Ebola is a virus that causes a hemorrhagic fever. It’s named after a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it was first discovered in 1976, when the country was known as Zaire. It’s usually seen in remote areas but Ebola caused an epidemic in the west African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia in 2014-2016, infecting at least 28,000 people and killing 11,000 of them.
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El Ministerio de Salud de la República Democrática del Congo ha elevado a 46 el número de afectados por el ébola. 21 de los casos están confirmados, mientras que el resto se considera como probable o sospechoso. Además, se cree que 26 personas podrían haber muerto a causa del virus. Cuatro de los 21 casos confirmados se han dado en la ciudad de #Mbandaka, de 1,2 millones de habitantes y con conexiones de avión, fluviales y por carretera. Por eso se teme que la enfermedad pueda seguir extendiéndose por el país. Aún así, la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) descartó decretar una alerta global. Este es el noveno brote del virus en el país en 40 años. En las anteriores ocasiones estos se produjeron en zonas aisladas por lo que no se expandió a gran escala. La gran epidemia de 2014 provocó la muerte de más de 11.000 personas en #Guinea, #Liberia y Sierra Leona. #republicademocraticadelcongo #africa #congo #virus #internationalpoliticks #ebola #salud #follow #oms #sierraleona

#KongoDemokratikCumhuriyeti'ndeki #ebola salgını can almaya devam ediyor.​ #​Kongo Sağlık Bakanlığı yetkililerinden alınan bilgiye göre, kanamalı ateş belirtileri gösteren 45 kişiden 17'sinin ebola olduğu laboratuvarda doğrulandı (4’ü Mbandaka, 13’ü Bikoro’da). Ölü sayısı ise 25'e yükseldi.
Salgının etkilediği #​Mbandaka ​ve #​Bikoro’da 2 Ebola ​#​Tedavi Merkezi kuran ve karantina alanlarında hastaları tedavi eden ​#​SınırTanımayanDoktorlar#MSF 50 ton #salgın müdahale kitini de Kongo’ya gönderdi. ​Bu malzemeler arasında, #tıbbi yardım kitleri, koruyucu kıyafetler, eldiven ve çizme gibi izolasyon ve #karantina malzemeleri içeren korunma ve #dezenfeksiyon kitleri ile naylon örtü, klor sprey ve su arındırma kitleri gibi malzemelerin bulunduğu lojistik ve #hijyen kitleri ile #palyatif (hafifletici) ilaçlar yer alıyor.
Fotoğraf ise 2014'ten, MSF arşivinden. 2014-2015 yıllarında Batı #Afrika'da yaşanan salgın sırasında, ebolaya karşı koruyucu kıyafetleri içindeki MSF hijyen ekibi. ©Anna Surinyach #medecinssansfrontieres #doctorswithoutborders #ebola #outbreak #acil #tıbbi #yardım #salgın #müdahale

#Chimpanzee habits may help us fight #disease

Scientists are studying #Africa-n chimpanzee eating habits to exploit plants for medicinal purposes.

A group of scientists are examining the eating habits and behavior of some wild chimpanzees based at the #Taï_National_Park in the southwestern region of #Côte_d_Ivoire.

They’ve taken it upon themselves to study what the chimpanzees ate, which included leaves, fruit and the stems of the #plants, and then test the items in a laboratory for potential new ways of treating diseases.

Results suggested that the diets of chimpanzees are made up of plants that are a rich source of compounds that improve their #immune_systems and protect them from certain diseases.

The findings have opened the door to exploring the #properties of these plants, and then to test their ability to treat disease in humans.

#Genetic-ally, chimpanzees are the closest animal to humans, sharing 98 percent of the human #DNA. We can also catch the same diseases, including #yeast_infection-s (#candidiasis), #Ebola and #HIV_AIDS. Chimpanzees are also able to get #cancer.

EU releases emergency aid and starts humanitarian flight service to contain #Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo by EU Reporter Correspondent - https://www.eureporter.co/health/2018/05/21/eu-releases-emergency-aid-and-starts-humanitarian-flight-service-to-contain-ebola-in-democratic-republic-of-congo/ #featured #fullimage

DR Congo Set to Commence Ebola Vaccination Programme
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The Democratic Republic of Congo is preparing to launch an Ebola vaccination programme Monday in a bid to stop the latest outbreak of the dreaded fatal disease from spreading.
The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) put the death toll at 25, with three new cases in the country’s sprawling northwest confirmed by the country’s health minister in a statement seen Saturday.
Alarm bells sounded last week after the outbreak, previously reported in a remote rural area of the country, notched up its first confirmed case in Mbandaka, a city of 1.2 million.
The first wave of immunisations will target healthcare staff in the northwest who have had direct or indirect contact with ill patients, the Congolese government said.
Among them are Hilaire Manzibe, a doctor at Wangata Reference Hospital in the city, who described how he treated a patient on May 1 who arrived from Bikoro, the epicentre of the current outbreak, with symptoms of fever and vomiting.
But the patient’s family refused treatment and instead returned home to administer traditional medicine — a cultural hurdle that was one of the largest obstacles to overcome in the last outbreak which began in 2014.
More than a week later he returned, “the patient showed all the signs of the fever that has hit Bikoro,” Manzibe said.
An isolation ward was prepared, but he succumbed to the fever. “The patient was in contact with our receptionists, went to the doctor for a consultation and then was in my hands,” explained nurse Julie Lobali, who will also receive a vaccination on Monday.
WHO has dispatched 35 immunisation experts, including 16 mobilised during the last deadly outbreak in West Africa which began in 2013. The rest of the team is made up of newly trained Congolese staff.
Around 600 vaccinations are to be administered.
Donors had promised 300,000 doses of the vaccine, a government spokesman said, of which around 5,400 have already been received.
Not an international concern
On Saturday Health Minister Oly Ilungao said three new cases were confirmed in Mb ...

Airway Post / Köşe Yazarları
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@abujaairport with Federal airport authority of Nigeria (FAAN) have reactivated the ebola preventive programme in the wake of recent case of ebola in Congo. A country that shares border with Cameroon.
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T-NEWS:Kampeni ya Chanjo dhidi ya Ebola kuanza hivi leo nchini Congo.


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Doctors in ISTH Using their hands to apply sutures to JOHESU members UBTH chapter19 of them who were involved in an accident 2day
There are no materials to use as JOHESU members ISTH chapter have locked up hospital equipment

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