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Some time has passed between now and when we last spoke... Hi

Just above the clouds, I found a moment of tranquility, a moment of quiet, a moment to think, a moment to be clear, a moment to see where I'm headed, and a moment to rest...

Just feeling good #rep kaba#ebnc

"Fin". I sat outside this morning reflecting on the tales written of my travels. The space was quiet, the vibe peaceful, and the atmosphere serene. I wondered still, if it was all real... I suppose it didn't matter in the end, however, I knew there was no going back after Mars and there were many other worlds waiting to be explored. Now I just need a spaceship...

Planetside" We woke up from cryosleep 21 days from our scheduled arrival date. "What happened then?!" I asked our Chief Engineer after a full day of debriefing. His explanation left us more than a little puzzled. Our recounting of the events that transpired simply did not correlate with the data we collected. Everything from videos, to notes, to atmospheric readings indicated we landed on a dry, windy and desolate red planet. No life, no human activity, no infrastructure, no nothing... There was no other evidence other than what we spoke of.
Everything we experienced was in fact real, but only real to us. We were in fact at the same locations as the ones where data was recorded but what we perceived through all of our senses was completely different from what was picked up by our equipment. We reasoned and rationalized it. Despite our interpretation, nothing could have felt more real, more visceral.
Our mission was designated a failure despite the treasure trove of information we recovered from the red planet. This was mostly due to the results of the psych evaluation we received after returning... Perhaps we weren't ready for all we had learned, perhaps we were, perhaps there were others like us just waiting to hear about our adventures, the real to us truth about it.

We decided to tell our story as a series of entries, with visuals and with words, the story of our trip to MARS.

3-2-1 The moments before takeoff, we said our goodbyes to the planet we had become so familiar with in such a short time. We walked in slow motion through the tunnel leading to our now docked ship. We turned around, we waved... And we boarded. As the ships boosters prepared to throttle the ship to and beyond escape velocity. I couldn't help but experience it all one last time... In my mind. The team had collected hours of footage, thousands of photographs, and pages upon pages of notes, but nothing could come close to the experiences and the memories of them... I heard the rockets fire, a rumble bubbled up from the bottom of the ship, we took off.

"Geared". We placed our findings into the data-pods and prepared for departure. Our space suits were stored in lockers, awaiting the time they would be needed again, and they were. Not for the remainder of our time on the Martian surface, but for the space ride home, back to Earth. There was an excitement and a deep sadness felt amongst the team. Excitement for all the new findings that would be mined from the data collected, an excitement to teach and recount what we learned and what we felt, an excitement to expand the minds of others. A sadness for leaving a planet we had grown so attached to and become such a part of, a sadness for the eventual desynchronization with the planets invigorating energies, and a sadness for the people we were leaving behind. We shared a similar ancestor at one point, but in the millennia since they have grown into the people they are now, true Martians, from Earth. Now it was time to depart.

"Trek". We gathered data, lots of it, so much in fact we had to call it "Big Data". We couldn't process it all at once due to how large the datasets were. The little we could, we did, the rest was to be processed by the central neural network on the ship. We projected it would take months to process the data, thus it would be saved for the space-ride home.
The data we collected was no longer for us, for we had something we knew our fellow earthlings did not. Exposure to the Martian atmosphere, and the changes in our perception and understanding that came with it. With more time, more knowledge would bubble up from our subconscious but we didn't have forever to spend here. We knew it and so did the people of this planet. We continued our walk through the city at a leisurely pace, observing a little more of what life was like here and the various paths people walked through that life...

"Survival". Humans like to work with their hands, something we knew quite well especially of those left on earth. As we continued our passage through the city we came across machines, yes machines; despite the ability of Martians to manipulate objects telepathically, some of them found ways to work with their hands, building tools and machines to help them do the work when concentration on telekinetic manipulation became difficult.
People still had to recover and refuel, much like us when we do physical or mental/intellectual work. The machines took over when the people needed to rest and the machines rested when the people felt like working again. There was a sort of balance to the interaction and from what it seemed like at the moment, the machines were resting. They had been resting for centuries.

"Department of Earth Studies" Where the ancient knowledge of connecting oneself to planetary energies is taught. The ancestors of the early Martians were "Earthers" that learned to synchronize their energies with the planets'(many of them hailing from the African continent). Using chants and sonic instruments they were able to tap into earths core vibration, gaining vast amounts of universal knowledge and power in the process.
They gained an understanding of quantum entanglement by matching harmonics. This is what allowed them to teleport themselves to Mars and the knowledge was taken with them. None who had the knowledge was left behind, and so for millennia the knowledge was lost to the remaining people on earth. We now had that knowledge, that understanding and that knowing... The time for us to return home was drawing near... #quantum #entanglement #sci_fi #story #visualcreator #love #architecture #building #balance

"Monolythe" Just beyond the buildings under construction lay the monolithic structures of the early days. Weathered by the red sand in the air but still maintaining all of their structural integrity they were a testament to the intuitive ingenuity of the people that built them. Tall, rigid structures that rose from the ground to touch the tip of the sky, built by their collective thoughts and hands, the team could not fathom just how much energy it took to think such structures into existence.
One clue was directly in front of us... All around us actually; it was the energy of the planet itself. Mars augmented the baseline of human capability. We felt it, just as they did, the invigorating energies coursing through our bodies restoring, recharging, and upgrading our very beings. If they were capable of such feats, what then could we accomplish if we were able to master harnessing such energies.

"The Understanding". That was what we came away with after exploring the ruins. Not an understanding but The Understanding. Having gained a familiarity with the planets' biosphere, atmosphere, and vibration we returned to the city where the descendants of the first people settled.
In that time a lot had changed. We saw new structures being erected using very simple engineering techniques. The time the people had spent here lent them an even deeper insight to the inner workings of the universe. Tasks could be done using telekinesis, but something about working with their hands gave the people a great peace and so the continued the practice over millennia. We stopped to observe and collect data on their building techniques. No doubt this could be useful for environmentally conscious builders back on earth.

"Wildomesticat". As we explored the ruins, we encountered other creatures that were brought here from the "great teleportation". The people chose to release these formerly domesticated lifeforms into the Martian wild. Terraforming the planet and bringing in plant life from earth made the transition much easer for these creatures. However, they, just like us were changed by the exposure to the Martian atmosphere. They too were awakened, invigorated, restored.
And so we came across a wildomesticat, leaving its home to forage for food amongst the ruins. It looked at us with deep, knowing eyes. The wildomesticat turned to face its task just as quickly as it had spotted us.
Mars did not just affect us, it affected all life that was brought here. We wondered how the plants were affected by the energies of the red planet and how the lifeforms learned to coexist on a planet they were not indigenous to. We took notes and continued exploring...

"Phase Shift". Getting to the wall was no small feat but we made it. The tree guarding the wall created symbols and patterns... Perhaps for us to read. The wall looked rather "breakable" but when touched you could feel the diamond clad/ unbreakable structure in the way it was built. Yet another paradox we had come across and the symbols weren't helping... At first.

I didn't expect the redness of the mud to permeate our thoughts as we sat quietly figuring out a way to decipher the symbols, soon it was all were preoccupied with. As our bodies began to vibrate in sync with the wavelength of the color, we realized we could move through it. One of the team members though to touch the symbols and all of a sudden - Fwoosh; we walked through a wall... On Mars. What lay beyond the guarded wall were the ruins, remnants rather, of the first group of people to arrive here.

"Of Life". After crossing the land of bright trees and the land of fields we reached "the tree". At this point it felt as though we were receiving information about the environment we were exploring telepathically, and outside of visualizing our brain activity with our portable scanners we had no way of understanding exactly how this was happening. Needless to say, the visuals did not clarify much. It felt more like "knowing" than "perceiving". The wall in front of it was made with the red Martian soil, so red, it registered a new wavelength of infrared reflected off its surface. Everything in our perception was vivid; the tree, the ground, and our newfound telepathic communication with the caretakers of this place.
What we knew once we got to the tree was that it was guarding something. There were no visible doors or an entrance to speak of, yet that's precisely what the tree was doing; guarding an entrance. We knew we had to take a closer look, so we began walking toward the Tree...

"Early-Onset"/"Martian Morning". After concluding a full analysis of the atmosphere and with the blessing of the people, we set out to explore the planet... No spacesuits!
To say the least the air felt different; lighter, cleaner, crispier. It felt unusually invigorating. Unusual perhaps because it wasn't what I expected. The rest of the team also confirmed the feeling after taking their suits off. Something about this place energized us in ways we hadn't felt before - not just human but superhuman.
We set out early on what would prove more interesting and freeing than we could have ever anticipated.

"Sanctum of Symmetry". We spoke at great length with the humans of Mars. They were interested to learn who we were, our travels, and the places on Earth we had been. We told our story: the story of humanity, technology, war, and love. One thing they held strongly to, passed down by their ancestors (and ours to a degree), was the concept of love. "It was how they got here". Everything else, their history and the tales of Earth in the time of yore had become myth in the midst of change. Their culture had evolved past ancestry they had long since forgotten into something better suited to this red planet. All this we learned at the "Library of Invisible Books"; in my eyes - a sanctum of symmetry and meditative learning though observation.

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