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Evening lovelies✨ So we've spent the day thoroughly purging our house - have filled three black bags from this room alone, and Ben's been doing the office ( we now even have a fancy new filing system which might just mean we never have an out of date passport again, please god 😬🙏🏻). I took down all of our lovely wedding cards which made me a bit sad too - definitely feeling the post-nuptials come down now - but getting rid of stuff and streamlining feels so right for this weather and the new season that awaits 🍂 So one for COSY on #colourmyhome and 'things that make me smile' on #myhouseinseptember - my house will never be entirely free of colourful clutter but it does make me happy to have it tidy. Even for five minutes 🙄✨ #nestandthrive

I have a hallway full of unfinished and yet-to be started projects but I'm ignoring them all - after the week that's been in it - and we are hitting the coast for the weekend and defying the bank holiday DIY stereotype. First though I'm heading to a very exciting meeting @facebook HQ as they've invited a few of us 'influencers' in to show around their offices and teach us about insta algorithms and Facebook shops etc. (I know I didn't think I was an influencer either - shhh 🙊) I'll definitely report back any juicy bits! I'm amazed more people don't realise that Facebook own Instagram! That's definitely something that fascinates me. Anyway have a great day all. I'll try to post as much as I can from there as I've heard their offices are super duper. The DIY can wait! ✨#cornersofmyworld #cornersofmyhome #ihavethisthingwithrattan

Almost impossible for me to walk past #vanilwoodbridge without popping in. So much new-season eye candy to take in - they were just putting the finishing touches to the windows last night and showed me all the new gear including printed cushions, side tables and rugs from @andnewfurniture @seraxbelgium @pappelinaofficial and baskets and pendants from @housedoctordk @tinekhome and @mabel_and_co as well as local gorgeousness from artists and illustrators such as @brieharrison ✨Loving all the fruity pops of orange and lemon too 🍊🍋I wasn't convinced when I first started seeing oranges creeping back into home furnishings but I'm feeling it more and more now, aren't you? And it's gorgeous how emma @smallgatherings has styled it up here, nice and sparingly layering it with more neutral natural materials and textiles.The Easter bunnies in the window are all hand stitched from pre-worn fabrics by locals and are being sold for £35 each, with all profits going to @stelizabethhospice which is a lovely idea for an Easter baby gift 🐰✨ So Friday - yay! After the school run I'm about to drive two hours to MK to visit @hjsouthwood @southwoodstores with @kinship_creativedc and I have to admit I'm already getting nervous. Have I ever told you what a rubbish driver I am?? (I'm not sure kay @kinship_creativedc realises yet just how bad 😬😬). Please wish me luck on the M25 🚗. And if you're wondering where we are in a few hours all you lovely blogger ladies of the @anniesloanhome workshop send help!! 🚗😬🚗#fwisfeed #newseasoninteriors

Spent the day shooting in THE most fabulous space for our December cover today 🌿💚 Lots more on stories, but thank you lovely Sommer @housecurious and team @ekbbmag @susan_springate @thecornerplot ✨ Also another one for all the greens on the interiors hashies this week as well as WINE AND DINE on #myhomevibe ✨ This house doubles as a location space and wouldn't this be the perfect table for some long table dining, supper club style? I'm on a sunny train home looking through all the pics of the day & can't wait to see it now in print. Have a lovely evening all ✨

Almost all sorted for the registry office now 👰🥂 The kids and I are wearing a terracotta palette of clays and pinks and also got my shoes for the church now (thank you @rachelsimpsonshoes @anthropologieeu ) but still on the hunt for something to go with the @andotherstories dress I'm wearing. Lovely new autumnal candle and home fragrance range from @thewhitecompany putting me in the perfect mind set for all this harvest wear. Now if the weather just behaves I'll be very happy!! We are picking up our rings later today and I then have to go get my hair did 💍💍! Oh and also down to the library to finish the kids reading challenge. What's everyone else up to? ✨#colourmyhome #autumnpalette #showmeyourboho #mycuratedaesthetic #bohoismyjam #myhyggehome #roomhints #myhshome #myhyggehome #nestandthrive #interiorlovers #sweetspotstyle #interiordesire #styledbyme #sassyhomestyle #eclecticdiverseinteriors #eclecticdiversehomes #interiorandhome #interiorforinspo #homedesign #deco #howyouhome #coffeeenclothes #styleiswhat

Hey insta world!
So that's Monday down and you will now find me crawling into this sunny chair as we try to get the kids to sleep before at least 10 oclock tonight 😩. With these light evenings, their bedtime has just moved later and later and then they don't sleep for ages even when they are in bed, and I am just driven demented running up and down the stairs. So tonight. 730 bedtime and I am going to be sat here, reading my book and waiting for 😴😴😴 - I will try not to fiddle on my phone and I might actually get to the end of The Essex Serpent finally. Other news today? I went for a walk at lunchtime and managed to drop my new phone and smash its screen - yay!!! Luckily it's payday tomorrow as I am seriously squeezed this month. Weddings aren't cheap are they?!! Anyway, one for CHAIRS on #averyimportantstyle @laurabeardwood @violetandpercy and for OUTSIDE IN on #colourmyhome ✨ Have a lovely one all✨ pic @cathy.pyle styling @kinship_creativedc #makealistmonday #nestandthrive #outsidein #ihavethisthingwithgreen #ihavethisthingwithchairs

A gorgeous stop-over @beaverbrookestate soaking up the design inspiration of @nicolahardingdesign with one of my besties, catching up and making plans 💚🌿 We sat in the far shady corner & put the world to rights. Don't you love all the green? Very strong botanical vibes here, in this most understated foodie destination and cookery school, on rolling parkland near leatherhead in Surrey. The second phase of their country house project - #beaverbrook which will include a spa, private cinema and country clubhouse opens in July. All only 19 miles from London!! Watch this space... I can't wait to go back and see the finished project. Happy bank hols all - whoooop 🖤✨#thespacesilike #tablesituation #restaurantdesign


Hello Friday, my old friend ✨ With two weeks to go until the next @fash_reboot I've given my phone a shiny update with a new case with our @cherylrawlings logo . I like the black writing on white but then I think it would look equally good with white writing on black. The customised cases cost about £19 at @caseapp but I have a 20% off code if you want to use it. It's CIARA20. I think I might have to buy another one. I've just seen they also have marble backgrounds and lovely tropical leafy ones too 😜🌵🌿🌱🌴🍃. Also tickets for entry and some pitches are now available for the 6th Oct @fash_reboot in Ipswich and I've just updated my profile with the direct link to Eventbrite. Have a great start to the weekend. Apparently it's going to be a scorcher!! At last!! ☀️#caseapp #fromwhereisit #mobileaccessories #iphonecases #kikkik #kikkikgold #fashionreboot

Day 21 - Living Room #myhouseandhome photo challenge

I love our slate floors but I'm desperate for a rug for this room now winters looming but I keep changing my mind as to what the perfect rug/perfect colour should be 🤷🏻‍♀️I've narrowed it down to 3 now but it's such a big decision isn't it and eye wateringly expensive to fill this big floor space so I've got to get it right - I'm thinking just to get us through winter I'm going to get 4 bright pink Ikea rugs & join them together so watch this space 🌺🖤🌺I really fancy a pop of colour - definitely pink
Just going to throw this is for TEXTILES #colourmyhome @design_soda_ruthie
Oh I nearly forgot swipe ➡️for Estate Agent before pics for #revamprestylreveal @revamprestylereveal
#myspaceanddecor #walltowallstyle #luxuryinteriorsonabudget @decoretc_emma #rockininteriors

A little bit of bedroom sparkle for #colourmyhome ✨cosy ✨ week and also one for cushions on @houseandhomemagazine who tagged me earlier ✨ It's also softly, softly day for day 11 on #myhouseinseptember so can this weave from @neverperfectstudio count? I'm sadly wrapping up wedding bits and pieces this evening and I have to say people have been ridico lovely and generous!! I love my friends and family!! Not only have we a nice little nest egg to play with @johnlewisretail next spring, we were also gifted some gorgeous art work, including prints and pieces from @abismalll @joby_hickey @madebyvenice and even a piece by the artist who used to live in our house which is really so so special. Thank you @salpal40 @sherrisingleton @nicokos and all you many many others who aren't on here. I also found a link in our local Facebook closed group mums page raving about our wedding. How funny is that?!! I wish we could do it all again to be honest!! And there I was worrying my head off about it for weeks before. Anyhoooo, tempted to turn the heat on and get properly snuggled here, writing my thank yous. Have a lovely evening all ✨

Okay so here's a space that is just pure inspiration, and even though it's not strictly colour at home (it's snapped in a cafe called @holymatcha in San Diego) we just couldn't let it pass us by this week. We love the jungle wallpaper, the Miami feel furniture and even the fluffy pink cushion - it's just such a riot of pastel colour inspo for the interior senses. So congrats this week to our #colourmyhome winner @lebellagypsy 🍃👏🏻🌵🌴🍃 And also special mentions to @liznylon @gold_is_a_neutral and @projecthomedesign . Thanks so much for playing along everybody! Next week's theme is COSY, which is in keeping with our prize for you which is a candle from @tinkertailoronline 's brand new shop - we will put the prize on our stories. Antonia is also our co-host for next week so please follow her and of course us - @design_soda_ruthie and @mairihelena and me @ciaraelliott . We can't wait to see what you creative lot come up with next week ✨

Two weeks post wedding, it's time to get the house plans back on track. The builders are turning up next month and we need to have bathrooms, kitchen etc all planned and ready to go. Ha! So after a week at the office - where I edit a kitchen design magazine - I'm now spending the weekend looking at kitchen showrooms 😂😩. Irony!. It's great fun, I can't complain, it's just there's so much choice it's hard to know where to start, although we will keep it local today and hit @neptunehomeofficial and @howdensjoinery @davonport_interiors .Also one for for pattern and texture for day 8 on #myhouseinseptember and for 'interiors with words' on #myhometrend . There may be some kitchen and bathroom Pinterest spam coming up very soon... These tiles were snapped at @housecurious during a shoot and I love those teeny penny tiles and the monochrome. It's a very American look 🇱🇷 - but catching on here big time now. Have a great day all ✨#allthingsmetric
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#showmeyourboho #mycuratedaesthetic #bohoismyjam #roomhints #myhyggehome

A lot of the interiors in Naples look as if they've come from the inside of a jewellery box and have been designed by a wedding cake confectioner. It's all a bit OTT but so impressive too. This pic was snapped @museodicapodimonte which is one of the largest art galleries in Italy ( it houses Caravaggios as well as Titians and Boticellis) and used to be a Bourbon palace. So another piece of inspo for pastels week on #colourmyhome 💕🎀💒🍬🍰 and also one for pattern on #myhouseandhome @houseandhomemagazine Happy Tuesday loves! ✨#decorhashtagfeed
#myhomeforhp #eclecticdiverseinteriors
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Sunday morning. Back to bed with the papers and a cuppa. And this little dog. Have a lovely morning x

Morning all✨ Popping in with a few more GREENS for #colourmyhome this week. A scattering of @abigailahern cushions from @debenhams and my new PJ top from Nine by @savannahmiller (which really IS a PJ top 😂 it's coming on honeymoon with me!). Also got my vintage bootleg @chloe 👖 out - in true @fash_reboot spirit ✨ Have a great day all ✨ This day next week we will be heading for the registry office 🎊✨ Two more days of work and then five days to get everything in place. Yikes! So the prize this week on #colourmyhome is a £50 kit incl greeting cards and botanical print from @charlestottenham , so please keep following them as well as @mairihelena and @design_soda_ruthie to be in the mix! #interior123 #interior4all #interiormilk #howivintage #finditstyleit #styleithappy #designjunkiestyle
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#showmeyourboho #mycuratedaesthetic #bohoismyjam #myhyggehome #roomhints #myhshome #myhyggehome

Spent the day shooting in THE most fabulous space for our December cover today 🌿💚 Lots more on stories, but thank you lovely Sommer @housecurious and team @ekbbmag @susan_springate @thecornerplot ✨ Also another one for all the greens on the interiors hashies this week as well as WINE AND DINE on #myhomevibe ✨ This house doubles as a location space and wouldn't this be the perfect table for some long table dining, supper club style? I'm on a sunny train home looking through all the pics of the day & can't wait to see it now in print. Have a lovely evening all ✨

9 years ago this December #lifewhizzesby

Hello lovely people of insta and coming in to you with all the leafy love for the interiors hashtag challenges this week 🌿💚 So they are
SHOW US YOUR GREENS on #colourmyhome, INSPIRE on #myhomevibe,
CELEBRATING on #styleithappy and WINE AND DINE US on #sassyhomestyle
It is Day 14 on #myhouseinaugust and the theme is METALLICS and there are two new hashies I've noticed this week which are #wallpaperrocks by @woodchipandmagnolia and #showmeyourfireplace @janefitchinteriors and @tkandishop

I think this picture ticks a lot of boxes including wallpaper, greens and inspiration. It is the lovely coffee stop @theespressoroom in Covent Garden where we popped on Friday before celebrating pre-wedding with my two sister in laws to be @hesperdoodle and @eva2489 - we wined and dined at @palomarsoho . Obviously its greens for colourmyhome but tomorrow is Day 15 on #myhouseinaugust and it's challenge is GREEN too, so this is for that too.

Have a lovely one all! And tell me if I've missed anything off or if there are any new hashtags out there I should add to the list. All these other hashies listed below are so worth tagging too, if you dont have them already saved:
#yourcreativeworkspace #sweetspotstyle

Little Stan out on the juliet balcony this mornin... very romantic 💗

What an absolutely gorgeous week it's been on #colourmyhome, thank you so much for getting so behind the theme of collections. It's been a really difficult one to choose as we have been seriously wowed and inspired by so many entries. We loved @Karen_Barlow's peachy corner and @the_girl_with_the_green_sofa's riot of colour, but this weeks winner is someone whom we are all a fan of, the lovely @hygge_for_home who needs little introduction from us, but if you're not familiar with her feed, go and have a look, it's an absolutely stunning grid full of eclectic monochrome modern Bohemianism with warm woods, pattern and a focus on really good design detail. 🌱🌵🌿🌴🍃 So guys, its Sunday, the sun is shining and we are feeling all the verdant greens right now. Next weeks theme is Show Us Your Greens, we want to see everything from minty green to deepest darkest emerald and even those turquoise shades inbetween. The prize is a fabulous hand drawn botanical print from @charlestottenham, so go on, keep following us @mairihelena @design_soda_ruthie and me @ciaraelliott as well as @charlestottenham for this week - and SHOW US YOUR GREENS! 🌿🌵🍃🌴🌱 #howyouhome #creatingmyhome
#howivintage #finditstyleit #styleithappy #designjunkiestyle
#myhomevibe #mybohomestyle
#interiorlovers #sweetspotstyle #interiordesire #sassyhomestyle #eclecticdiverseinteriors #eclecticdiversehomes #interiorandhome #interiorforinspo #homedesign #deco #howyouhome
#showmeyourboho #mycuratedaesthetic #bohoismyjam #roomhints #shelfie

Couldn't load some posts yesterday as we have the world's most variable broadband! So here is Day 8 for #myhouseinaugust LIVING ROOM...or a very small portion of it as the rest is a 'work in progress' as they say! This end of the room is dominated by a whole wall of bookcases which, as you can see, need a serious bit of sorting too!

A corner of my kitchen...complete with husband's rude birthday cards!

These are lovely and if I was in the market for new plates these would be contenders. I've always owned blue and white china and it's instinctively what I'm drawn to when I look in shops. Isn't it funny how we fall into these routines when shopping or sourcing? It's a bit like looking in your wardrobe and realising you own 57 pairs of black trousers. I promise you I don't own 57 pairs of black trousers, but you know what I mean. .
#tabledecor #tablesetting #apartmentlife #designhounds
#colourmyhome #blueblueblue #ihavethisthingwithblue #sassyhomestyle #myhomevibe #myhometrend #myhomeforHP #myhyggehome #interior123 #interior4all #interiorforinspo #colourmyhome #decoratewithcolour
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The team over at @rubedolondon were so sweet to pop this up on their blackboard. We all enjoyed the most delicious eight course lunch there after the wedding ceremony. Rubedo is our favourite restaurant, the quality of food and wine is exceptional and so affordable. We love you Rubedo! Photo by our lovely wedding photographer @sophiecarefull

Evening all! Thank goodness it's Friday and time to relax. Sorry I just can't keep up with all the hashtags going on which is a shame, but just not enough hours in the day! #eclecticdiversehomes #eclecticdiverseinteriors #myhome #myhouse #interiors #interiordesign #interiorstylist #interior123 #interiorstyling #interiordetails #interiors4all #darkinteriors #realhomes #apartmenttherapy #myhomevibe #interiormilk #elledecor #livingetc #interiorinspo #myhyggehome

I'm on a roll, here is #dining for day 4 of #myhouseinaugust. We used to have a very formal dining room, which we only ever used for dinner parties and family Christmases. It seemed a total waste of space, so we knocked down a wall and created an informal eating area, within the farmhouse kitchen, with direct access to the garden. I love the space it creates...even if my guests do insist on talking to me whilst I'm trying to conjure up some spectacular culinary triumph and appear completely calm at the same time! #domesticgoddess

I can't believe I'm only got to day 3 of a hashtag challenge before tripping up! In my defence yesterday was totally (or should that be totes?) crazy! By the time I remembered it was 'Rugs' day on #myhouseinaugust, I would have happily collapsed onto the first rug I came across! So forgive me please and, as I'm sure it never said on my school reports, I know I 'need to try harder'!! 😘

Well I told you it was going to be pink 💖💖💖 The new @ekbbmag mag is out today and it's full of all kinds of loveliness including 75 pages of kitchen & design ideas as well as mid century furniture schemes and great salvage kitchen and bedroom ideas. There are also interviews with design & foodie faves @maitlandandpoate @jacksonandlevine and @edward_bulmer ... I'll tag as many contributors as I can and there will be loads more later on stories... 💖💖 Oh and in separate news I have an Insta discount code for #danielwellington watches that I've been meaning to share - you can see my rose gold one here, it's so pretty. Use CIARAELLIOT15 and you can get 15% off too - it's valid from today through to the 31st August ✨Happy Thursday all ✨

Am I the only one who takes pictures in the loos? Was very excited about the Tom Dixon lights here and those gorgeous brass framed mirrors. Black and brass is always a winner. .
#interior4all #bathroomdecor #bathroomgoals #darkwalls #decoratewithcolour #freeupmyinsta #styleithappy

🖤 Follow Train 🖤

Okay hold up, everyone because here is a list of stunning interior accounts with amazing ladies behind them who are looking for some new interiors accounts to check out!
Follow everyone on the list, comment 🖤 on this picture on each account then we can check yours out!! 😄 🚅 Train ends in 24hrs!
@rikkeholmprivat #myhomevibe #colourmyhome
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I'm forever wondering and scheming about adding more space to our Victorian terraced house. This new build by Architects studio De Rosee Sa in London has so many elements that are people pleasers. Lots of light via skylights, gorgeous metal framed windows and the wood cladding all combined with that vintage leather armchair..... cor. What's not to love? .
#designlovers #abmathome #amonthoflovely #finditliveit #interior125 #inspiremyinstagram #interiorwarrior #interiorlovers #howihome #interior4all

I love 'roughing up the edges' of contemporary interiors with a little bit of vintage! What do you think?

Dropped in for coffee with a lovely friend today. Her home is simply stunning. Every piece of furniture and every accessory handpicked and beautifully styled. Sigh...

Is it okay if I just go to my non-hen hen (mark 2) tonight doing my best impression of the 💃💃💃💃 emoji? Still deciding what to wear but this @zara dress is a big possiblity ✨ have a fab one all - Im over the non holiday. Let the pre wedding celebrations begin!!🥂#wiwt #🥂#💃 #fwisfeed #

For me the design of restaurant is all about enhancing the food. It's an important and crucial factor in whether I enjoy it. That might sound a bit shallow but I know I have a big dollop of aestheticism in me. I think there is something almost arrogant about not thinking about the customers total experience in a space. I've eaten in over lit, over air conditioned places. I've sat on uncomfortable seats and eaten off less than pristine tableware. Only one of those experiences still managed to knock my socks off because the food was from heaven. But mostly, these experiences have left me feeling, meh. Or worse. This was not one of those places! In fact this little place came up trumps on several fronts recently in Biarritz. Great food, friendly service and decor that I thoroughly enjoyed. Surf boards on the ceiling, oh hello. Might be odd in my house but brilliant in a space that over looks a beach and in a location that is synonymous with surfing. I am thinking about ticking a lot now, I wonder why? .
#biarritz #pursuepretty #restaurantdesign #designlovers #designhounds #mytinyatlas #finditstyleit #interiorinspo #myeclecticmix #interiormilk #onlyinterior #currentdesignsituation #styleithappy #sassyhomestyle #colourmyhome #brightboldhome #mystylishspace #howivintage #finditstyleit #styleithappy #designjunkiestyle #mybohomestyle #sweetspotstyle #eclecticdiverseinteriors #eclecticdiversehomes #interior123 #interiorstyle #interiorsinspo #interiordeco #interiordesign

Tagged for @mvwetter new hashtag #allmyplantsononething by @jackie.hoyte but as I haven't had any time to faff or take any pictures recently this is (another) pic of my bathroom 💙 Sorry! I also meant to post it last night for #myhouseinjuly COLOUR theme but I was ordered off my phone by my 7 year old when I got home from work last night and banned from Insta for a few hours. She's right!! I really do need a break sometimes - it's a ridiculous yet satisfying addiction, but you need to rein it in sometimes and I think we've all been there!! Anyway if any of you lovely ladies have time to faff with this leafy new hashtag I'd love to see your #allmyplantsononething - @williamskate79 @fringe_and_fray @houseinthemiddle @sophiewarrensmith @erica_davies @thevintagehousethatcould @deecampling @kinship_creativedc _ - you are all such green fingered honeys bet you'd post something lovely if you fancy the challenge?!! And if you aren't sick of seeing my bathroom on my Insta (it's the only room in the 🏡 even approaching finished 🙈) it's going to be featured in @homestylemaguk next issue. Three whole spreads and me looking v awks between double sinks 😂😂 Very exciting!! It's out next Wednesday but you can be sure I'll be reminding you closer to the time. Thanks @luximonmon for the feature and team @cathy.pyle @kinship_creativedc for 🌱📸✨ Happy Wednesday all ✨ Who's out christmassing it up at the press shows today? Oh yes I am 🎄! #nestandthrive #myhyggehome #myhomevibe #sassyhomestyle #colourmyhome #cornersofmyhome #bathroomdesign #shelfdecor #brightboldhome #mystylishspace #mystylewednesday
#howivintage #finditstyleit #styleithappy #designjunkiestyle
 #sweetspotstyle #eclecticdiverseinteriors #eclecticdiversehomes  #interiorforinspo #homedesign #howyouhome

Finished painting the new/old mirror for the ensuite #downpipe #farrowandball

It's a beautiful sunny morning and I'm enjoying a slow, peaceful start to the week after a very busy weekend!

Tagged for #dreamroomgoals for @_lisa_dawson_ (and also @kinship_creativedc and @malmo_and_moss was it? Or reena @hygge_for_home ? My brain!!). Just a bit of leafy courtyard dreaminess from Pinterest for a Tuesday... we actually have an internal courtyard in our house and if space & money were no object I'd love to have big open glass rooms like this 🍃🌱🌿 Great master bedroom or honeymoon suite too! Anyone know of any fab little bolt holthole an easy skip from here w rooms like this? We've a few days in September to take off after the wedding and need somewhere easy to get to. What have you got @laurabeardwood @gold_is_a_neutral @alexcrabtreepr @erica_davies ? If you fancy dreaming along with Lisa's new hashie? ☁️☁️☁️ #secretsofgreen #greenery #bedroomgoals #blamepinterest #bedroominspo #bedroomdecor #interiorlovers #sweetspotstyle #interiordesire #sassyhomestyle #eclecticdiverseinteriors #eclecticdiversehomes #interiorandhome #interiorforinspo #homedesign #deco #howyouhome
#showmeyourboho #mycuratedaesthetic #bohoismyjam #myhyggehome #roomhints

Because wreathmaking doesn't have to just be for Christmas, does it?✨🌿 Popped into the @sainsburyshome press day yesterday and bumped into about a gazillion people including @design_soda_ruthie @hello_peagreen @gold_is_a_neutral and @haylsgilbert ✨ it was like a mini xmas party in there 🥂🌿Also saw so many people out and about Christmassjng yesterday - have tagged you above!! But I'm thinking these simple wreaths could be rather effective as wedding styling, don't you? I like the white chairs too, so one for CHAIRS week on #averyimportantstyle and OUTSIDE IN on #colourmyhome . Also nominations open today for #kbbdigicon Influencer Awards in September so keep an eye on the @ekbbmag feed for more ✨ Happy Friday all ✨ #nestandthrive #weddingstyling #tablesetting #tabledecor #finditstyleit #styleithappy #designjunkiestyle
#interiorlovers #sweetspotstyle #sassyhomestyle #eclecticdiverseinteriors #eclecticdiversehomes #interiorandhome #interiorforinspo #homedesign #howyouhome
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Love an all blue bathroom, and isn't this one at @beaverbrookhouse designed by @nicolahardingdesign perfection? 👌🏻 Deep blue wooden panelling and encaustic tiles with a hint of metallic - all very new nautical, don't you think? And a good way to make the most of a bathroom with no natural lighting too. So I've just spent the last hour at work writing a 'my fave trends in bathrooms' blog for @_lisa_dawson_ on behalf of @ekbbmag so I'm literally all bathroom-ed out now. But am now running some bubbles at home instead and feel it's time for a podcast or two when the kids are in bed... anything new or fab I need to know about? I tend to listen to playback on @rteradio1 and @dollyalderton and @pandorasykes 'the down low' but also love 'you must remember this' and @emmagannonuk 's 'cntl alt delete' thank you @hanhandoran and @katiebyrne90 (for those ideas) but I'd love to know about any new ones? Oh and you know the smashed screen on my new iPhone? Turns out it's going to be three hundred squids to fix as it's the brand new model & they haven't worked out a cheaper way to do it yet. So if my pics look a bit wonky from now on it's because I'm staring at a smashed screen while I save up to get it fixed - what a disaster!!! 🙈🖤✨ #beautifulbathrooms #bathroomdesign #tilelove

Hey insta world!
So that's Monday down and you will now find me crawling into this sunny chair as we try to get the kids to sleep before at least 10 oclock tonight 😩. With these light evenings, their bedtime has just moved later and later and then they don't sleep for ages even when they are in bed, and I am just driven demented running up and down the stairs. So tonight. 730 bedtime and I am going to be sat here, reading my book and waiting for 😴😴😴 - I will try not to fiddle on my phone and I might actually get to the end of The Essex Serpent finally. Other news today? I went for a walk at lunchtime and managed to drop my new phone and smash its screen - yay!!! Luckily it's payday tomorrow as I am seriously squeezed this month. Weddings aren't cheap are they?!! Anyway, one for CHAIRS on #averyimportantstyle @laurabeardwood @violetandpercy and for OUTSIDE IN on #colourmyhome ✨ Have a lovely one all✨ pic @cathy.pyle styling @kinship_creativedc #makealistmonday #nestandthrive #outsidein #ihavethisthingwithgreen #ihavethisthingwithchairs

Morning✨ So it's 'bringing the outside in' week on #colourmyhome this week so here is my little leafy bathroom view and a eucalyptus by @cathy.pyle to get you all in the mood for botanicals 🌱🍃🌿🌵. Other challenges on the interiors hashtags week are ART on #myhomevibe (count this as an entry 😘); KITCHENS on #styleithappy And CHAIRS on #averyimportantstyle . There is also a new hashtag #mystylishspace on the scene so be sure to add it to your list. And later today @ekbbmag Will announce the first winner on the hashie #ekbbhome So exciting times in hashtag world!! Happy Monday all ✨

It's past gin o'clock and I'm still working 😫and to make it worse hubby's stuck on the A1 going no where quick😫so my weekend is not going as planned😤Have we finished wood week? If not our kitchens full of it!
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Is it the fact it's green theme week on American hashtag #howyouhome or just that we can't get enough 🌿💚🌱🌵🍃 in our lives right now?? Either way there are some properly gorgeous nature hued pics on our #nestandthrive hashtag, it's a joy peruse. Remember that @anniesloanhome is our guest host this week so please tag and follow her, as well as @kinship_creativedc and me @ciaraelliott to be in with a chance to win this week. Love the mood of all these captures which are by (from top to bottom) @teawithruby @flames_house @gables_the and @createandbalance - they all deserve a quick #followfriday wouldn't you say? That @farrowandball wallpaper and that fern wreath as well as the three shades of green above and the simple sprig of 🌿 by the coffee cup, I do love them all!! 💚💚Happy Friday all✨ #colourmyhome #greenery #ihavethisthingwithgreen #greengreengreen

Hanging rattan pendants, big mirrors, loads of greenery & floors so glossy you could skate on ⛸ ... I could've stayed at the design fuelled #hamyardhotel all day - and in fact I mostly did. Coffee and then lunch followed by afternoon tea - all between rain, showers and quite a few 📸. Thank you @grazziepinto @ripplesbathrooms @simshilditch @nickycrow2 👌🏻✨ Also spot the pompom basket @angelstoresuk ✨Oh and anyone know the term for those big French green bottles that were big in the 70s (left of frame?)? @mad_about_the_house blogged about them not so long ago and I love them. Found liberally here and am now deeply coveting 💚 #colourmyhome #thespacesilike #hamyardhotel #designinspo #hoteldesign #kitkemp #firmdalehotels #howivintage #howyouhome #naughtyteas #prettycitylondon #youmustsee

How nice to be able to sleep under a sheet🤗no rain as forecasted so first thing today off to water the garden. Funny how to find new angles of your home to photograph by accident, here I've just busted the freezer door again so collapsed on my arse pissed with myself but turned around and thought yeh nice shot, funny how IG changes your mood. All the dining room chairs were rejects from our local pub and other thrifting they need a recover or I look at replacing not sure what to do......
What's the lovely @home.of.four @my_home_impression and @li_trodd doing today if you're not too busy, apart from cooling off I hope 🤗
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Lots of fun spending half a day out of the office shooting in our garden today for upcoming prizes on the @ekbbmag new hashie #ekbbhome ☀️Not used to being at home during the day so met both our cleaner and our window cleaner for the very first time - how bad is that 😮?? Nice when Mr Postie arrived with the new pompon basket I'd ordered from @angelstoresuk though - and it went straight into a shot we were styling with @mrs_moore_england pretty ceramic ware (giveaway on @ekbbmag tomo). Pom-poms and peonies, pretty much sums up shooting in June. And the heatwave is an absolute bonus too 🌿🍃🌸 One for BLUSH on #averyimportantstyle . Have a lovely evening all ✨ #putapompomonit #naughtyteas #finditstyleit #styleithappy #myhomevibe #nestandthrive #gardenlife #teainthegarden #colourmyhome

Sorry for the 'loo picture! but I'm still feeling the love for these tiles! It feels so good when you know you've made the right design choices doesn't it?! x

Everything in the @theconranshoplondon looks like an art installation. I love to see these ceramics arranged with just a pop of cactus against the dark walls. Simples - and one for DISPLAY week on #colourmyhome ✨ It's going to be 31• here in the east of England today so thank god I'm not going further than my garden this morning, styling up blog and insta posts for @ekbbmag ✨ Although at least the office has aircon. I know we are not allowed to complain about the heat as we only ever get three day summers but is anyone else finding it all a little sweaty? 😰 Stay hydrated whatever you're up to today ✨#shelfie #shelfielove #interiorforinspo #interiorandhome #finditstyleit #homedesign #deco #ceramics #ceramicsart #shapedbyconran

I hate it when people moan about the weather but honestly today I've had enough, while watering the garden I hosed myself not a look that's going to win me any wet t-shirt competition, age has sorted that out😫Along with sweating profusely some bastards bitten my knee and my dog is obsessed with licking off the anti bite cream, not that it was ffing itchy before😫so now I'm deciding whether to sleep in the lounge tonight or on the grass it's got that desperate.
Anyway to cover all basis the lovely @ciaraelliott has listed the many #tags so I can remember so this goes to #sassyhomestyle for wood our gorgeous reclaimed dining room table and wooden chair, #styleithappy is metallics got our rather rusty now plant pot, #howivintage for the original vintage fabric I upholstered the chair in and finally a new #tag yippee for @ekbbmag #ekbbhome which of course includes kitchens
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Ooh is it just me or is everyone else feeling a little dizzy in the sunshine today?? And while I would very much like to extending the weekend with garden parties and sunshine, or even just lolling on a blanket in our garden with a big fat book and something fizzy and cold - @hesperdoodle I wouldn't mind being back here with all you lovely lot again – I was back to work with a bang today, and with the air con on FULL. But I do have some exciting news over at @ekbbmag towers to report. The team have come up with a brand new interiors hashie for all you interiors lovers to play along with and I'd love for you all to add it to your repertoires. It is #ekbbhome and they want to see all your best bathroom, bedroom and kitchen images which they will reward with brilliant prizes!! This week alone we've giveaways including £100 of @falconenamel , a full tea set from @mrs_moore_england store and a gorgeously indulgent bedspread from @tielleloveluxury . Other interiors hashie challenges this week are: #colourmyhome DISPLAY (thats me @ciaraelliott, @design_soda_ruthie and @mairihelena to follow), #averyimportantstyle BLUSH (follow @violetandpercy.co.uk and @archiesboutique) STOOLS on #myhomevibe (follow @_lisa_dawson_, @deecampling and @around_houses) WOOD on #sassyhomestyle (follow @nickiekellydotcom and @hornsby_style ) and METALLICS on #styleithappy (follow @lovefrankiedotcom @comedowntothewoods @malmo_and_moss and @thisstyle_rocks ). I like the sound of all those challenges, not sure where to start. Oh and also on our #nestandthrive hashtag we have the lovely @anniesloanhome co-hosting with me and kay @kinship_creativedc which is also very exciting. So if you can pull yourself away from the sunshine long enough to take a few pics around your house, you have LOADS of inspo and incentive right there to get posting. Shooting in my garden first thing tomorrow morning so I am now off sourcing props (read poking around the garage) to see if any of it will work. Have a lovely evening all✨#outdoorentertaining #interiorlovers #sweetspotstyle #interiordesire #eclecticdiverseinteriors #eclecticdiversehomes #interiorandhome #interiorforinspo #homedesign #deco

Morning! And happy father's day all. It was such a toughie this week, picking from all the #colourmyhome entries in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom categories - so much creative talent out there, we were all inspired - but we have a winner! Congrats to @nicolabroughton38 for this shot, which we all thought was so cleverly layered with pattern, accessories and (of course!) colour! Nicola wins a subscription to @ekbbmag who will be in touch very soon. Next weeks theme is 'Display', which can be any corner of your home that you've styled up, from traditional art and gallery walls to collections artfully arranged on surfaces or objects on walls. And to celebrate all of this display, the good people at @posterlounge are offering up a £50 voucher to spend on their fabulous wall art. So please keep following @design_soda_ruthie @mairihelena and me @ciaraelliott as well as @posterlounge for next week ✨

From the tan leather sofa to the graphic mirror to the sculptural lighting, this room set up was so simple but so effective at the @heals_furniture press day yesterday, although there was a LOT of inspo, it's hard to pick just one thing. Tagged for a #widn last night by lovely Reena @hygge_for_home and I'm right now packing a picnic, slathering the kids with sun cream and donning a very large hat as I go out to face almost six hours of sports day at school today 😬 😎. What are you up to @fringe_and_fray and @malmo_and_moss @nancy_straughan and - if you fancy playing along? Happy weekend all✨#healsaw17 #colourmyhome #myhomevibe #myhyggehome #autumninteriors #interiortrends

Another very small corner of calm in a mad house!

The house is still in chaos after our recent renovation projects so finding the odd tidy corner means I can convince myself that all is calm! #whoamikidding

Throw a tablecloth over some cafe tables, string some paper garlands around the vines and finish with cascading strings of bistro lights, et voila! You've created an instant outside party room, no massive hassle involved. So impressed with what @eva2489 and what @bigtones achieved within about 12 hours last weekend, while the kids were at ours, I'm entering them for #myhomevibe outdoor spaces theme this week 🌿 We need to do something a bit like this at the back of our garden although it will be next year at this rate, after the builders finish. Hasn't it just been the most amazing sunny day here in the east of England though? I've been pounding the streets of London Town but I'm now on a train home & hope to have my feet up in the garden soon. Nearly the weekend and the kids sports day to look forward to tomo. Starts at 930 and ends at 3 and parents are expected there all day, and I'm not even kidding 😬. Is this an English thing because definitely where I grew up in Dublin we did not have all day parental involvement sports days?? I'm not sure my parents even showed up!! Anyway any survival tips (that don't involve alcohol -it's been banned) below please ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #colourmyhome #styleithappy #sassyhomestyle #finditstyleit #myboldhues #averyimportantstyle

Purples, browns, mustards, oranges... colour is coming for you, people. Are you ready to get your full Eastern spice on yet for summer? This is one from last week's press show @theconranshoplondon and I can truly say it was all byootiful. One of my favourite shops in London - hands down - they just always get it right, don't you think? 💜❤️ Even purples & oranges (my two least fave colours 😝) look good under their watch 👌🏻MORNING✨ #shapedbyconran #colourmyhome #colourstylehome #myhomevibe #myboldhues #finditstyleit #sassyhomestyle #styleithappy

These lovely light summer evenings✨ When you get back from work and still have time to wind down in the garden for an hour or so... Bliss! And in honour of kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms week on the #colourmyhome hashtag I'm now giving you a rare glimpse of our own cook space (and slightly going like this 🙈 while posting it). The kitchen here was put in 40 years ago (it still has a hatch! And a marble pastry making area!) and we haven't upgraded it yet as all of this comes out when our new extension goes in so we are just waiting... But in the meantime we lashed @anniesloanhome @chalkpaint on to cover the terrible pine clad & ceilings (out of shot) and put simple rubber floors in after ripping out the cheap lino. The blue was like that, and it's actually grown on me 💙 The best description from friends are 'it feels like a holiday kitchen!' Or 'it's very french!' Although it's unlikely we will actually miss it when it's gone 😬. I'd like to reuse these solid wood cupboards maybe though although not quite sure yet how/where. I'm just so ready now for the builders. It's all such a slooooooow blooody process, right? 😬😬✨ (can't say we weren't told) #finditstyleit #myboldhues #myhomevibe #nestandthrive #colourstylehome #kitchendesign #kitchenremodel #nestandthrive

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