ill take the better brazilian 🀠
ok guys, idk why but im switching accounts. Im on @lgbtglenn. Don’t unfollow this acc bc ill post here too so... Thats all :))) Hope yall try to support me.
#camilamendes #veronicalodgeedit #veronicalodge #camilamendesedit #riverdaleedit

*lili breathes*

{meu amor curtiuπŸ₯€πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ}
jΓ‘ disse que eu sou completamente apaixonada por essa garota? ela eh maravilhosa, tanto por dentro como por fora, uma inspiração para mts! te amo, minha m(ari)aπŸ’— (acho q ela vai entender, haha)
ib; ninguΓ©m
cc; @/helpcutecut
ac; @/vines.viihtube
dt; @mariaesff #grpflowers #eclipsegrp

i miss them aaaaaa lot help
(use headphones if u want to listen the voiceovers)

β€”mharessa fernanda✨
ac; anniesglow
ib; ?,
dt; @mharessa #grpflowers #eclipsegrp 🌷
(esqueci os crΓ©ditos, arg!πŸ™„)

i dont fuck w fake Red hair bitches 🀠
ac; me ( should i post the audio????)

jUsT a LiTtLe CrUsH 🀠 ok so instagram ruined the audio AND THE QUALITY im mad

im gay 🀠

mads sweetie, stab me with your new glasses collection 🀀🀀
dt; @moonlights.s
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my mans hot
user knjskk comes back after a week of inactivity and he’s gonna flop

β€” core ships
ac: youtube
dt: peyton,
court, amiyah
quality? idk her

such a pure bby
dt. @annieleblanc pls tag her
love me my oldschool bieber
also sry this is so delayed i went out w my friends

Enjoy this crappy edit of this queen and king @milliebobbybrown @finnwolfhardofficial :)

Bellamy? Idk him
Ps: this is just my opinion please don't hate
Ac/cc; me [ #bellamyblake #octaviablake ]

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