#eazy_info #eazy_info IF HE SAT THEM DOWN TO EAT, AND THEN KILLED THEM, IT'S PRE- MEDITATED... NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS! #rogerglennself #katelynself #amandaself #surfandturflounge #bessemercity # northcarolina #joshself #dianneself
A father has been arrested after police say he intentionally rammed his car into a restaurant where his family was eating brunch - killing his own  daughter and daughter-in-law.
Driver Roger Glenn Self, 63, was charged with first-degree murder on Sunday amid the carnage at the Surf and Turf Lounge in Bessemer City, North Carolina, on the outskirts of Charlotte. 
Killed was the driver's daughter, 26-year-old Corporal Katelyn Self of the Gaston County Sheriff's Office.
The other fatality was identified as the driver's daughter-in-law Amanda Self, a nurse who was married to a Gaston County police officer.
The family pastor said that Roger Self has been dealing with mental illness, including anxiety, depression and mental breakdowns in recent months, WSOC reported.
Pastor Austin Rammell met with the family just hours before the tragedy, and he insisted that the car rampage was 'not a conscious act'.
However, police believe the incident was intentional and domestic in nature. Cops say there is no evidence of the involvement of drugs or alcohol. 
Witnesses at the restaurant said that Self brought his family into the restaurant around noon and had them seated, and then returned to his car, the Gaston Gazette reported. 
Roger Self then drove his white SUV through the wall of the restaurant at a high rate of speed, smashing through the dining room right where the family was sitting, witnesses said.
'I was about to go check on my tables in the back, next thing I know I saw a white Jeep fly right past my face,' waiter Brandon Wilson told the local paper. 'I saw tables, chairs, cups everything flying. It was really loud.'
Local police responded to the call at 12.05pm, and called in paramedics to rush the wounded for care.
The injured included Amanda Self's husband, Gaston County Police Officer Josh Self, and their 13-year-old daughter. Roger Self's wife Dianne was also injured. All are expected to recover. 

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#SirajKhan #india #shakeelmaqbool #attack #murder #madhyapradesh #narendramodi #cowslaughter
A Muslim man accused of killing a cow was beaten to death by a mob in central India, police said Sunday. 
Siraj Khan, a 45-year-old tailor, was attacked in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh state, and died at the scene. 
Kahn's friend Shakeel Maqbool, who was also attacked, was admitted to hospital with critical injuries.
The pair were reportedly surrounded by an angry mob early Friday morning, beaten with sticks and left to die in the street.
As details of the violent assault emerged at the weekend, 400 additional police were deployed to the district late Saturday as inquiries widened, the Press Trust of India reported.
We have arrested four people, and they have been sent to judicial custody. We are investigating what prompted the attack,' local police official Arvind Tiwari told AFP.
He added that meat and a bovine carcass was found at the scene, but did not elaborate as investigations were ongoing.
Cows are considered sacred by Hindus, and slaughtering the animals, or possessing or consuming beef, is banned in most Indian states.
Cow slaughter in Madhya Pradesh carries a maximum seven-year jail term but many other parts of India impose life sentences for infringements.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has promised to completely outlaw cow slaughter in India.
The right-wing Hindu BJP has been accused of turning a blind eye to a rising number of vigilante attacks in the name of cow protection.
Rights groups say Hindu mobs have been emboldened under the party, who stormed to power in 2014. Many of the victims are Muslims.
In two prominent cases last year, a dairy farmer was killed on a roadside for transporting cows and a Muslim teenager accused of carrying beef was stabbed to death on a crowded train

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#anasuda #mimihernandez #borderpatrol #havre #agentoneal
Controversial video shows a Border Patrol agent quizzing two U.S. citizens about their immigration status outside a convenience store in Montana, simply because he overheard them speaking Spanish as they were checking out.
The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday, after Ana Suda and Mimi Hernandez stepped out to get some eggs and milk for their children at a gas station convenience store in Havre, about 30 miles south of the Canadian border. 
As they were checking out, the two women were speaking Spanish when they were overheard by a Border Patrol agent, who stopped them and asked for their ID. 
He asked where I was born, so I looked at him and I said, "Are you serious?" He's, like, "Yes, I'm serious," but, you know, with a very authoritative voice,' Suda told KVIA. 
Suda said she asked the man, who identified himself as Agent O'Neal, if she could pay for her items first. 'He's, like, "No, give me your I.D,"' she recalled. So she said she would give him her ID, but she wanted to get her phone out of her car so she could record their interaction. 
The video starts after she has retrieved her phone. 'M'am, the reason I asked you for your I.D. is because I came and saw that you guys were speaking Spanish which is very unheard of up here,' the agent says in the video. 'It’s the fact that it has to do with you guys speaking Spanish in the store ― in a state where it’s predominantly English-speaking.'
She added that she was most upset by her seven-year-old daughter's reaction to the video and said she had never encountered anything similar in the state before. 'When she saw the video, she was like, ‘Mom, we can’t speak Spanish anymore?’” Suda told the Post. 'I said "No. You be proud. You are smart. You speak two languages." This is more for her.' 'My family was asking me, because my family is still in Texas, and they were asking me, how is Montana about this? I said I have never had a problem before. I say Montana is perfect. I love the people here, the people are so nice. It is nicer than other states. I can not believe this happened,' Suda told MTN news.

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#sonikumari #maidagency #newdelhi #murder #manjeetsinghkarketa #jharkhand
A 16-year-old girl working as a domestic help in India was butchered by her boss after she asked to be paid for her work.
Soni Kumari had been employed via a 'maid agency' in New Delhi for over a year,  and her monthly wage had been pocketed by the man running the agency.
When Ms Kumari finally demanded to be paid the money owed her, agency boss Manjeet Singh Karketa, 30, strangled her and chopped her body into pieces.
Local police say Karketa and two accomplices had been running an agency which hired teenager girls and young women form poor families in rural areas, to work as domestic helps in homes in New Delhi.
Karketa and his accomplices had lured Ms Kumari from her home village in Jharkhand state three years ago, Indian Express reports. 
Ms Kumari had been paid 6,000 rupee (£65.60) per month by the family she worked for, but it had all been handed straight to Karketa's agency.
Earlier this month, Ms Kumari demanded to be handed over her salary as she wanted to leave New Delhi and go back home. 
Karketa then told her to come to his house to discuss the matter, but when she refused to back down, he strangled her.
Along with his two associates, he cut her body into three pieces, and threw them in a nearby drain.
The teenager's remains were found floating in the drain canal the following day, on May 4.
Police were able to link Karketa to the victim thanks to a tip from a neighbour, and arrested the 30-year-old. 'During questioning, he confessed that he killed the victim identified as Soni Kumari, 16, chopped her body with the help of his associates and later threw it in an open drain,' Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajender Singh Sagar told NDTV
'Kareketa used to collect the salary of Soni Kumari to keep her under his control. 'After a year the victim demanded her money so that she could return to Jharkhand.
'He tried to pacify her initially, but when she insisted he killed her.'

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This is the incredible story of a North Korean escapee who miraculously survived imprisonment in a labour camp by eating dried vomit off the ground.
Charles, who was born to a Chinese father and North Korean mother in the dictator state, managed to escape five years ago by crossing a river into China in the dead of night. 
He was born to a Chinese father and North Korean mother. When he was just 5 years old his father abandoned the family - returning to China.
Six years later, Charles' mother died from starvation and he ended up living with his aunt before eventually escaping to China and reuniting with his father in 2008.
Life in China was so much better. I was so happy because I was living my life in freedom,' he told SoulPancake.
'But the happiness I felt in China was only temporary.'
Because the Chinese government does not recognise North Korean citizens as refugees - Charles was soon deported back to North Korea.
Upon his return he was brutally interrogated by officials who tried to pressgang him into admitting he had been trying to defect to South Korea.
He denied the charges and after being beaten for weeks - Charles was sent off to the North's notorious labour camps.
'In the labour camp I was only allowed to eat 150 kernels of corn a day,' Charles added.
One morning we were marching in our rows and I saw dried vomit on the side of the road.
'I was so hungry that I got on my hands and knees and started eating the rice from the vomit. I didn't stop until the beating from the guards was too unbearable.'
Eight months later Charles was released because he could barely stand up or lift his arms.
After months of recovery - he began working in a coal mine where he was paid only in rice.
While working the mines Charles said cave-ins were common and he regularly saw other miners lose their arms and legs from falling rocks.
I worked in the mine for about a year. And I realised it was my time to try and escape North Korea again,' he said.

#brandynmitchell #lakerayroberts #asiaplatt #accidentaldrowning #isleduboisbeach #isledubois
A North Texas man has died after saving a young child drowning in a lake.
Brandyn Mitchell, 25, was at Isle du Bois beach near the city of Denten when he saw a child in need of help on Saturday. 
Mitchell, who served in the Army Reserve, got into the water of Lake Ray Roberts and helped the unnamed child onto a flotation device, but was unable to get on it himself, according to Dallas News. 
The child was able to make it to shore, but bystanders said they couldn't find the man. 
Police arrived on the scene around 1:15pm after people reported seeing a man go underwater. 
Around 4:30pm the Lewisville Fire Department's dive team recovered his body that was about six feet deep in the water. 
Mitchell, who hailed originally from West Memphis, Arkansas, was a father-of-two, according to his social media. 
He wrote '#proudfather' and '#soldier' on his Instagram.
The mother of his children, Asia Platt, took to Facebook to mourn his loss. 'You went out a hero, saving the life of someone you cared about. That is the greatest gift one could receive,' she said. 
His childhood friend Quitin Sparkmon tweeted his condolences as well.
'Hate loosing childhood friends. So many memories mane from Peewee to high school football. Show your family love whenever you can. Don't wait because it might be to late. Put ya pride down...R.I.P Brandyn Mitchell #BlueDevilFamily,' he wrote Sunday.

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#mariadelaluz #mariadelcarmenbousadalara #70andpregnant #oldestpregnantwoman #méxico
A 70-year-old woman who claims that she is six months pregnant with her eighth child will become the oldest woman to give birth if it proves true.
Maria de la Luz has shown reporters ultrasound scans which she says confirm she is six months pregnant with a baby girl.
'They told me it is a girl. Look, you can see her little face,' she said at her home in Mazatlan, a city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.
De la Luz, who did not reveal any details of the pregnancy including whether she had had IVF treatment or other similar procedures, said she first suspected she was pregnant three months ago.
'My legs hurt and I was vomiting and felt dizzy. Now they have done around 10 ultrasounds in a private clinic and in the (public) social security hospital. The doctors could not believe it,' she told reporters. 
If the baby girl is born, it will make De la Luz four years older than the current record holder, Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara. Currently the oldest verified mother in the world, Bousada de Lara was 66 years and 358 days old when she gave birth to twin baby boys, Christian and Pau, in December 2006. They were delivered prematurely by caesarean section and weighed 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg) each.
Omkari Panwar from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, gave birth to twins in 2008 but her claim to have been 70 was not provable. 
Likewise, there were also other women that were older when they had children and claimed to be of a similar age but again none of the ages have been verified.
De la Luz said some of her children were not happy with the news that she was pregnant, saying they told her she was too old for 'those things'.
She has an appointment with a gynaecologist on July 18 and she said she is expecting to have a caesarean-delivery because of her age. Bousada de Lara previously admitted that she had lied to physicians about her age when seeking in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment at a clinic in California.
She then went on to become the world's oldest documented mother, surpassing the record established in 2005 by Romanian mother Adriana Iliescu, who was also 66.

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#tawheedajan #soipathri #elephantiasis #lymphaticfilariasis #parasiticinfection
A young woman in India has feet so large that she has never been able to wear shoes and had to drop out of school because she was bullied so much.
Tawheeda Jan, 21, has elephantiasis – a parasitic infection which has made her feet swell so much she had to have her toes amputated as a teenager.
But after years of unsuccessful treatment, Ms Jan still suffers from the condition and says her only wish is to be able to wear shoes like her friends.
From a remote village called Soi-Pathri, in the Kashmir region of India, Ms Jan has to stay indoors during winter because there can be up to ten feet of snow.
Ms Jan said: 'All my life I have been deprived of the joy of wearing shoes. 'Whether it is winter or summer, I have only walked barefoot. My feet are too large to fit in any slipper or sandals.'
Elephantiasis – also known as lymphatic filariasis – is caused by a parasitic infection spread by mosquitoes.
It affects millions of people worldwide, though many do not get symptoms, and can lead to serious disfigurement.
Parts of the body – often the legs or genitals – become enlarged when parasitic worms nest in the lymphatic system, which regulates fluid balance in the body.
The parasites' nesting in the body can cause body tissue to thicken, a problem which worsens over time.
Heavy feet make walking difficult 
Ms Jan's feet are over 11 inches long and seven inches wide; their size is compared to footballs. 
Walking is especially difficult because masses of thickened tissue have made her feet so heavy.
Her feet were swollen when she was born, her father says, and they were bigger than those of an adult by the time she was a toddler.
Despite an operation to remove her toes when she was 14 – which it was hoped would stop them growing – the condition has spread to her legs.
Ms Jan's father, Hamid Wagay, who works as a farmer, said: 'Unlike my other five children, Tawheeda was born with swollen feet. 'Her abnormality became a curse for her as she was not able to wear shoes or sandals like other children.
'She had to walk barefoot even in the minus temperatures

#brianjamalwooden #cartersanders #childabuse #murder #childabuseawareness #washington
A one-year-old boy was killed and his mother's boyfriend has been charged with felony murder in connection to his death on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.
Brian Jamal Wooden, 28, was arrested after police say they received a call about an unconscious child in the DC area at around 7pm.
When authorities arrived to the 4700 block of Benning Road SE, they found little Carter Sanders unconscious.
But, there was something wrong with the baby six hours earlier, according to a neighbor. 
Around 1pm, the neighbor who did not want to be identified, said he saw the mother's boyfriend take the baby out of her SUV.
Wooden told the neighbor, 'The baby ain't breathing, the baby won't wake up.' The neighbor told NBC4 'He put the baby in his arm and took him upstairs, but I believe the baby was dead.' Police did not receive a call about the baby for another six hours. 
When authorities arrived shortly after 7pm, they found the child unconscious and tried CPR to no avail. 
Sanders was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. 
Police spokeswoman Karimah Bilal tells The Washington Post that Wooden is the boyfriend of Carter's mother.
Bilal says the baby died at a hospital of 'multiple blunt-force injuries.'
The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide

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A young girl recruited her pet cockatoo to help her pull out her loose tooth. 
In a video, Nell the cockatoo, is seen poking its head in the little girl's mouth as she records the moment. 
After a few seconds, the bird latches onto her tooth and pulls it out of her mouth. 
You pulled it out!' the little girl exclaims. 
She then takes the tooth from the bird's beak and holds it up to the camera. 'Good job Nell!' the girl says to her cockatoo. 
It was so loose and she pulled it out,' the girl says to the camera. 
She then gives her pet pal a hug as she shows off the gaping hole in her mouth where her tooth once was. 
The "cute" moment was captured in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, earlier this week.

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Families are frightened to leave their homes due to a spate of monkey attacks on people in Western India.
Terrifying CCTV footage has captured several incidents in Supa Village, near Navsari, in Gujarat state.
Video shows a primate wiping out a biker after sneaking up behind his motorcycle and pouncing on him. 
In another a monkey can be seen sprinting behind an unsuspecting woman before launching itself through the air and flooring her. She appears to be knocked unconscious as she lands face first on the road. 
So far the animals have targeted 19 people in the area and the incidents are becoming more frequent.
In the past one week at least one person has been attacked by monkeys every day.
The forest department has launched an investigation and are coming up with ways to capture the feral primates. A milkman who was attacked seven times by the same monkey said: 'It was early in the morning, I was on my way to the milk collection co-operative when a monkey first attacked me. 'I was caught unaware by the intensity with which things unfolded. The monkey attacked me from behind and I fell on the ground, I had sustained some minor injuries due to the attack. 
I have been attacked seven times since then. Now, I am so scared that I feel like I am being followed by a monkey wherever I go.' One of the range forest officer Vatsal Pandya said: 'We are clueless as to why the monkey is behaving in this manner, we have received many complaints and we are now making a strategy to capture the monkey.' Residents have tried offering the animals food to stop the attacks, but it doesn't appear to be working. One of the residents said: 'It seems like the monkey finds it fun to attack people, it enjoys when it attacks people an falls on the ground.' In an incident earlier this year, a baby died when a monkeys stole it and dropped it in a well in Orissa, India. The infant was sleeping under a mosquito net at his home when he was taken by a rhesus macaque monkey. His mother claimed to have witnessed the monkey take the child away, but was not quick enough to get her baby back, local police said.
A post-mortem showed the infant died of

#eazy_info #eazy_info YOU KNOW IT'S BAD WHEN YOU'RE OWN MAMA TURN YOU IN! GOOD JOB MAMA! #subwayrobbery #robbery #newyork #manhattansubway #eighthave
A wily 14-year-old boy who posed as a New York City police officer while snatching a legally blind man's wallet in a Manhattan subway station on pretense of helping him was arrested on Sunday.
His mother turned the baby-faced youth in to police nearly a week after authorities said he fled the subway station at 34th Street and Eighth Avenue, near Macy's, leaving his victim behind.
On May 14, police said he approached the 64-year-old man, identifying himself as an officer and offering to lead him through the station and past a turnstile to his train.
Surveillance video shows the man standing quietly as the teenager unzips his backpack and takes the wallet. 
The boy then bolts out with the wallet, which police said contained $85 cash and several credit cards. 
One card was charged $500 at a nearby store, police determined during an investigation that is ongoing.
Authorities released the video with the victim's face blurred out and several still images that led to Sunday's arrest
In the video, he is wearing a dark blue shirt, black and white pants, boots and has his own backpack strapped on. 
The teenager's name was not released because of his age. The victim was not named either. 
The boy faces charges of grand larceny and criminal impersonation of a police officer.
It was not immediately clear if the young suspect had an attorney, or whether he has been arraigned, appearing in court to admit or deny the alleged offense

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#sjbrooks #isaacsederbaum #cougarattack #cougar #animalattack #northbend #seattle #bikers
A 32-year-old biker who was killed in a horrific cougar attack in Washington State, has been identified as SJ Brooks (right). Brooks was killed on Saturday morning during a mountain-bike ride with 31-year-old Isaac Sederbaum (left) near North Bend, about 30 miles east of Seattle, when the cougar attacked. Both of them used their bikes to try and defend themselves against the big cat. Sederbaum survived the attack and remains in the hospital where he is recovering. The big cat (inset) was later euthanized after it was hunted down by wildlife officials. Authorities said on Sunday that the cougar appeared to have been emaciated. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police Capt Alan Myers said the cougar was about 100 pounds, when a typical three-year-old male in the area would be 140 to 180 pounds. A necropsy will try to determine why the animal was underweight. Wildlife officials also said an attack like this is very rare and only one other person in Washington has died from a cougar attack in the last 100 years


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#beatrizmoralesacuna #pacificocean #mexicanbeach #seacreature #eel #mazatlan
Is it a marine serpent or a lizard? The remains of a marine creature, washed on to the shore of a Mexican beach, have prompted a range of answers since photos have appeared on social media.
Beatriz Morales Acuna was walking along the seaside in Mazatlan when she stumbled upon the marine animal, which had been ‘expelled from the Pacific Ocean’, according to El Diario.
She said: ‘When I left the beach there it was.’
Nobody had approached it, ‘because they thought it was a rope from sailboats’.
So, Beatriz posted images of her finding on Facebook, to help identify the creature.
Some suggested it was a moray eel, while others said it might be ‘a sea serpent’.
Beatriz said: ‘I learned that it is a kind of eel that only lives in the deepest and darkest [part of] the sea.’

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#jazminasaavedra #republican #congress #california #dennys #facebooklive #bathroomlaw
A Republican candidate running for congress in California has filmed herself harassing a transgender woman who was trying to use a Denny's female bathroom.
Jazmina Saavedra recorded the incident on Facebook Live on Tuesday night as she berated the transgender woman in the Los Angeles restaurant as fellow customers watched on. 
Saavedra, an avid Donald Trump supporter, is currently campaigning for a seat in California's 44th District.
'I'm trying to use the ladies' room and there is a man here claiming that he is a lady,' Saavedra filmed herself saying loudly as she walked into the bathroom. 
The transgender woman was inside the stall at the time.
'You're invading my privacy,' the transgender woman said from behind the door. 'You guys are harassing me, I'm just using the rest room.' Saavedra responded: 'You're invading my privacy because I'm a woman and I deserve to use the woman, the ladies' room.
'Why you use the ladies' room?'
Saavedra went on to call the person in the bathroom cubicle 'sick' and a 'stupid guy'.
The candidate then stood outside the bathroom for several minutes to confront the transgender woman when she emerged.
'Excuse me? I was using the toilet, how did I invade your privacy?… I've seen you, yesterday, following me,' the transgender woman told Saavedra when she came out of the bathroom. 
Saavedra then followed the woman through the restaurant as she was leaving.
Sitting back at her table, Saavedra continued to film the Facebook Live video telling viewers she had her pepper spray ready and had called the manager for help. 'How can I be with a man inside of the ladies' room just because he thinks he's a lady? This is unbelievable. Only in California this happens,' she said
Denny's issued a statement following the ordeal, saying they were 'extremely disturbed' by the incident by the incident involving Saavedra. 'At Denny's, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation,' a statement read.

#youngkunkim #matthewlee #murder #mugging #robery #collegeprofessor #lehmancollege #drkim
An elderly college professor died after he was allegedly bashed into a coma by a mugger as he used an ATM.
Young Kun Kim, 87, died in hospital on Thursday days after he was punched in the head from behind on New York's Upper West Side on Sunday.
Matthew Lee allegedly ambushed him in the lobby of the Citibank on Broadway at W. 96th St and made off with $300 while leaving him for dead.
Lee blamed 'bad spirits' as he appeared in court charged with murder and robbery on Thursday morning.
'You have to talk to my lawyer. Something is not right. Bad spirits or something,' he said as he was taken to court, according to the New York Daily News.
Mr Kim taught political science at Lehman College for 50 years and his sudden death shocked students and staff.
He received an award for his half-century of dedicated service to the college recently, presented by Lehman president Jose Luis Cruz
I was proud to present him with his award for his dedication to this noble institution,' he said.
'Dr Kim has challenged and inspired generations of Lehman students, mentored young faculty members, and advanced scholarship with his area of specialization.'
He specialized in political thought and philosophy across cultures, wrote articles for Korean publications, and mentored younger faculty.

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#tommagee #marvistaneighborhood #justinlee #degratebryant #california #assault #attack #wwf #wwe #worldsstrongestman #1982worldsstrongestman
A former WWF wrestler was violently beaten by six young men right in front of his California home over a parking spot. 
Tom Magee, 59, was left with a broken jaw, broken eye socket and a concussion in the attack.
The horrific incident took place on Tuesday in the Mar Vista neighborhood where Magee also serves as watch dog.
Blood is visible spattered on the sidewalk where the vicious attack unfolded. 'Tom came and encountered the young men, and it proceeded to a fight,' Kendall Noxxel, Magee's friend, said to CBS. 'It was sort of a conflict over who was allowed to park in this spot,' he added. 'They were literally kicking him, punching him in the face and in the head,' another neighbor said. 
She said neighbors came outside upon hearing the commotion, sending the men running.
Magee was incoherent after the attack. 
He was taken the hospital and has since been released and is recovering at home. 'To me, it was attempted murder. If we wouldn't have come out here I don't know if he would be alive. To look at his face if you saw his face right now and saw what they were doing to him, he's really lucky to be alive,' the neighbor said. 
The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident
On Thursday two men - Justin Lee, 20, and Degrate Bryant, 20, were taken into custody.
Both have been booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. 
Magee is a Canadian champion power lifter who made a name for himself in the ring, weighing a hefty 265 pounds and towering at 6ft 5in.
His professional career took off in the 1980s when he fought in the WWF, now the WWE, and placed second in the 1982 World's Strongest Man competition.

#raelyndomingo #oregon #beaverton #seekingarrangement #heritagehighschool #sugardaddy #sugarbaby #attemptedmurder #datingwebsite
A 15-year-old girl is accused of shooting her would-be sugar daddy in the stomach after she demanded money while partying at the married man's home.
Raelyn Domingo was arrested on Wednesday for first-degree assault and robbery after she went to the 56-year-old's home in Beaverton, Oregon last week.
The teenager had met the married investment banker on the Seeking Arrangement dating website, which is advertised for sugar daddies and sugar babies.
Domingo had only exchanged text messages with the man before they arranged to meet last Friday. 
They went to his suburban home and got high smoking weed from his vape pen before the victim gave her $260 after she asked for money.
Domingo allegedly then went into the bathroom briefly and shot the man in the stomach when she came back out. 
The victim told police Domingo then demanded more money from him, but eventually left when he said he had already handed over all of his cash. 
The 56-year-old was able to describe his attacker to police before he was rushed to hospital for surgery.
Domingo, who attended Heritage High School in Vancouver, Washington, had a profile on the dating website under the name 'asianperssuasion'. Her profile said she was a certified nursing assistant.
Just hours after the shooting, Domingo was involved in another robbery in nearby Camas, Washington that targeted a different man she had been speaking to online. 
Domingo and three masked men stormed the man's home at about 3am and stole his iPhone X, cash, a debit card, his driver's license, car keys and an Xbox One. 
The victim in the second robbery wasn't injured. 
Domingo is currently being held at the Clark County Juvenile Justice Center on a Washington County arrest warrant for robbery in the first degree and assault in the first degree.
Additionally, Camas Police investigators have charged Domingo with first-degree robbery. Oregon will seek her extradition from Washington.

#genecurry #childendangerment #baytown #krogers #hotcar #childunattended
A father-of-two from Texas has been charged with child endangerment after police say he left his 18-month-old daughter covered with blankets inside a hot car while he was in a supermarket.
Gene Curry, 24, was arrested in Baytown on Wednesday after a passerby spotted his daughter sleeping in the backseat of his car in the parking lot of the Kroger store on Alexander Street and called 911.
Firefighters who responded to the scene rescued the child from the vehicle, where they say it was 112 degrees. The temperature outside was 90 degrees that morning.
Baytown Police Lt Steve Dorris said first responders initially did not see the girl in the car because she was covered up with two blankets while sleeping in her car seat.
When Curry finally emerged from the supermarket and was questioned by police, he claimed that he had been gone for just 10 minutes, but surveillance video showed that the father was in the store for 18 minutes.
His daughter was treated at the scene and released into the custody of other family members. Witnesses described the little girl as looking 'beet red' and crying.
Curry was arrested on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child and booked into the Baytown Jail on $1,000 bail. As of Friday morning, his name was absent from the list of current detainees.

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