MontiiCo Reusables are the HOT way to stay COOL!⠀

I was approached by @montii.co for help in creating their brand voice, and copywriting for a product catalogue and website. ⠀

It was awesome fun characterising the products and bringing the brand to life using spirited copywriting that aligns with their core values. ⠀

The most rewarding thing is knowing they're stoked with the result...⠀

"The best bit about working with The CMClub is that everything is made easy. I felt like I didn't communicate what I wanted very well, yet somehow they understood it, and delivered what I wanted but couldn't articulate.⠀

I really had no idea what I should expect to pay, but since I was given the recommendation, I decided to give it a go anyway. I thought it was expensive (because I had no clue), but now that I have the end result - I think the value we will get out of it FAR outweigh what we have paid, and I could not be happier! " ~ Steph, CEO⠀

Un brindis por todos esos labios rojos y por las historias que no cuentan.
Por todas las promesas.
Por la huella que dejan.
En tu piel, en su ropa, en su recuerdo.
Un brindis por lo bailado, lo besado, lo no cumplido.
Que no soy ninguna santa, pero ya te lo dije al oído. 💋💄
Model: @dianakornilova_
. . .

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Thanks for everyone who visited us this weekend and happy Monday to ya all! ✨💚 Dress ‘Arara’ + Longsleeve ‘Kapok’ #beatransformnation

Enjoyed your weekend #ecowarriors? Some of us are lucky to keep having a view like this today! What type of Monday will you have today?
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Good morning #ecowarriors! We have a new member in our sustainable family: @joliesufashion. Jolie Su produces the most dreamy hats to keep our heads protected from the sun and complement our stylish outfits! With the highest quality, her goal is to create pieces for life, to pass to generations to come.
Check out their products at our physicial store in @embaixadalx!

This funky contraption is what @idressmyselfprint uses to produce their beautiful screen printed designs with eco-friendly water-based inks! check out their video on eco-friendly screen printing on the latest masterclass!! Not a member and don't want to miss out? Register your interest here: http://bit.ly/2HFxyx4

¿Sabes porqué he escogido al #colibrí como símbolo de #Meraki?
Es el pájaro más pequeño de la tierra y sin embargo el que más influencia polinizadora tiene.
Sin él, muchas plantas no existirían. Es una metáfora del proyecto y de las personas con las que trabajo.
Además podemos aprender muchas cosas de su comportamiento: ✾ Siempre está buscando el néctar de las flores, es decir, saboreando la vida y disfrutando de los pequeños momentos. ⬌ Es capaz de volar hacia atrás, y nos enseña que podemos recordar nuestro pasado para aprender de él, pero siempre mirando hacia delante. 🌎Puede viajar más de 2000 kms para llegar a su destino. ¿No crees que si fuéramos tan persistentes como los colibrís a la hora de perseguir nuestros sueños seguramente los alcanzaríamos?
¡Ahora te toca a ti estoy deseando saber qué simboliza tu #ImagenDeMarca!
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If you wanna make a splash, don’t contain yourself. ⠀

(Illustration @paulfuentes_design) ⠀

“Hey, hurry up with this whole photo session as posing is not my style” 🙄 Zé already counting the minutes to go back to the beach ⛱ 👉🏽Tap for products #beatransformnation

Good morning #ecowarriors! Ready to rock your Friday night? 😎 This jumpsuit will put your wardrobe choices at ease and your body ready for some dance moves! 💃🏻 Available online! ✨

🌱🍃Mini amazon girl wearing our ‘Little Indian’ dungarees in 100% organic cotton #beatransformnation

Hey #ecoguys! 🌿 Have you heard of Armazém das Malhas? A high quality menswear brand with exceptional ethically made products. 🙌🏻 It will become a favorite once you try it! Come by our store and see for yourself!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest, #memade is one to follow for fierce inspo on self-expression. Take this jacket, how utterly unique. Now, if you were this coat how would you sound? What kind of voice would you use to express yourself? ⠀

The tone you use when you write says as much about your personality as the clothes you wear and the style you have. If you don’t use a tone that shows off your values and characteristics, you’re less likely to attract the people that share those qualities ~ your tribe ~ who want and need what only you can give them. ⠀

(Loving your spirit @tabithasewer + @spoonflower for the artwork) ⠀

[ ZOOM sur...] Le Mini BS1 ❎ Pochette en #liege #cork bleu marine. ✖️ Boutons de col argentés pour la fermeture du rabat. ✖️ Matière écologique,douce, imperméable, ✖️ Made in France. ☑️ Disponible en noir,rose, liège moucheté,noir/inserts argentés dans notre #eshop 🐞🐞🐞🌾🌾🐞🐞🐞
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Bom Dia ☀️ É já este fim de semana que voltamos à Comporta para @thespotmarket - 2 dias imperdíveis com surpresas e promoções exclusivas. Celeiro 3 - 10h-14h e 17h-21h30 // If you are around Comporta this weekend come visit us, we’ll have surprises and special prices! 😎 #beatransformnation

It's not what you say, it's how you say it, right? ⠀

Take a simple word like, fine. ⠀

Depending on the tone you give it, the meaning is expressed differently: ⠀

A blunt, fine.⠀
A casual, fine. ⠀
A dismissive, fine. ⠀

All have the power to make you feel something different. ⠀

When it comes to your brand, it's not just the words you choose that convey your personality and values, but the way in which you say it too. ⠀

It's so important because how you sound makes a difference to who you attract to your business. Getting it right means more customers, better quality customers or more influence in your marketplace. Getting it wrong, well, means the opposite!⠀

Exercise: read your last 3 Instagram posts aloud. What tone of voice does it require you use? Think about how this matches your brand values and identity, does it fit? If not, consider better ways to express yourself so that it does. ⠀

Turning my back to Monday 🙄 T-shirt ‘White Sky’ + Bloomer ‘Life’s a Peach’ -> tap for prices #beatransformnation

In need for a fresh high-quality sustainable jumpsuit? This one is perfect for days with lots of work meetings, a night-out or a fancy dinner.

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Hoy te traigo un ejemplo de #PackagingSostenible.

#Viupax es una alternativa a las cajas de zapatos habituales, con las que se ahorra entre un 20 y un 57% de cartón. .

Además de este ahorro de residuo, tanto en material como en transporte, (ya que al ser triangulares se apilan ocupando la mitad que una cuadrada); están pensadas para que las puedas usar después de que hayan cumplido su función principal de proteger e identificar el producto. .

Por eso, lxs chicxs del estudio #MatadogDesign, proponen una segunda vida como bolsa de mano, como expositor o como juguete. .

Porque la #creatividad también puede traducirse en #sostenibilidad. . ¿Conocías este proyecto? . . .

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