#bigwhitecanvases #underpainting with #inkstains for the exhibition loosely titled: Ligature & Nest at Commonweal in Bolinas Aug 2- Sept 26,2018 This stage of the underpaintings occurred over the last week and a half with lots of drying time in between. The #timelapses show the works in a darker wet state. The surfaces tend to dry lighter as i continue to build them up. #biggerscale #exhilarating #intimidating #ebbandflow #moreaboutthejourney

those centimeter movements are the worst. i need to take a break from these games.
(of course, we know i won't be able to stay away. 😖)
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How things change with the Tides.... #Mood #Caves #LowTide

Everyone, alive in their own worlds, barely looking up to see the other beating hearts around them.-KG

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Children's yoga is back! Lucy, our specialist Children’s Yoga teacher will be running half-term classes on Wed 30th May & Thu 31st May, suitable for ages 4-12. Book in quick, places are filling up fast! Call 01252 715933 to book.
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✨See profile for full post reveal... @ebb.flow.studio 🌿

✨Well, I guess it’s time I officially introduce myself. My name is Lauren, and I am the founder and owner of Ebb & Flow Movement Studio 🌿 As you can see from the picture, I’m very excited about opening soon! We’ve got big plans ahead Charlotte, and you can follow us here for more studio details, updates, and promos as we get closer to our grand opening!! 🙌🏼🔜⏳ In the meantime, go follow my personal @instagram account @la.childs.pilates to get to know me, and then keep checking in here for more instructor introductions. We can’t wait to move with you✌🏼

✨See profile for full post reveal... @ebb.flow.studio 🌿

Aquamarine Mala with Tibetan Silver Lotus Flower 😊🙏🏻📿 #closeup These nuggets are approximately 5mm-6mm on average. Features a Tibetan Silver Lotus Flower & Handmade tassel ❤️ $108 includes shipping #ebbandflow #handmade #etsyshop #mala #aquamarine #108 #meditation #goodvibes #lotus #healingcrystals #madeincanada #bc #mountainlife

STAND OUT !!!! MAYBE today you can be that person who smiles and starts a conversation with the stranger in the elevator, maybe you can be someone who stands up for that person people are gossiping about when everyone else just follows the crowd, maybe be that person who is overly compassionate and “weird” all in one. Maybe be that person who talks about things that are uncomfortable just so someone else feels okay enough to finally come out of there shell. Normal is boring be a unicorn in a field of horses 🦄 #letsbedifferent

Fishing plays a primary role in our industry on Cape Cod. That being said, it comes with its challenges. Some seasons may not be abundant, it’s so physically grueling, that injuries are common and boats are expensive and unpredictable. The @womenoffishingfamilies provides support when times are tough. Come support the women in the pink boots this Saturday, May 26 at the Chatham Fish Pier from 11am-2pm. There will be family activities, live music, delicious food and beer and wine! WOFF is the type of organization that keeps this small town afloat.

The best way to get rid of the pain, is to feel the pain. And when you feel the pain and go beyond it, you'll see there's a very intense love that is wanting to awaken itself. ✨ - Chopra

This beautiful quote really resonates with me... I want to take a moment to re-connect, and let you know what's been going on in my world. Recently, I've experienced five deaths in a six week period. It felt like life had taken a wrecking ball to my heart. I didn't know how to cope with all of the pain, the grief and the loss, so I tuned out the world and went within. 
In my weakest moments, I have learned the greatest lessons. NOW is the only reality we have. It's through embracing the ebb and flow of life, hunkering down and getting real, being honest with ourselves and bravely sitting in silence and truly feeling the full spectrum of emotions, welling up inside, that we truly heal.
A monk friend told me, not to think. To meditate more, so I've sat in silence, meditating, allowing myself to feel my way into healing. As I did, an interesting thing happened. I developed a curiosity around what I was feeling. Even though it felt like I had fallen apart, could it be that through times of transformation, we're not actually falling apart, we're simply falling into a more authentic, beautiful, version of ourselves? 
It's been a difficult time, that's for sure, however, I've also learned that not all storms come to disrupt our lives. Some come into our lives to clear a path for us. Embrace the storm, because sometimes, healing can be the end of conflict within oneself.✌#storms

how to have a wonderful summer👆🏼

Flow... Flow... Flow... “Different forms of energy vibrate at different rates like a river, energy flows from higher to lower levels, moving through repeating cycles, expanding then contracting, like our breathing.

Since everything in the universe is a form of energy, everything falls within the domain of the Law of Cycles: Sunrise and sunset, the waxing and waning moon, the ebb and flow of tides, and the seasons of the year all reflect this law. It reminds us there is a time for everything under the sun. All things rise and fall.

A thought or action initiated while this pulsing energy is rising gaining momentum travels along easily toward its success, but a thought or action initiated in a descending cycle has reduced impact. When a cycle is not favorable we wait until it is rising again…

Appreciating the energy cycles of our lives helps us apply good timing.. Each of us has our rhythms. As we find our own rhythm, we take advantage of whatever point of the cycle we find ourselves; we learn to flow in harmony and rhythm with the Law of Cycles.” ~Dan Millman

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