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Ten gallons of magical, orange, medicinal, goodness harvested with @greenwoodcollegeschool. We will be pickeling, making tea concentrates, and drying this turmeric to supply us for the year. Turmeric has major benefits for your body and brain some of those include: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factors, and many other proven benefits. We are thankful that we can grow this medicinal plant in such large quantities 🙌 #medicinalplants #turmeric #foodismedicine

Friends are forever 🐶💚🦒 #BecoBesties #TuesdayThoughts

Have a scroll through this album and see just some of the things you could add to your wardrobe during this week’s 50% off Miik sale. You could replace some core pieces or add something for a bit of a pop....or a style you’ve been admiring. The sale Is on until Sunday & first come first served. You’re welcome to contact us if you know what you would like and know your size - and we will ship it out with our $10 flat fee if you live in Canada - other places the actual shipping cost will be added. Or you can arrange to pick up if you can’t get in this week. Lots of fantastic deals & we look forward to helping you pick just the right style(s) for you to make getting dressed each morning a breeze!
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Yesterday’s Lessons ✨

DRY SKIN SALVE....swipe to read a review of this amazing moisturizing treatment! 💖🌿#dryskin #moisturizer #allnatural

Thrilled to be featured in this brilliant magazine. I’m on my soap box about the wonders of washing nappies instead of throwing them away. I talk about how consumerism makes me despair. Especially in the parenting industry, so much ‘stuff’ is manufactured for commercial gain, when actually babies needs are few. Scroll through for a few snippets.

This picture sums up my engagement with @nowaste.now ☹️ Every plastic object produced since plastic was invented, is still somewhere on earth... #saynotoplastic
Go to now-nowaste.com or follow @nowaste.now to learn how you can reduce your waste with a few tricks 🌿

You guys are L 💙VING our Kaiyo print for CNY! Your little ones will look great ringing in the New Year, and you'll feel good knowing that all of our products are all made with care for the environment, and for our amazing workers in Sri Lanka!
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This spider plant is taking over at Eco Edit HQ 🙈 Did you know they absorb carbon monoxide and many rural Africans eat them as they contain high levels of vitamin C, protein and magnesium? Amazing huh? Nothing like a bit of #plantpower ! 🌿

**Health Info** I have a love hate relationship with my phone, laptop and for that matter all technology.. because well I need it to run my business but it also means electromagnetic fields aka EMFs!.. say what??!! Keep reading 🤓.
EMFs according to Environmental Health Bodies they are invisible areas of energy, referred to as radiation associated with the use of electrical power.
The worst culprits are ionizing radiation, hence the lead apron when having X-rays.
Other types are in the microwave range e.g phones, electronics such as baby monitors, blue tooth devices, smart thermostats and WiFi routers that emit microwave radiation which is thought to .
🚫cause severe cellular damage
🚫DNA breaks
🚫increases risk of chronic disease 🚫drastically increase aging process #DoubleWhammyIfUHaveKids 🤦🏻‍♀️
I won’t go on because it can be quite confronting especially as EMFs are difficult to avoid but instead here are ways to reduce your EMF exposure:
🌿 connect desktop comp to internet via wired connection.
🌿avoid wireless key boards, mice, printers and land lines.
🌿if WiFi is unavoidable turn off when not in use especially at night.
🌿turn off all electricity in the bedroom at night
🌿consider stop using microwave. 🌿avoid using smart appliances TVs etc.
🌿avoid using a baby monitor or use a hard wired one instead.
🌿don’t carry cell phone on your body unless in airplane mode
🌿when taking on phone use speaker or ear phones.
Did you know Magnesium may help reduce the effects of EMFs (go to @calmbodyandhome for a quality affordable mg oil)..
Also spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, turmeric and rosemary may help repair damage. #MoreReasonsToSpiceMySmoothiesUp
Hope this info helped, remember don’t beat yourself up about what you can’t control focus on what you can.
Tell me, is there anything here that you are going to act on to reduce your EMFs. I’d love to ditch our microwave but my husband isn’t on the same page with that one yet!
📷shaycochrane.com .
💻if you want to read more about this topic check out @drmercola .

After watching Rotten, the new @netflix original, this afternoon, I’ve realised that even though we may believe we’re buying a healthy alternative, steering away from animal products or buying plastic free products, it doesn’t always mean our foods have been sustainability sourced, harvest or grown 🤦🏼‍♀️
Take almonds and almond products, for example, although they are good for us, non-dairy and often come in cardboard packaging, the growing and harvesting of almonds is an extremely unsustainable process. It is said that the process uses millions of litres of water; impacts upon natural aquifers; requires an endless amount of pesticides; and not to mention, have detrimental impacts on the honey bee population 🐝
I believe it’s important to think about where our foods was made, how it was made, and who produced it, just like it is important to think about #whomadeyourclothes 👚
There are many offset impacts that are out of our control, and that doesn’t mean the good we do is outweighed, it just means we have to be aware that the choices we make aren’t always 100% sustainable, however, we must make the best decision possible, with the things, places, and people you have access to ♻️
Have a watch of Rotten on Netflix and let me know what you think 👇🏻

Ein letztes Bild und dann reicht es aber auch für heute... Mein Beitrag zur #ourcolourfulkids Challenge von @colours.and.us und @bandarra zum Thema Socken 👣.

Some of most beautiful home decor I bought in 2017 are candleholders: himalayan salt & natural stone 😍 Love the upcycling idea of nature's art ✅ This is a good way to keep on the zero waste track ✅ No plastic, no trash ✅ If burning a beeswax candle inside, same as the himalayan salt, it purifies your home air. The positive ions are the bad ones (they come from TV, phones, computers etc.). The beeswax candles & himalayan salt converts the positive ions to negative ones (the good ones). Negative ions are in the clean air (like on the beach, after storm etc.). ✅
What are your favorite home decors? 😊
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I went foraging at the property we were staying at when we were at the beach recently- hydrangea and dahlia blooms are my favourite! Do you know how to make your hydrangeas last longer?
When they start to look a bit sad you can submerge them in water for about 45 minutes, recut and place the stems into a vase of fresh water. They should revive in a couple of hours and live another day or two!

NEW ARRIVALS✨ The GUAD lace-up is the shoe every stylish woman should have in her closet in 2018!👞 www.thinkshoes.co.za #thinkshoes #44stanley #ecofriendly #ecoconscious #ecofashion #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #cpt #capetown #joburg #newyear #newarrivals #shoes #fashion #androgynous

Da wir nie herum experimentiert haben und von Anfang an "unser" System gefunden haben, habe ich keine Vergleichsmöglichkeiten. Meine Lieblingswindel ist darum mein Favorit, weil ich sie unglaublich niedlich finde. Eine Culla di Teby mit Füchsen aus Biobaumwolle. Gefüllt mit einer original Culla Einlage und einem dreifach gefalteten Ikea Krama Lappen. Hält super und lange. Da muss und will ich gar nicht experimentieren. Schließlich war für uns auch das Argument "Kosten sparen" eines der entscheidenden Kriterien. Und wenn ich sehe, wie viel da teilweise getestet, gekauft, gar GESAMMELT wird, hat das für mich nichts mehr von ökologischen Gedanken - sorry, Leute!

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