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REDUCED!! OOAK Hamsa Hand Floral Dress ✨ the prettiest cream & black floral print and comfy cotton top. Little hamsa hand patch sewn on pocket. Size 4t. $16 + ship, claim below 💫🌼 #mamamade #handmade #shophandmade #shopsmall #floral #summer #spring #hippiekid #hippykid #bohokid #upcycled #ooak #rts #4t #upcycledmagic #hamsa #hamsahand #ecofriendlyfashion

Earthy tones

I want to share one of the common mistakes that women make when it comes to dressing

I see it in my clients and hear from the students at my master classes.

Women refuse to treat themselves to nice clothes because they wait till they get into desired shape

As you can imagine this almost never happens

Thus, for years they keep buying jeans and t-shirts until “the moment” 👕👕👕👕👖👖👖👖👖👖👖👟

They keep their old time small clothes to keep them motivated

Instead they get nothing but frustration

I always suggest to look at it the other way around

Accept that our bodies are changing, and it is normal! #loveyourbodynow, dress it beautifully - it deserves it! 👗👒👛👠

If you choose your clothes correctly, you may even “drop” in couple of sizes!

Imagine you closet filled with only clothes you love, clothes that fit your beautiful body, clothes that make you looking awesome and feeling confident. •
It is not uncommon that women who start dressing their best feel more loved and desired, more motivated, more energetic. •
Hence, they start moving and doing more, eating less, and weight goes down☺️ •

Classic Melbourne style right? The lovely @liangalliard rocking the Outland Denim Isabel washed black ripped jean, loving this look on a chilly Wednesday 🖤❄️

Love is the answer. #PURPUS

Even in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle, it’s possible to incorporate sustainable living into your lifestyle. Our mission is to promote ecofriendly products to show that a little can go a long way in improving our planet.

حكاية ماقبل النوم 2
وعدناكم بحكاية جميلة تبعث على الابتسامة مع نهاية كل ليلة وبدء فجر جديد. وهاهي حكاية اليوم.
فكرة (51)
هل حققنا الحذاء الأخلاقي صديق البيئة المثالي؟
هل من بين متابعينا من جرب هذا الحذاء؟
قرأنا عنه قبل اشهر، لكنه الآن في صورة اكثر تطورا
حيث تم تقليل أثره البيئي إلى 90% اقل من أثر الأحذية الأخرى حسب إعلان المصنع،
صنع من مواد قطنية وأخرى معاد تصنيعها بطريقة اخلاقية غير مضرة بالبيئة او مؤذية لأي حيوان،
تغليفه من مواد معاد تصنيعها،
ومن المممن طلبه دون تغليف



Bed Story 2
We promissed you a beautiful story that makes you smile every night before you go to bed,
And here is our story for tonight.
#Repost @zero.waste.nest (@get_repost)
They’re fashionable, comfortable, and beautiful. Ok, but many other brands do shoes that are exactly that too. 👟🧐The (quite significant!) difference with @yatay sneakers is that they are made exclusively using ethical resources materials. 🍃Recycled fabric, organic cotton, water-based glue, Italian hemp strings, to just name a few. ⠀
They come in a box (swipe to see it in the other photos) made out of 5 recycled plastic bottles, which reduces the environmental impact of the box by 90% compared to a classic shoebox. If you wish not to get any box at all and have the shoes straight in the cardboard box they’re delivered in, simply let them know and they'll be happy to skip the box!⠀
Oh and, they’ve been ethically made in Italy.⠀

#ad #myyatay #earthisinfashion #fairfashion #slowfashion #ecofriendlyfashion #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrand #sustainabledesign #ecofashion #fashionrevolution #fashrev #slowfashionmovement #consciousfashion #sustainablestyle #greenfashion #buylesschoosewell #ecochic

@kristine.lo stopped by the #GLAshop to interview GALERIE.LA founder @dechel_mckillian and discuss her background as a celebrity stylist, sustainability and opening up the first brick-and-mortar location @rowdtla - head on over to @nature.intent to read the full interview! It’s incredible to see Dechel featured amongst other conscious business owners that are creating a meaningful impact with their brands. #galeriela #fashionwithintegrity #kristinelo

Sister sink bath with matching sister floral bows 💕

Use enocska #pouch as #cosmeticbag or #clutch 🦊

It's the base layers that become the unsung heroes of our wardrobe when the temps drop. 👕
This selection is perfect under a sweater or jacket, or worn on their own all year long.
Browse all our layers online now!

#ecofriendlyfashion #sustainablefashion

💜@ecofashionweekaustralia The world’s first sustainable luxury magazine (and our lovely media partners) at @eluxemagazine will be sponsoring our International Eco Design Award ✨ This award is open to all participating #EFWA2018 designers 🌿 Prize includes the amazing opportunity for a featured editorial in @eluxemagazine’s print and online media 📕
📷: @harry.leonard.imagery
#earthlings #fortheloveofanimals #animalcrueltyfree #ecochic #ecofriendlyfashion #fairtradefashion #newcollection #handbagsforsale #fashionhandbag

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