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📞 Winter called, they want their weather back. 〰️ In other news, we’re rolling out a brand new look on our site so we can get to know each other better. Because hey, we think you’re pretty rad and we hope you like us too. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for special perks and all the latest on upcoming events. #FashionWithPurpose

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@lunar11mermaid killing it as usual in her hemp/organic cotton mandala onesie! 🌱⚛️❤️Send me your photos of you in ManaMama goodies and I will send you a coupon for a discount off your next purchase! Happy Tuesday! 🌈🤙💕

When you realize tomorrow is the first day of Spring and it’s still 25° outside. #SpringFever

“I awoke so that others may awaken. I learn so that others may also learn. I share my truth so that others may feel open to share theirs. I forgave myself so that I may help others to forgive. I love myself so that I can bring out love in others.” #AOFmantras

Today we celebrate the global recycling day feeling happy of the choices we make with our displays♻️ #globalrecyclingday #recyclage

So what exactly is zero-waste fashion? We’re sure you’ve heard the expressions “circular fashion” and “closing the loop” but what does it all mean? It’s quite simple actually. Closing the loop is a production process in which no longer wanted textiles (or in our case: fashion jewelry) is collected, recycled, and given a new life. Although there is a lot of information available on textile waste in the fashion industry (the textile industry is one of the top 3 water wasting industries in China, discharging over 2.5 billion tons of wastewater every year), there isn’t a lot of conversation around fashion jewelry. To put things into perspective, just one 18kt gold ring generates up to 20 tons of toxic waste. Metal mining, a process that involves extracting minerals from the earth requires several toxic chemicals like mercury to pull small gold deposits from ore. Among miners, mercury exposure can be linked to memory loss, language issues and chronic headaches, researchers say. The lack of oversight and human rights protection in countries like China, India, and Columbia mean that more often than not, people are using these chemicals in their homes over the same stoves they use to feed their families. Miners have used mercury to separate gold for decades, but part of it is lost in the process, contaminating rivers and soils. This problem then transcends into river bodies, poisoning the agriculture by leeching toxic chemicals from the soil and contaminating the food system. This is a huge global issue that has long-term effects on our oceans, rivers, biodiversity, and human life. So how can we help? By supporting businesses who are finding innovative ways to close the loop, keeping unnecessary water and mining waste from polluting our planet. Jewelry deserves a place in this journey towards a sustainable future in the fashion industry, and we’re pioneering a new way to make it widespread. Whether it’s vintage, up-cycled, or dead stock, when you choose to consume differently, you’re helping to clean up the planet one accessory at a time. #FashionWithPurpose

Need some positive vibes to get you through #WellnessWednesday? We have your back. Scroll through and take in all the love we’re sending your way. ✨ Tag your friends to let them know you’re thinking of them.

🔴Red is the ultimate cure for sadness -Bill Blass #BillBlass

THE ART OF FATE is excited to be returning to the @socialchangemarketplace on Friday 3/16 for The Women’s Summit (a sold out event). We’ll be representing over a dozen mission-driven and female-owned small businesses in the clean beauty and zero-waste world from all over the country from California to Texas to New Hampshire to Maryland and Vermont. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by our table to say hello and support #womeninbiz making a difference. 〰️ ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻 [Check our stories to find out where we’ll be next in Boston]

The next step for the tiny home was to paint the entire frame and car chassis in rust proof paint. Thanks to all our friends who made this happen in an afternoon instead of a week. Every square inch needed a coating, which involved going back and forth on our backs, painting upwards. It was awful, but felt damn good to see it done, all sleek and matte black.
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Next came the wood stove, rugs, benches made from spare wood, an old futon and some poofs from a recent Morroco trip. In the top right corner of the photo you can see a custom built table with sinks in it. They were salvaged from the motorhome and drain into a bucket that we empty alongside a compost bucket, once a day.
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Despite gains, the FW’16 runways still showed minority women represent less than 25%, with NYC leading the charge, and Paris following next. [Black women: 9.22%, Asian women: 7.48%, Latina women: 4.6%] Kanye West actually led the polls after sending 100% models of color down the runway for Yeezy Season 3. Zac Posen came in second at 87% and Chromat with 85% came in third. Body diversity numbers were even more disappointing with only 6 plus-size models represented in total for FW’16, the least represented group of all. Transgender models saw a slight increase with 8 models total, up from 5 in Spring ‘16. Milan was the only city that did not represent any plus-size, transgender, or aged models. • Despite the industry wide call for diversity, most designers are not representing these minority groups in their shows. At THE ART OF FATE, we believe in supporting women of all identities, colors, ages, and sizes. Diversity is what makes us stand out. It’s what gives us our stories. We all deserve recognition and space in this industry. We believe in looking beyond physical appearances and closer at people’s passions and contributions to society. What are your values? What have you done to help others? Those are the questions we should be asking. Now is the time for fashion brands (big and small) to step up and use their power to give minority groups a place on and off the runway. If you know of anyone who fits this criteria, we are looking for models. Tag them in the comments or DM us! 🕓 #TimesUp

Meaghan knows a thing or two about fashion that looks good and does good. She’s already helped plant over 20 trees this year. 🌳 #FashionMeetsSocialChange

Small treasures 🐚🐟

Te enseñamos 👀los rincones mas inéditos🔒y bonitos🌹🌷🌲 de #barcelona de manera #sostenible 🍃🛴 preparamos experiencias para adultos😎, para niños👶, y experiencias gastronómicas🍽🍻🍷🥃 en los sitios mas clandestinos 🗝🚫😏de la #ciudad 🌇 #disfruta 😂y aprende🤓 con @beyourplanner siempre #ecomovement siempre #natural siempre #sostenible para poder seguir enseñando 🤔😘#bcn #turismo #tourism #we #show #you #learn #enjoy #holidays #amazing #views #hotel #hotels #travel #tour #park #roses #rouses #wild #sailling #sunny #goodweather #gastronomia #mountains

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