #love #loveyourself#selflovejourney #selflove #mindset #positiveenergy #gratitude #acheive #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #edawareness #proud #mystory #edawareness #eatingdisorders #balance #bethechangeyouwishtosee #bodypositive #intuition #innerpeace #nutrition

Power words from @beatingeatingdisorders. My daily source of encouragement in my recovery journey ☝🏼 Check them out and break up your feed from all the “fitspo” and diet culture advertisements 🤚🏽 #weight #health #gains #wellbeing #healthylifestyle #fuckdietculture #bodypositive #healing #hope #edawareness #fighting #edwarrior #beatingeatingdisorders #nedc #butterflyfoundation #eatingdisorderrecovery #blog #myjourney #Bloom

The Christmas Season can become exhausting and not quite as full of festive fa-la-las as with holiday blahs. I personally love the Holiday Season, but going into the home stretch, I knew I’d need a good reminder for myself to chill-out a bit. So here it is! Check out the link in my bio for more Holiday Survival guides. #christmas #self-care #mentalhealth #fuelingstrength

I’m really starting to see my muscles grow and it’s so awesome to see my hard work finally pay off :) Also hot grapes are actually kinda good? I decided to throw some in my oatmeal last minute and I stirred it all up and they tasted good hehe. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

It’s kind of sad that this is true. ~
I need to keep reminding myself that eating disorders are mental illnesses, not physical ones. Because I am starting to develop some physical signs of recovery, I fear that I am no longer sick. And that scares me. But really, the eating disorder gets stronger when this happens, because the thoughts grow worse. ~
I compare myself to other girls and wish I were anyone but myself. I am disgusted by my body when I sit, move, or just stand still. I am fascinated with being near death, and daydream about being so thin that I would have to be in a wheelchair. I criticize myself for not being harsh enough with myself. I fantasize about taking a large knife and cutting all the unwanted flesh off my body. I feel joy when I see my hair falling out in chunks or hear that my weight has dropped. I ignore the wishes of my family if they get in the way of a plan to restrict. I stand in front of mirrors and body check until I am sweating from the exhaustion of trying to clench and squeeze my body in many ways, and lay crying in my bed. I believe I am not lovable, but want more than anything to feel loved. I tell myself that because I am not willing to fall back into my eating disorder completely and end up hooked up to a tube on the brink of death that I am a lazy failure. ~
I often feel guilty after writing things like this, like I am just craving attention. But I want to show that eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice, or a phase. They are a poisonous mindset, and one that can be destructive in any body type. It also just feels good to get out some of my feelings, and that is okay too. Expressing feelings we would normally hide is part of healing. ~
So if you are struggling with accepting the validity of your battles, remember that Eds don’t get stronger or weaker with weight gain/loss. If you compare yourself to others, or hate how you look, or battle self-depreciating thoughts, you can be sure that your struggle is real. It’s easy to battle when people can see what is wrong physically. The hard part is dealing with what comes later.

Ending the night with some (vegan — yay!) apple-raspberry pie and some unpictured ensure 🥧🥛 not the best pie, but during menu planning I wanted to try something different and I’m not going to let myself be afraid to do so, so I’m really happy I followed through and had it 🙈 feeling pretty crap about it still, but I know that is completely unjustified and , really, what exactly I eat is irrelevant. What is important is that I am healing my body and allowing myself to live and try new things 💕 hope you all had the amazing weekends you deserve— thank you immensely for all the support you all (especially @em_thrives and @living.lioness !!) have given lately 💜#recovering #veganrecovery #eatittobeatit #recoverywarrior #anorexiarecovery #edsoldier #realrecovery #foodisfuel #anasoldier #eatingdisoder #vegan #recoverywin #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfighter #plantbased #minniemaud #vegancommunity #edawareness #veganlife #inpatientrecovery #inpatient #dinner #health #veganismismagic #hospital #weightrestoration #staystrong #recoveryispossible #whatveganseat

I just can’t decide on a new theme lol. I need to find the perfect spot before I change anything so I’ll be sticking to this for now. So I was gonna have some tomato soup, but when I opened it up, it has mold all inside it! Yuck :( So I opted for some cauliflower and potato soup instead. I also made the veggie burger and had some veggies. My dad got some cherry tomatoes which are just absolutely amazing so I had to grab a few. It was completely spontaneous too! :) Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

I apologize for being so inactive but I've been so busy the past couple of days. I spent today with my dad and then we all went out to dinner for my grandmas birthday. I made her a card and she cried because she loved it so much. I also found a super nice pair of boots I might buy. Today was another win because I had chicken tenders for dinner and even tho there are 4 shown I only had 2.5 because they were huge. I also had a piece of cake because why not? Even tho I had pie last night that doesn't mean I can't have cake today. Tomorrow is my doctors appointment to find out when I go inpatient and I'm super nervous. But I need to go #edfamily #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorderawareness #edrecovery #edawareness #ana #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #anorexic #anorexiaawareness #anawarrior #edwarrior #anawho #anarecovery #anaawareness #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #eatittobeatit #healthynotskinny #healthynothungry #strongnotskinny #fuckana #countblessingnotcalories #2fab4ana #not1in5 #healthyisthenewskinny #recoverywin

8:00pm ugh.. spontaneous pizza for dinner.. I usually stop at half but I ate an extra slice because I was hungry but now I’m extra full and want to purge.. ughhhh my chest has been hurting from purging and I really don’t want to do it again

this time of year we are bombarded with diet talk- there are endless ads, conversations, and pressure to “start the new year off fresh” and “drop those extra holiday pounds”. it can be a particularly rough time of year for anyone who has struggled with disordered eating and body image issues. REMINDER- the number on the scale and the size of your clothes is in no way a reflection of your self worth. you are beautiful and perfect and enough just as you are. we come in all kinds of shapes, and all of those shapes are beautiful.
love and light dear ones 💖🌟 #fuckdietculture #edwarrior #beyourownkindofbeautiful

medical question: i probably know the answer to this part, but it’s not good that just standing around the past two days (that i’ve noticed at least) my heart rate has been fluctuating between the mid 120-155, right? or is it normal sometimes??? sometimes it would be up there then immediately drop down to the 60s/70s/80s then spike right back up. i even manually checked my pulse multiple times to make sure it was accurately reading it. it’s been okay today from what i’ve noticed, but should i bring it up to the doctor at my ed clinic tomorrow & my nutritionist even if today & tomorrow it’s okay?

really nervous about going back to a higher level of care. nervous about trying to recover again. can recovery be sustainable if my mind is set on it not being a right time? even if i’m trying to “fake it till i make it?” cause i feel like i’ll fall back shortly after. my family would be so mad/disappointed

#edrecovery #recovery #edfam #edfamily #edcommunity #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorders #eatingdisorderrecovery #recoveryroad #edawareness #edfighter #edfight #medical #recoveryaccount #beatinged

physique check; body by squats and biscuits. 🏋️‍♀️🍞

Throwback when I had disordered eating my sophomore year of college. Well actually is was since my senior year of high school up until my sophomore/junior year of college (3-4 years). I was fatigued, semi-depressed, and felt so lousy. Dizziness would sometimes overtake my body and I couldn't focus in class. I did, however, have my best season of college xc running. I almost qualified as an individual at NCAA's to go to the National meet. I missed it by one spot! Being 104 lbs. and just 5'5, I knew that I was in an unhealthy state. Even at this weight, I didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror. I thought that I needed to lose more weight and count calories, so I could be thin and a fast runner. After suffering for quite some time and finding my other half, I've realized that there's more to life than just comparing yourself to others constantly. Now that I finally weigh 115 pounds and have more meat on my bones, I feel better than ever. I can still run pretty well too! I can't believe I restricted my body of much needed calories, especially being a long distance runner. How foolish of me...The takeaway point here is that, you are beautiful, no matter what you think or what others may think. Having the energy to be myself again and live my life the way that I want to is something I wouldn't change. I don't stress out when I skip a workout or overeat. It's called BEING HUMAN. LOVE YOURSELF.💓
#runnergirl #runner #strongnotskinny #fitness #healthy #fightED #selflove #marathoner #EDawareness #eattogrow #lifeisgood

How often do you look in the mirror and NOT criticize yourself? Not going to lie, I took this picture after brunch this morning and thought, "Oh my god. Definitely didn't need that fried cauliflower.", and "Why are my hips so big?". You know what though? None of that is important. Loving yourself and feeling confident in your own skin is. I'm challenging myself to post this. This is my body that I love and that I take care of. My body that I work on to keep healthy...my body that I allow to rest when I need it. Its not perfect, and never will be. But I need to embrace it. And that buffalo cauliflower was damn good. 😏

#selflove #selfawareness #loveyourself #heal #manifestpositivevibes #mentalhealth #edawareness #staystrong

Putting my pops back on a plane this morning after a short weekend visit had me feeling very grateful.
Grateful to see how hard my dad works to support himself and our tiny family. Grateful that we have our health, and that he was able to take a bit of time away from work to come and visit me in ye olde Colorado.
Grateful that I have been in recovery long enough to fully appreciate my time spent with him - which included many meals out. Grateful to have no panicked thoughts that ordering a salad would have been “good enough for me”. Grateful to have had the meatloaf instead. 🐑
All in all, moving beyond food obsession and continuing to learn how to live in and enjoy the present has been an amazing journey so far, and I’m so happy to be working fully towards living and healing my body and mind.
Thanks, @rholberg, for being an inspiration and a calming force in my life.
Grateful for YOU.

Happy Sunday, lovelies

A typical dinner of peppers with honey mustard, an egg salad sandwich, extra egg salad, and soy milk (which they forgot to take out of the carton for the first time ~wow~ rule-breaker). My parents just came and we went over a plan for how we’re going to handle things at home and I’m feeling really excited — I was a bit upset at first because my mom didn’t expect I would be going home soon and was pretty critical, but after talking it out things are better. I have a rough nightsnack coming too so I’m pretty stressed about that, but trying to remember that I can’t let worries of the future hurt me, I can only make the best of the present 🙈 hope you’re all having great evenings 💜#recovering #veganrecovery #eatittobeatit #recoverywarrior #anorexiarecovery #edsoldier #realrecovery #foodisfuel #anasoldier #eatingdisoder #vegan #recoverywin #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfighter #plantbased #minniemaud #vegancommunity #edawareness #veganlife #inpatientrecovery #inpatient #dinner #health #veganismismagic #hospital #weightrestoration #staystrong #recoveryispossible #whatveganseat

Just my dog and afternoon snack after a huge lunch 🐶

I freaking love carrots😂😂 I’ve received so many lovely dms lately and they honestly make me soooo happy!! Thank you all so much. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

4:00pm #AfternoonTea , Mum made me go buy donuts for the family, (see next picture) I wanted to treat myself so I got one.. I chose a small unflavored one but I still enjoyed it :) #Donut

Snacking on trail mix (with fruits which I still cannot identify lol) and orange juice 🍊🥜🌰???🍒 basically unsupervised bc of lack of staff, but I’m realizing supervision needs to mean nothing — this is all for me, recovery is the only reason I can be doing it for. 💪
#recovering #veganrecovery #eatittobeatit #recoverywarrior #anorexiarecovery #edsoldier #realrecovery #foodisfuel #anasoldier #eatingdisoder #vegan #recoverywin #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfighter #plantbased #minniemaud #vegancommunity #edawareness #veganlife #inpatientrecovery #inpatient #dinner #health #veganismismagic #hospital #weightrestoration #staystrong #recoveryispossible #whatveganseat

I’m struggling with the mirror thing. My body’s reflection changes several times a day from thin to thick.
I have no idea what to believe when it comes to my body image. Many people have told me that my eyes lie to me, ‘cause the way I see myself isn’t similar to how others see my body. People call me beautiful and fit; meanwhile I cry in front of the mirror and bang my head and fists against the wall in my bathroom, ‘cause I cannot stand how huge and ugly I’ve become.
Do you struggle with body image?

Post workout was a protein shake and a cup of tea. I took an hour nap. I wake up in the middle of the night every night and it affects how tired I am during the day so I usually have to take a nap. To make the shake I use: 1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup almond milk (I add in a little more if I put in too much ice), and a large handful of ice. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

1:30pm #Lunch !! Veggie stirfry topped with hot sauce! And a #DietPepsi
⚠️⚠️ Mum made me go out and buy donuts for afternoon tea Bc we have family from out of the country arriving today... I’ll post pictures later when we eat them but I chose the smallest one! Just hoping it doesn’t lead to purging 🍩

Lunch is a pb&j sandwich and a side salad with hummus, plus soy milk ofc 🥛🥜🍞🍇🥗 lol so by the time I’m discharged I feel like “🥛” will be my most used emoji!
The understaffing issue has continued so I’m currently eating lunch in the hallway again. No one is around though so it feels so weird eating on my own after weeks of constant supervision, but I’m pushing through — old ways only move you backwards in the journey of life.
And omg I got amazing news today — I’m probably discharging in 3/4 days!! My weight, vitals, and meal plan are where they need to be(or on the trend) and I’ve been completing 100% of every single thing I’ve been served here, so it’s finally paying off! It’s not decided yet if course, but Is looking good and all I can do is keep doing my best like this 🙈
#recovering #veganrecovery #eatittobeatit #recoverywarrior #anorexiarecovery #edsoldier #realrecovery #foodisfuel #anasoldier #eatingdisoder #vegan #recoverywin #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfighter #plantbased #minniemaud #vegancommunity #edawareness #veganlife #inpatientrecovery #inpatient #dinner #health #veganismismagic #hospital #weightrestoration #staystrong #recoveryispossible #whatveganseat

60kg brah 😎. When I hit a number on the scales, it can take me a while to adjust to being that weight psychologically. Although I'm better etc, I still have raging ED thoughts at times. Which can be really hard to deal with.
It's really weird as for the past couple of years 60kg is a weight I've regarded as being really light for myself. I only sat at it and under when I did the show last year. Usually I'd be a good couple of kilos heavier.

However this year I sat between 58 & 59kg for so long that hitting 60kg and slightly over has actually been a bit scary. On my first placement of this academic year I did manage to climb back to 60-61kg. But that was very shortlived and I dropped to an even lighter weight.

So here we are again. Consistently averaging 60ishkg. And its starting to sink in that no, I've not suddenly became fat. In actual fact I barely look any different. Im still pretty weeish/leanish really with room to grow and a reignited appetite. So i need to calm down and go with the flow (@aimeecaitlinhigginson 😉💕) This year was a massive fail with regards to my goal of gaining weight. I went in the complete other direction due to personal circumstances& appetite loss mixed in with a bit of my old ED more recently if Im honest. But that's life, shit happens. Next year my goal again will be to try and gain some more weight. I know it's going to be even harder psychologically for me now than it would have been last year. But Im gonna do my best. 💕. Although Im being sent to to Buckie for 7 weeks next year with microwave only access so it might me a slow start 😂😢. #girlswithmuscle #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #powerlifting #bodybuilding #weightlifting #gains #gym #food #nutrition #edrecovery #eattogrow #eattoperform #life #balance #motivation #physique #training #strongisbeautiful #strongwomen #edawareness #quads #gymshark #legs #abs #waist #gainingweightiscool #powerlifter #squats #progress

Cedarwood is one of my favorite scents for this time of year. Not only is it festive, but it’s a natural serotonin-booster, too. The cedar tree also symbolizes wisdom, protection, and abundance, and who couldn’t use a little more of that in life?
Thanks to my friend Tara from @onderbroeks for gifting me with a little merry and bright.

I used to work in a bakery with homemade bagels + muffins + cookies + cakes + pizza + ice cream + pastries... you name it, I ate it 😍 And when I was struggling at my hardest with restriction and binge eating, this job was a NIGHTMARE 😩 it was sooooo hard to be around these constantly and also be on a “diet”. Needless to say torturing myself only made binging worse 😅But that was years ago and now I have a MUCH BETTER view on indulging. Thanks #FOODFREEDOM 💯😛 But I was totally reminded of my love for the bakery’s everything bagels this morning 😍😍😍 and I must give credit for this insanely awesome idea to legit cover my eggs in @traderjoes everything bagel seasoning goes to @brookeeeyer - thanks babe!! #foodfreedomwarrior #avocado

Breakfast before an amazing workout class. The lady next to me told me I should do some races! I’m pretty fast and I’ve always wanted to run in one so it was very flattering :) Btw I put protein powder in my cereal to give it some taste and protein for my workout. Just Incase you were wondering what the white was. I feel so strong!! Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

Here’s just a few of my lovely gemstone bracelets that are available in my shop PositivelyGiving 😊Each one is gift wrapped and comes with the positive quote that it’s photographed with xx

10:30am #Breakfast 🙌🏼 1 Apple, a few peach slices and a few strawberries with low-fat plain Greek yogurt :) #HappySunday

Another *beautiful* hospital breakfast (toast, peaches, margarine, soy milk, and eggs) 🙈 and for morning snack some soy milk too because it’s clearly the KEY to recovery 😏 boy am I tired of eating off of styrofoam. Today they’re out of watchers, so basically my nurse is just having me sit in the hallway so that’s pretty delightful 🤷‍♀️ happy Sunday guys —- can’t believe it’s a week til Christmas Eve!! #recovering #veganrecovery #eatittobeatit #recoverywarrior #anorexiarecovery #edsoldier #realrecovery #foodisfuel #anasoldier #eatingdisoder #vegan #recoverywin #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfighter #plantbased #minniemaud #vegancommunity #edawareness #veganlife #inpatientrecovery #inpatient #dinner #health #veganismismagic #hospital #weightrestoration #staystrong #recoveryispossible #whatveganseat

Hi friends 👋🏻 just a small reminder for you ✨ it's more than ok to do what is best for yourself 💕 I hope you have a wonderful day💛

After a week filled with intense anxiety and medication changes (withdrawal 😞) today was a welcome change 🌊 The sea is so good for our souls! #edawareness #sea #healing #recovery #naturestherapy #coast #summer #tidesout #anxietyhelp #anxiety #depression #mentalhealthawareness

If you’re into your essential oils you can carry your favourite one around with you all day. Whether it’s to help with your anxiety or to give you an energy boost, this Amethyst and Lava Stone Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet will do the job 😊 A Stylish essential oil diffuser bracelet created with Lava Stone and Amethyst that I absolutely love.
Dip one or more of these porous lava stones into a cap of your favourite essential oil and carry the aroma around with you (ensure that you're not allergic before doing this) or simply wear it as a normal bracelet.

Lava Rock is formed from magma erupted from a volcano. It comes from the core of the earth. Once the stone is cool it becomes porous and black.
Lava Rock is known for its grounding qualities and for calming emotions. As it comes from raw energy it is considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers and emotional attachment.
Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone which guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. It stimulates the throat and crown chakras and balances out highs and lows, promoting emotional centering.
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There was a time when I let music leave me. ~
My depression and anxiety grew so intense that the thought of opening my mouth to sing gave me fear rather than hope. When silence became a friend. When staying as quiet as possible to avoid failure became a bigger goal than expressing myself. ~
I remember how happy I was as a little kid. The kid who used to dance around and sing, even during class. The girl who made up songs for her family, and gave performances to anyone she could. I remember her smile, and the joy she felt when she sang. I remember her dreams of doing this forever. ~
And I remember the darkness that started to creep in. The thoughts of “what if I’m not good enough?” and the comparisons. I remember when the little girl started to notice that some people thought she was annoying, and the way she began to fear their judgements. I remember when she started to decide that staying silent was the only way to ensure she didn’t let herself mess up. I remember when singing made room for caloric obsessions and anxiety and thoughts of death and self-doubt and loneliness. I remember being afraid to feel. ~
I want to transform music into something that can be used for healing. I want to make that little girl proud of the person I become. I want to let myself feel as I sing, and let passion overcome fear. I want to make that little girl proud of the person I become. ~
Slowly but surely, I am finding music again. And I love it. I am not perfect, but I was not meant to be. I am willing to work for what I love, even if I still feel shame and fear sometimes. ~
If you have lost something you love, that is okay. It will be waiting for you when you are ready to come back to it. You will take what you have learned and pour it into your passion. And I believe you will do wonders ❤️❤️

10:00pm #Dessert , purged a little of dinner and now “binging” if you could even call this ^^ that... bowl of frozen fruit, larger slice of mums fruitcake and an almond milk chocolate shake... ugh today was a bad day #Help

I decided to put my oatmeal in the fridge for a few minutes and it did not disappoint!! I think it tasted a bit better that way actually rather than super hot hehe. I tried to do some sort of spiral thing with the fruit but idk if it worked😂 Anyway, you’re all beautiful; don’t give up now. Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

Nothing like some vanilla ensure to bring back memories 😓😜That and a berry parfait for nightsnack 🍓🥛 spending the night trying to plan for being home (maybe a bit early to plan, but I’m excited so 💁) and really hoping that tomorrow I will have made some more progress w my weight! hope everyone has a great night and takes amazing care of his/herself 💕 #recovering #veganrecovery #eatittobeatit #recoverywarrior #anorexiarecovery #edsoldier #realrecovery #foodisfuel #anasoldier #eatingdisoder #vegan #recoverywin #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edfighter #plantbased #minniemaud #vegancommunity #edawareness #veganlife #inpatientrecovery #inpatient #dinner #health #veganismismagic #hospital #weightrestoration #staystrong #recoveryispossible #whatveganseat

8:00pm #Dinner !!! A sweet potato and a MASSIVE vegetable skewer!!

I got some veggie patties at the store and it was soooo good! There are more veggies under the sweet potato. I was gonna have some soup but I wasn’t really feeling it so I decided on this dinner instead :) Stay strong. Stay safe🌟🦁❤️

Okay so this may not be the most aesthetically pleasing photo but it was damn tasty. I may also feel extremely sick now because one Ana is pissed but two that was a lot of sugar. This is my all time favorite dessert with all its chocolate peanut butter goodness so of course it's Ana's worst nightmare. And even tho I had unknown cals for dinner and I'm sure this was a ton I'm trying not to think about it and just know I enjoyed it. Nothing bad is going to happen to me because I ate this. I enjoyed my day at two Christmas parties (one for the kids) and the other was with my family. This pie is made by my grandma so years from now I want to be able to remember how I love her pie not regret for not eating it when I had the chance. If anything this pie is helping save my life. Live for pie my friends #edfamily #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorderawareness #edrecovery #edawareness #ana #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #anorexic #anorexiaawareness #anawarrior #edwarrior #anawho #anarecovery #anaawareness #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #eatittobeatit #healthynotskinny #healthynothungry #strongnotskinny #fuckana #countblessingnotcalories #2fab4ana #not1in5 #healthyisthenewskinny #recoverywin

Do you ever wonder *why* you change your diet, but you still can’t change your struggles with food? Wonder why you can change your diet label, but not stop the binging and restricting... even though you feel like overall, things are good? I heard this awesome explanation of relationship issues that TOTALLY applies to food 👉🏼 What you don’t fix in one relationship, you’ll bring to the next. So you deal with it now, or deal with it later - your choice 😯 #truth. And trust me, it’s not meant to be scary, it’s meant to be empowering. It’s a wake up call like hey, “maybe it’s not the food - maybe it’s something deeper that you need to confront.” For me it was confronting the sexual abuse I experience as a child and the horrible relationship with my dad after my parent’s divorce. Yes, it’s hard for me to talk about those things - but running from them only made things worse. When I finally confronted them, instead of running from my deepest issues... I stopped binge eating, I stopped restrictive dieting, and accepted who I was. THAT, food freedom warriors, is freakin empowering 😌 so... what are you running from? (it doesn’t have to be anything like mine - we all have our own highly unique experiences that we didn’t like) but tell me, are you ready to deal with those issues? It’s okay if the answer is no. You don’t have to be ready - but know that at some point, ✨when you’re ready✨, that dealing with those issues will help you with food and life so much more than you can ever imagine 💖💯 #foodfreedom #metoo

Today, while discussing my weightloss with someone at work I was asked what my initial motivation to lose weight was and the answer is this first photo. .
The first photo was taken on boxing day last year, I was at my heaviest weight of roughly 225lbs and I spent everyday uncomfortable in my own skin.
When I saw this picture I came to a realization that I needed to make some major changes in how I was treating my body, because I looked at this beautiful moment with my baby and the only thing I saw was how big I was, and how much I hated my own body. I knew that if I didn't make a change I would spend the rest of our lives not being able to fully appreciate the wonderful memories I had made because of the way I felt about myself..
I took control, and through struggle, perseverance, misery, will power and strength, one year and 100lbs later I am present whenever I am making memories with the sweetest, most wonderful little girl in the world. The first picture is still hard for me to look at, but it's a reminder of what I can achieve and my personal convictions! ♡♡♡ .
Set goals and surpass them.
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