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he lost her.
i hope this doesn't flop because this took way too long to edit :') (also ignore the glitch)
cc: oml.baddiesx
ac & ib: @behlxved
au: In This Shirt - The Irrepressibles
#eclipsegrp #zodiacsgrp #genesisgrp #elevenrct2

@annieleblanc - instagram 🍭
100% ib : retroses_
dt : @canoncaleb xoxo
[ #eclipsegrp ]

Every coloring I put comes out darker than usual πŸ˜­πŸ™„
>#bryceloski #brennan #flippinbrennan
>#eclipsegrp #outtaspacegrp πŸŒŒπŸŒ“

even though our friendship is over, i still think of you occasionally.
dt- @bratayleey bc i'm so happy that we are becoming friends again ilysm carliπŸ’“
ib & ac- @twdkingdoms
#bratayley @annieleblanc @itskatiedonnelly @officiallybratayley #celestialgrp #eclipsegrp

β˜Ύα΄€Ι΄Ι΄Ιͺᴇ | sα΄‘Ιͺα΄›α΄„ΚœΙͺɴɒ☽
I love this audio nearly as much as the chocolate bar I'm eating ;) 🍫
{fc: 3,280} #eclipsegrp #celestialgrp @annieleblanc

fav 2014 kian vids
dt @drizzyjustin
pls loop? πŸ™πŸΌ
β€’don't repostβ€’

you look happier >>

-wot a happy bean lol
-tag him? @tylerbrown @tylerxbrown
-ac;me lol -fc; 773
-dt; mi 4 11:11's lol
- #eclipsegrp #tylerbrown #likethislol


shakes ib: nanaa
my audio
dt: @micxly @csndhanyz
@xpeachylove @xlushly @peachylalisa @chxesthetic @vittxaku + my grp and all of you
this is awful but they aren't

for the best, i wanna know.
ac. me
dt. nobody this sucks!
[ #omgpage #kpopchannel #redvelvet #eclipsegrp ]
🎢Do I dance inside your head - VVITCH(edited)(headphones).


#meettheeditor πŸ’Œ
hii, i'm diana.
I was born 08/05/2003.πŸ’–
i love drawing and listen to music ( a lot) especially kpop.
My favorites groups are BTS, BLACKPINK, Monsta X, Exo, Got7, Twice, red velvet.
My babywife and girl is Jennie Kim(Nennie) that i love more than the air that i breath.πŸ’ž
my bestie is @motaex i love her so much because she loves me for who i am.πŸ’˜
My favorite color is red
and i think that's all about me, I THINK πŸ’­πŸŽ.
[ #omgpage #kpopchannel #eclipsegrp ]

a concept.
ac. ig, idr who sorry
cc. mine
dt. @xlushly @taehyungpls @luciafilms @xspacevids bc of tae + @csndhanyz , @sleepymiic , @xpeachylove , @vittxaku , @chxesthetic , @peachylalisa + eclipse grp
hi, I know this is awful but please enjoy taehyung.

for erseβ™‘
[ blackpink series 1/4 ]
rip quality
ib. @luciafilms
ac. MINE, give credits
dt. erse, @csndhanyz @miclxy, @xpeachylove @slaymehobi @vittxaku @chxesthetic @peachylalisa
I hope you like this video made in 5 min, it's awful ik :(
song: rihanna - talk that talk (edited by me)

such a pure bby
dt. @annieleblanc pls tag her
love me my oldschool bieber
also sry this is so delayed i went out w my friends

Enjoy this crappy edit of this queen and king @milliebobbybrown @finnwolfhardofficial :)

Friendship and siblings matter this took 6 hours to make #eclipsegrp for my fav buds @celestialcaleb @calebcpn @calebloganwbu @multi_caleb dt: @canoncaleb

Caleb was the hardest thing to lose : ( saying goodbye : ( for my buddies @celestialcaleb @calebcpn @calebloganwbu #eclipsegrp

This took 9 hours to make but for my buddies @celestialcaleb @calebloganwbu @calebcpn #eclipsegrp

que diablos. Bonita? Si.
Dt; Nina Ilysm | ac; superaudios
[ #lindseymorgan #supinerct1 ]

My baby deserves better.
Ignore how messy and off beat this is :') Dt; sansa stans | ac;? | cc; me [ #sansastark ]

So in love with u kiddo -
dt ; @iamabakedpotato :)

Wear with head phone bc other wise you won't here the audio lol
She's a hottie :Pp
Dt; Amelia | cc; voidlindslow (edited) [ #ravenreyes #oasisrct1 #moonstonerct2 ]

β€” my pure babies
Ew I hate insta look at the quality
Dt; Linda and nina ly guys
Ac; artemxis | cc; oml.baddiesx
Tag them? @linzzmorgan @rickywhittle

Fire cannot kill a dragon. Damn right.
Dt/ib; @voidtargaryen bc i found your acc today and I'm already in love oops
[ #daenerystargaryen ]

My babies deserved better
Dt; liv and Elena my favs <3 | ac; ultraxheda | cc; Linda [ #linctavia ]

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