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Role de hoje #RiderLazza #Ebnc #SharkEnergy #PilotoSpartan 💪🏁🏆🏁🚵💨

Final de semana foi de race! #EBNC

Fotinho do findi ✊🏼🤘🏼#EBNC

Final de semana passado ocorreu a 5°etapa do campeonato gaucho de downhill na cidade de rolante, no sabado con pista seca e no domingo com muito barro, nao obtive um bom resultado devido a duas quedas na minha oficial, uma delas perdendo bastante tempo mas agora é foco pro próximo final de semana q ocorrerá o downhill urbano de carlos Barbosa (DHU), vm la galera q o dhu estara top, dallee #specialized #792 #estreante #ebnc #riderborotto

Relembrar é viver! #dh #ebnc 504

Mais uma open doida! #ebnc #djnight

De volta pras pistas !#EBNC #chefeéchefenépai

Vídeo da minha chegada, obtive a 7° colocação na cat. júnior, não foi como esperava, mas vamo pra próxima!!! 👊✊ valeu pelo vídeo @dorsbr0 #EBNC

Hoje foi dia de treino em Nova Petropolis #specialized #EBNC


Mais uma open doida! #ebnc #djnight

"Moon Rise". Just before the sun came up, she stopped the flow of time. I gazed endlessly at her beauty and what felt like hours were just seconds - the seconds before the bright, the seconds before the light.

"Nocturnal". A celebration of the 3 nights we had a brightly lit sky.

"Sea of Night, Island of Light". Basking in the lunar rays reflected from the sun, a colored white light sits alone in the sky, looking beautiful as ever.

"Tine Lime". The older walk, the younger run, the slower talk, the faster thought, the pressure of work and ease of fun, our haste to "live", makes us forget, to stop and just be in the moment. Somewhere in the midst of it all there is a balancing, where everything experienced coalesces into a calm equilibrium of understanding. Somewhere in between the beginning and the end we find peace.

"Hustling, Bustling, Rumbling" Yeah, that's Lagos for you.

"Same bridge, different night". I said sometime ago I felt this bridge had been photographed way too much. I took one shot of it and said that would be it...

"Depth of Night". It's 430am, the power has been out for about 12 hours now. I've been up since 1am, preferring to sleep during the day most of the time now. This is usually a reflective time, and without the demands of the day it's easy to drift into deep thinking. I've learned to appreciate the night in what feels like a completely new way.

Mais um grande final de semana! Meeting de verão em BC, acabei em 12º na cat. Junior, só tenho a agradecer meus pais, pois sem eles nada disso seria possível!

"3AM". Same time, same hemisphere, same location, same coordinates, same space, same day, same time

"The Flame Still Burns". The fire comes alive under the right conditions,
It's peculiar form is ever so formless,
It exists for the time that it does and fizzles out,
Who knows how long it lasts,
All that is for certain is that it is... The Flame Still Burns.

"Dialogue". Where do we go from here? I don't know, let's just start walking.
That's the conversation you have with yourself before embarking on a new journey... At least I do.

"To the End of the Beginning". Through the heat of the sun, the force of the wind, and the winding paths

"The Builders". Mapping, planning, plotting, stacking, building.

"Lagos Vibe-Life". The vibrations of the colors, they create this organized chaos that somehow leads to something beautiful when it's all taken in.

"Benin City". My final shot of the city. I had quite an interesting time out there but I've been back in Lagos for some time now.

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