Let’s face it — dads are pretty awesome. So, in honour of Dad and all the other fathers in your life, I’ve handpicked some super cool Father’s Day gift options to help you make this the best Father’s Day ever. And if you're still stuck on what to get him, visit ebay.ca/FathersDay.

Is your Pops already a grilling aficionado? No problem! Help him step-up his barbecue game with a rotisserie kit, a smoker box, a branding iron or a Himalayan rock salt slab- his meals will never be the same. But what’s dinner without a refreshing beverage? Shop hundreds of beer mugs, coolers, whisky stones or SodaStream fountains. Does he need a new hobby? Give him the gift of a green thumb with a new lawn mower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer or lawn aerator. If he loves the great outdoors, shop camping gear, sports equipment, activity trackers, gym bags, running shoes, bikes and golf sets. Just in case you're not ready, keep in mind that eBay.ca has everything at great prices!

Surprise and spoil your dad with the very best this Father’s Day. Whether he spends his time in the boardroom or on the bike trails, there’s something on eBay.ca/fathersday for even the most difficult dad.

I found this vintage Burberry trench coat the other day but the comps don’t look good, will need to do a exchange:(

I put 90% of my own closet on EBay and surprisingly they are selling! I wanna go to this year’s EBay Open but I am hoping to meet some other Canadian sellers, let me know if you are going!

Everyday I learn something new from reselling. Here are some BOLOs of my last week’s sales!

So, it sucks when you have 100s of items you want to list but your monthly limit is 10. I swear I click on the “request higher limit” link on a daily basis hoping that by some miracle my limit will increase. But sadly eBay’s automated response has consistently been that an increase cannot be granted at this time and to check back next month. Well it’s only been about a month so far. I’ve tried to research work arounds for this but the consensus seems to be to exercise patience and wait 90 long days. While this has been so frustrating as I haven’t sold much and I’m in the negative at this point, it’s also been a learning experience. I’m constantly checking the # of views, reducing prices, bundling items, and finding more affordable shipping options, anything to generate some sales. Now that I’ve gotten a bit more familiar and comfortable with the process I’ve also recently tried listing on .com vs .ca to see if there’s any difference in sales (so far I don’t see any difference but maybe it’s too soon to tell). And I’ll also start looking into international shipping (other than to the US) to see if this helps increase my sales. So while I have a love hate relationship with eBay right now, I can appreciate the process and until I am able to list more on eBay I am trying to utilize other platforms (side note: what’s up with Poshmark not being available in Canada...so not cool). With that being said please feel free to check out my listings on Carousell and Depop. Link in bio. I will also be sharing some of my favourite finds here as well so send me a DM if you see anything that interests your thrifty palate.
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Some nice flips for the past 90 days#canadianreseller #ebay #ebayseller #ebayreseller #ebaycanada #ebayca

Our favourite show @schittscreek 's new season is finally on Netflix! And I just found out that they shopped their wardrobe on eBay for cheap!!! So proud of what I am doing right now:)#ebay #ebayca #ebaysold #ebaysellers #SchittsCreek

HEAR YE, HEAR YE 📯..Making a Flower Crown is a lot harder than it looks (!!) but kudos to @blossommomentsflowers for being a great teacher + @shopstc for being a great host! Be sure to check out their Holiday MRKT on now until 12/24 🎁

Finally feeling like I'm back on track😊👍 #reseller #resellerlife #ebay #ebayseller #ebayca #ebaycanada #weekendsales #sales #hustle

2017 BFCM Holiday Sale
EXTRA 50% OFF WHEN YOU SPEND $50 OR MORE See all eligible items

United States--->http://stores.ebay.com/Barracuda-Swimming…
United Kingdom--->http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Barracuda-Goggles…

Great deals for #Blackfriday #CyberMonday #BFCM, 50% off Every Single Item with Your Order of $50!
Let's shop for the swimming equipment.#Barracuda #DR.B #KONA81 #LANE4 #Goggles

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Now up in my #ebaystore #lululemon no rain no gain jacket 🙂🙂 link in bio! #ebayshop #forsale #ebaycanada #ebayca #reseller

Just want to share this BOLO brand "Goldworm"! Bought for $2, sold for $99!#canadianebayseller #ebaylife #ebaycanada #ebayca #ebaysold

Sold!! #stuartweitzman #overthekneeboots 😊😊😊 #ebaysale #ebaystore #ebaycanada #reseller #ebayca #ebay #sold @alex_the_reseller these boots I had taken an offer of $80 dollars but then the buyer didn't pay. These were the boots that I canceled yesterday and sold today for $130!!🙌🙌

This handsome little guy is going all the way to Nunavut, Canada!! Now to get him ready for a very long trip to the North!! #sold #eBay #ilovemyjob #ebayshop #ebaystore #ebaycanada #ebayca

Getting ready for the Christmas season😊 #reseller #selling #eBay #ebaystore #ebayshop #ebayca #ebaycanada #ebayselling #toys

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