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Hey Leute🌸😍💕
Und wieder eine super tolle Aktion, diesmal zum Buch #chaoskuss von @terii94 💕
Das e-Book, Chaoskuss, der erste Teil der Chaosreihe, gibt es gerade für nur 1,99€💕
Es hört sich so gut an, hier einmal der Klappentext:
Das Leben der 17-jährigen May wäre so viel einfacher, wenn sie sich nur mit den typischen Teenie-Problemen herumschlagen müsste. Doch May ist nicht wie die anderen – sie ist eine Hexe. Und trotzdem muss sie an ihrer Schule das normale Mädchen spielen. Immerhin ist sie nicht das einzige übernatürliche Wesen dort, weshalb es neben dem alltäglichen Highschoolwahnsinn auch Stress mit nervigen Vampiren, streitlustigen Walküren oder unzufriedenen Dämonen gibt. Aber dann lädt Noah – ein Mensch! – sie auf eine Halloweenparty ein und plötzlich scheint doch ein bisschen Normalität in Mays Leben einzukehren. Aber nicht für lange… .
Hört sich das gut an oder hört sich das gut an😱😱😱💕💕💕Ich habe sogar ein selbstgemachtes Schucklesezeichen bekommen😍💕 #bookstagrammers #bookstagrammer #bookstagramm #chaosreihe #teresasporrer #ebookaholic #ebookaktion #bookcover #bookphotography

Gute Nacht ihr lieben 💕! 5 Runden Mühle mit meinem Mann, 5 Runden verloren und keine Lust mehr 😂😂😂 bin so müde, lese bisschen (bin erst bei Kapitel 4) und Schatz wird noch ein bisschen Arbeiten ❤️ #gutenacht #lesen #kindle #kindleunlimited #ebooklover #ebookworm #ebookaholic #reading #sarahsaxx #daslebenundseinhinterhältigerplan

На фото штучка, яка завжди-завжди зі мною. Нарешті шіковні львівські хлопці привели мій айпад до презентабельного вигляду 😂 (він був розбитий, після одного неприємного інциденту 😬).
Тож тепер я знову можу читатии😅 Багато хто не признає електронні книги, мовляв, в них немає душі. Як на мене, то це мега зручно. А душа книги - в самому тексті, а не на папері, де він надрукований.
А ви віддаєте перевагу паперовим книгам, чи електроніці? 📚
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Oggi è la giornata internazionale del libro!
Vi segnalo che l'ebook di Dov'è Alice? è in offerta su tutti gli store online 😍

Link di Amazon in bio ❤️ #ebook #page #word #dovèalice #dovealice #amazon #kobo #promo #offerta #readers #blog #blogger #fantasy #stefaniasiano #promoebook #bookholic #booklover #bookaddicted #bookaddict #ebooks #ebookaholic #ebookaddict

"The land of the living was not far removed from the domain of the ancestors." 👣📚
Teach us more!
#chinuaachebe #achebe #thingsfallapart #landodtheliving #ancestors #africaliterature #nigerian #books #bookstagram #bookaholic #ebookaholic #ebookaddict #ebooks


Oggi è la giornata internazionale del libro!
Vi segnalo che l'ebook di Dov'è Alice? è in offerta su tutti gli store online 😍

Link di Amazon in bio ❤️ #ebook #page #word #dovèalice #dovealice #amazon #kobo #promo #offerta #readers #blog #blogger #fantasy #stefaniasiano #promoebook #bookholic #booklover #bookaddicted #bookaddict #ebooks #ebookaholic #ebookaddict

ᑭYTᕼOᑎ: ᗩ ᔕEᑕᖇET ᗷᗩᗷY ᗷᗩᗪ ᗷOY ᖇOᗰᗩᑎᑕE 🅑🅨 #alexisangel ➡️I got a 12 inch 🐍 and I'm gonna hide it in your bush...
There's not a woman alive able to tame me. You won't be the first to try. You won't be the last to fail.
You simply won't get past my 8-pack abs, rugged face, and ripped body.
Let's not forget the name of this book.
Once you see my python twitch, your mouth will go dry.
It'll get thicker and you'll want to touch it.
It'll change it's color and you'll want to taste it.
And once you do...
My venom will shoot inside of you.
And make you wild.
That's the power of my 🐍...
💭 Ok! This is a pastime read for me. As per the title, Python. Ya, the main character have a size of a python hidden in his pants and he's very proud to show the world what he has. Not to forget he's rich, handsome and hot. Then next we have erm, sexy goddess who act in a porn. She's hot and python is very interested in her. So as our Mr villain in the 📚. He's kind of obsessed with her too.
As for the secret baby?? Nah, trust me. It isn't secret at all. This author is capable of writing naughty and dirty scenes. But sometimes, it does seems replicating to me. But anyway, enjoy the 📚.

ᗯOᗰᗩᑎ Oᖴ TᕼE ᕼOᑌᔕE: ᗩ ᗪᗩᖇK ᗰᗰᖴ ᖇOᗰᗩᑎᑕE 🅑🅨 #alexisangel ➡️My stepbrother makes me sigh. My stepdad makes me sore. Yeah...I'm a lucky woman...
Sure, the two men in my family never got along. After Sloane's mother died, his stepdad Drake got married to my mother. That marriage didn't last but it made them my family.
So now they're both single. And it's time for me to play.
Which one will I choose?
The strong, silent, alpha who makes me feel protected?
Or the cocky and dangerous bad boy who focuses on my pleasure?
Why not both?
Who knows. Might be kinda fun. Teasing one. Tempting the other. Crossing into a land of forbidden delights...
It's a tantalizing and delicious possibility that comes into the picture with the three of us.
But people are gonna be jealous and will try to stop us.
It's a gamble.
If we win, it'll change our lives forever.
If not, it'll tear us apart...
💭This is more of a threesome story between a Stepfather, stepson and stepdaughter. They did not have any blood relation between them. The second story is also a threesome. Similar story but we have senator, mayor and governor instead. 🔞 and below. - Girls always have some fantasy and why not read this book to enjoy?

ᗯᕼEᖇE GOOᗪ GIᖇᒪᔕ GO TO ᗪIE 🅑🅨 #hollyrenee ➡️ It was a bad idea from the beginning.
He was my brother's best friend and the definition of unavailable.
But I didn't care.
I had 💕him for as long as I could remember.
He was worth the risk. He was worth everything.
But then he broke my 💔as easily as I fell for him. He watched me fall, spiraling out of control, and as I reached for him, he wasn't there to catch me.
So I ran.
4️⃣ years later, I never expected to see him again.
He was still my brother's best friend, and he was more unavailable than ever.
He looked every bit the bad boy I knew he was, covered in tattoos and a crooked smile.
Guarding my heart from him was top priority because Parker James was where good girls go to die.
Unfortunately for him, I wasn't a good girl anymore.
💭It's actually about second chance love between Parker and Livy. They got some misunderstanding between them but when Livy return home after four years, Parker is engaged to another woman. So what's gonna happen when Parker couldn't forget the woman whom he ❤️ and Livy couldn't forget the man whom she ❤️.
➡️ This book have Parker and Livy POVs.
➡️ The book have flashbacks between Parker and Livy throughout the story. Makes u wanna find out what's the real reason they broke up.

ᕼIᔕ TO ᑕᒪᗩIᗰ 🅑🅨 #ashleymichelle ➡️“I don’t know which is worse—having your mate die or having them reject you.” Shortly after reaching maturity, Scarlett finds her mate… only to face a painful rejection that threatened to cut her life short. No one told Scarlett reaching maturity would hurt this much, but she came out the other end stronger, braver, smarter, and a little less naïve.
Seeking to pick up the torn pieces, she leaves her pack for a town well away from her home, far away from her ex-mate who just can’t let her go even after claiming someone else.
All seems well until she wanders into Alpha Noah’s territory and she finds an unfortunate blessing. The Goddess has given her another chance at a mate—only it has to be with Noah, a demon wolf plagued by his own dark past. With tainted 🤚and a shattered ❤️that almost drove him to madness once more, he has turned ice-cold.
Their wounded souls push and pull, but some things just won’t heal. Rogues have been ravaging their world, and in a war where hundreds of lives have been lost, revenge is all that’s left.
Is the Goddess playing a cruel game this time? When utter carnage surrounds her, will Scarlett’s inner luna rise to the challenge? Will Noah ever get to claim her as her mate?
In a world where families are pitted against families and bonds are severed as soon as they are formed, there are no guarantees.
💭 I'm back from my hiatus for 📖. 😉 This 📚 gotten my attention from wattpad. She started writing there and then it gotten published at Amazon. Now, this is a good 📚. It's about Scarlett being rejected by her alpha mate, David. He chose other over her cos his family sees her as a weak 🐺 and she'd not be a good Luna. She's running from David cos he wouldn't let her go even though he mated other woman. Actually 🐺 only have one mate but she's given another chance when she met Alpha Noah.
1️⃣ This book have multiples pov.
2️⃣ It has some suspense that has u guessing who's the traitor
3️⃣ The females in this 📚 are not weak.
4️⃣ Very enjoyable read. I've ✅ it since I've started it. Couldn't stop❗️

Polynesian tale in English version everyone ! Please check it out 😍 and enjoy the reading !
Amzn https://goo.gl/vyh7h5
Kobo https://goo.gl/HVYWO7
FNAC https://goo.gl/wJltQL
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