Swipe. Random girls this afternoon. •

Sauce -
1st: Original Character
1st Artist: caidychen
2nd: Kodama Izayoi from Stellula Eques
2nd Artist: koku
3rd: Original Character
3rd Artist: hasu
4th: Houjuu Nue from Touhou
4th Artist: ebi 193
5th: Amairo Senki from a doujinshi
5th Artist: st.germain-sal
6th: Ara Han from Elsword
6th Artist: kafu

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*cough* Asuna and Albedo post tomorrow *cough* join my discord to get the pics now *cough*

It's 2018. We need genetically engineered cat girls already.


Fuck. That text really fucked up my mood. My cigarette cravings are kicking back up again. I should go for a run later today. That'll take my mind off things.

Oh man, my morning just started off with my mood in the dumps.

Insert yawn here. It's coffee time.

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