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— shane :)
cc ceiestial | dt all the shaniacs out there ;)
please tag him! @shanemadej
[ #eclipsegrp ]

I went back to my old theme :)

>rm: electrixc
>cc: Cephcus

>#outtaspacegrp 🌌
>#eclipsegrp 🌓

>software:svp & ae
>@itsryaninthewild @itsflippinkatie #flippinryan #FlippinKatie

even though our friendship is over, i still think of you occasionally.
dt- @bratayleey bc i'm so happy that we are becoming friends again ilysm carli💓
ib & ac- @twdkingdoms
#bratayley @annieleblanc @itskatiedonnelly @officiallybratayley #celestialgrp #eclipsegrp

-wot a happy bean lol
-tag him? @tylerbrown @tylerxbrown
-ac;me lol -fc; 773
-dt; mi 4 11:11's lol
- #eclipsegrp #tylerbrown #likethislol

≪ᴄʜɪʟʟ | ʟᴀ≫
Happy Easter everyone if you celebrate it! 🐣🎀
Gosh I love the LA vlogs there juts so chilled :) but the quality EWW .
{fc: 3,065}
Cc: celestial
Dt: @bratslife bc she spent ages working out the line thing at the start and I'm so grateful so I decided to put it in this edit too (can't see it that much though 😂) #eclipsegrp

fav 2014 kian vids
dt @drizzyjustin
pls loop? 🙏🏼
•don't repost•

Every coloring I put comes out darker than usual 😭🙄

>#bryceloski #brennan #flippinbrennan

>#eclipsegrp #outtaspacegrp 🌌🌓

oh, the good old days...

my audio!! | cc xepiphanys 💓
[ #omgpage #annieleblanc #eclipsegrp ]


Bellamy? Idk him
Ps: this is just my opinion please don't hate
Ac/cc; me [ #bellamyblake #octaviablake ]

que diablos. Bonita? Si.
Dt; Nina Ilysm | ac; superaudios
[ #lindseymorgan #supinerct1 ]

My baby deserves better.
Ignore how messy and off beat this is :') Dt; sansa stans | ac;? | cc; me [ #sansastark ]

Wear with head phone bc other wise you won't here the audio lol
She's a hottie :Pp
Dt; Amelia | cc; voidlindslow (edited) [ #ravenreyes #oasisrct1 #moonstonerct2 ]

— my pure babies
Ew I hate insta look at the quality
Dt; Linda and nina ly guys
Ac; artemxis | cc; oml.baddiesx
Tag them? @linzzmorgan @rickywhittle

Fire cannot kill a dragon. Damn right.
Dt/ib; @voidtargaryen bc i found your acc today and I'm already in love oops
[ #daenerystargaryen ]

My babies deserved better
Dt; liv and Elena my favs <3 | ac; ultraxheda | cc; Linda [ #linctavia ]

@annieleblanc - instagram 🍭
100% ib : retroses_
dt : @canoncaleb xoxo
[ #eclipsegrp ]

She deserves the world </3
Dt; sensi ily | ac/ib; nightheda | cc; Linda [ #ravenreyes ]

Turn us away and we'll burn you first.
She has grow so much in the past seasons and i love it
Dt; every Dany stan | ac; Post malone - hit this hard | cc; voidlinslow .
[ #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #omgpage #afterglowrct2 #aquilarc2 ]

ignore the glitch at the end ;)
ac : bratayleysm
my (bad) coloring!
[ #eclipsegrp ]

no parent should never have to outlive their child
ac. me (give credit)
#calebgrp #eclipsegrp ?!

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