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An 88-year-old woman who was brutally assaulted by a carjacker has said she wants to 'kill that son of a b****' if they ever crossed paths again.
Gloria Kevelighan's harsh words came the day after a man identified as Jason Harold Malinas, 38, approached her from behind and grabbed her purse in a Walmart parking lot in Livonia, Michigan, on Tuesday.
When Kevelighan tried to fight the man off using her cane, he punched her in the head and slammed her into the pavement. 
He and his accomplice, 41-year-old Jessica Marie St Clair, then got into her car and drove off, nearly running Kevelighan over.
Kevelighan was sporting severe bruises when she recounted the 'traumatic' attack on Wednesday, telling FOX2: 'I tried to hit him with my cane but I couldn't, he seemed to want to stay behind me so I couldn't see his face.
'I tried to turn around and sock him with my cane. If anyone bothers me, I use my cane.
'He pushed me and I fell flat on my face. I hit my head, I was bleeding and everything.
'The way he pushed me, he didn't care. He was very strong.' When asked what she would do if she ever came face-to-face with the man who attacker her again, Kevelighan said emphatically: 'I'd kill that son of a b****.'
After the attack, a witness followed the stolen vehicle for a short ways but eventually lost track of it. 
Police later spotted the two suspects in the area and arrested them. 
Malinas, of Sterling Heights, and St Clair, of Lincoln Park, are facing charges of carjacking, robbery unarmed and five counts of 'stealing-financial transaction device'. Their bond was set at $2million during an arraignment Thursday.

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A daughter of the late Godfather of Soul James Brown has died at 53.
Venisha Brown died Wednesday at Augusta University Health Medical Center in Augusta due to complications from pneumonia, according to a news release from the James Brown Family Foundation.
A songwriter and musician, Brown was active in the foundation and is remembered as the person 'who fully embodied the dance moves of her father,' who died on Christmas Day 2006.
Venisha, whose mother was singer Yvonne Fair, was remembered by her half-sister Yamma Brown in an Instagram post with a shot of the pair posed at a hockey rink.
'My beautiful big sis Venisha has received her angels wings...my heart is broken but I am comforted by the peace you now have!!!' Yamma wrote. 'I love you sis.'
The foundation said Brown's family thanked everyone for their 'prayers and telephone calls,' but asked for privacy.
Funeral arrangements are pending, but in lieu of flowers, the family asks for donations to the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils, a musical, instrumental, initiative year-round educational hub designed for the youth to discover their musical ability.

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One person has died and another 17 sickened after eating E. coli-infected beef produced by Colorado meatpacker Cargill Meat Solutions, the USDA has revealed. 
Cargill is now recalling more than 132,000 pounds of ground beef packaged on June 21, which had subsequently been shipped to retailers nationwide.
The products include three-, 10- and 20-poundpackages of ground beef under the Our Certified, Excel, Sterling Silver, Certified and Fire River Farms brands with July 11 use or freeze by dates. 
Regulators warned that people should also check for the products in their freezers. They advise throwing the products away or returning them to the location of purchase.
In a statement on Thursday, Cargill said all of the affected products have been removed from supermarkets. Food safety teams are reviewing the Fort Morgan facility and others 'to ensure we continue to deliver safe food,' the statement said.
'We were distressed to learn a fatality may be related to an E.coli contamination of one of our products,' it said. 'Our hearts go out to the families and individuals affected by this issue.'
The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service did not release information about the people who died or became ill, including locations.
A spokeswoman referred questions to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A representative for the CDC did not immediately return messages seeking more information.
The Cargill plant had a smaller recall of Excel ground beef in August, but no illnesses had been reported at that time.
Most people infected with E. coli develop diarrhea and vomiting. More severe infections can lead to kidney failure.

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Five people - including three baby girls - have been stabbed at a 24 hour Chinese daycare center in Queens, New York, by a 52-year-wold woman who works there.
The babies ages are three days old, 20 days old and one month old. All three are in the hospital where one is in a serious condition. 
Police found a meat cleaver and butcher's knife at the property. There were six other infants in the house who were not harmed.
Two adults - another female worker and one of the girl's fathers - were also stabbed.
They too are in hospital. All five of the victims and the attacker, who was unconscious after slashing her left wrist when police arrived but who has since woken up, are expected to survive.
The incident happened at 161st Street in Flushing at around 3.30am. Others were inside at the time but it remains unclear if they were children or adults. 
At a press conference on Friday morning, an NYPD official confirmed that there were multiple families inside the home at the time and many are believed to live there. 
There were five baby girls, four baby boys and some of their parents inside when the stabbing took place at 3.40am.
After attacking the five victims, the woman went to the basement of the property where she slashed her left wrist in an attempt to take her own life. 
She was found there by police a short while later and was unconscious but, after receiving a tourniquet, regained consciousness. 
One of the baby girls was more severely injured than the other two. 
Police initially feared for her life but her condition has improved to critical but stable since she was taken to the hospital. 'There was 1 child more seriously injured than the other two, at one point we thought might have been likely but thank God she was upgraded and is now stable,' NYPD Assistant Chief Juanita Holmes  said. 
She added that the property was split between living quarters but that they had uncovered paperwork which showed it was a daycare center too. 
There is no record for any business at that site online.
It remains unclear how many stab wounds they each suffered and where on the body they were struck.

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Over-the-top runway trends rarely work in the real world, but Christopher Kane's £800 ($1,050) heels with sponges have defied the odds and are now sold out.
The bizarre stilettos first debuted at the designer's London Fashion Week show in 2017 and are adorned with strips of sponge on the toe and heel.
Although many were baffled by the unconventional design, it looks like the trend has only grown in popularity over the past year.
Tammy Kane, Christopher Kane's sister and the deputy creative director of the brand, was seen wearing a pair of the sponge-covered slingbacks while attending a welcome reception for London Fashion Week on Tuesday. In addition to the yellow sponge detailing, the black slingbacks also featured crystal embellishments on the toe. 
Tammy wore her brother's designs from head to toe, paring her peculiar footwear with a £175 ($225) black T-shirt with 'More Joy' splashed across the front and a £1,295 ($1,695) diamond zipper skirt.
She was joined by her designer brother and her friend Samantha Cameron, the wife of former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Nearly a third of US households have trouble paying their energy bills, and the problem mainly impacts racial minorities, according to a report released Wednesday by the Energy Information Administration.
One in five households - an estimated 25 million - went without food, medicine or other necessities to pay their gas or electric bills in 2015, the latest year in which the numbers were available.
At the same time, overall energy-related spending was at its lowest point in more than a decade due to lower fuel and natural gas prices, said the energy administration, a division of the federal Department of Energy.
Half of the people reporting problems paying electric bills identified as black or African American and more than 30 percent were Latino.
It's not shocking, because the communities of color disproportionately face all the highest burdens, whether it's housing, lack of jobs or education,' said Tracey Capers, executive vice president of the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, a New York-based nonprofit that aims to close gaps in community wealth. 'You overlay a census track or zip code and all these issues prevail.'
About half of the households reporting problems paying electric bills had annual incomes less than $20,000 and 40 percent had one or more children, the report said.
Many were keeping their homes at unhealthy or unsafe temperatures, keeping the air conditioning or heating off to save money.
Lower-income families are more likely to live in housing with heating and electrical problems, have inadequate insulation or experience heating breakdowns and interruptions in utility service, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty.
Capers' organization works in low-income communities to weatherize homes and help reduce electricity bills by up to 30 percent. 
The group has worked with more than 10,000 low-income households.
The organization helps to install new windows, replace refrigerators, light bulbs and appliances with more efficient models and upgrade insulation and heating systems.

A seven-year-old girl has been left in critical condition after reportedly being brutally raped with a metal water pipe in eastern New Delhi, India.
The young girl was reportedly lured to a nearby landfill site by her 21-year-old neighbour, who had promised her chocolate and ten rupees.
The alleged victim reportedly returned home bleeding from her genitals, and was rushed to hospital where she needed urgent surgery.
The 21-year-old was named by the victim, and have since been arrested by local police.
Swati Maliwal, chairwoman of the Delhi Commission for Women, took to Twitter to describe how the young girl had been left in indescribable pain. 'Just met with 7 year old rape survivor who was brutally raped in Seemapuri yesterday by a 22 year old man. 'He took her to a park, inserted water pipe inside her private part & then raped her. Girl is v critical, has bled incessantly & was operated upon. Mom single parent, v poor!
'Cannot describe the pain the little girl was experiencing. Already malnourished, she has a long struggle ahead. 'We are going to support her in her legal fight to ensure death penalty to her culprits. Will file compensation application & shall make all efforts to rehabilitate her.'
Local media reports that the 21-year-old alleged attacker has confessed to carrying out the crime, and he has been denounced by his own family.
His pregnant wife told India Express: 'We used to argue over his alcoholism, but I can't believe he would do this. Police should bring justice to the girl.'

Her bond was ONLY $45,000???? She should be locked under a jail AFTER getting her ass fucked up!!! #Repost @therealremyredd with @get_repost
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A Texas daycare owner has been arrested for allegedly keeping children in closes where they were confined to their car seats at her in-home facility and giving them Tylenol. 
Rebecca Anderson, 60, was charged with nine counts of endangering a child on Friday. 
Police received their tip off from the father of a six-month-old boy who had fastened a hidden camera onto his car seat when he dropped him off at Anderson's Mesquite, Texas, home. 
The footage showed her yanking him out of his car seat and giving him a substance with a plastic syringe. 
She was also filmed yanking him by his bib, NBCDFW reports.
When police searched the house on Friday, they found three children in their car seats in the closet in her master bedroom and one more in the master bathroom. 
The children had shoelace like ties around their necks which had to be cut off. Anderson said she put them on there to restrict the children's movement. 
When asked how many children were inside the home, police say she lied and told them there were only five.
They discovered another four kids moments later. 
Anderson told the officers that she sometimes left the kids in their car seats for up to seven hours a day and admitted giving them all Tylenol. 
Police say she gave them it in unNecessary doses which may have put them at risk. 
Anderson remains in custody on a $45,000 bond. 
Police in Mesquite are asking for anyone who fears their child may have been victimized by her to come forward.

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A cobra was seen attacking and killing three puppies in front their mother after it slithered inside a house yesterday afternoon.
In the video, the protective mother dog can be seen barking at the cobra as the snake hisses and raises its hood as it tries to attack the helpless puppies.
The serpent continues to strike at one of the puppies as two are seen lying unconscious in the Bhadrak district of Odisha in India.
The dog desperately tries to protect her babies, even cornering one of the puppies but retreats in fear as the snake begins to redirect its attack.
Two men can be heard talking as one prods the seemingly unconscious puppies with a metal rod. 
A stand-off between the snake and the protective mother ensues. 
Using the metal rod, the men pull the snake out of the bunker and hold it up to a crowd of intrigued onlookers outside. 'The snake was already aggressive and in an attacking mode. If we tried to save the puppies it would have bitten us too. So we didn't risk it,' the person filming the attack said.

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A Veteran Florida Prosecutor has been suspended after allegedly shoplifting $43 worth of cosmetics from a grocery store.
Broward County Assistant State Attorney Stacey Honowitz is facing misdemeanor theft charges after the incident on Saturday.
A police report says the 56-year-old concealed three items worth $42.93 while shopping at a Publix supermarket in Aventura.
Honowitz also purchased more than $124 of other items, the report says.
A state attorney's spokeswoman said on Monday that Honowitz is suspended, using paid vacation time, while the case is investigated.
She earns $108,000 a year, the Orlando Sun Sentinel reports
Aventura police released surveillance footage on Tuesday saying it shows Honowitz putting cosmetics in her purse and walking out without paying.
It shows Honowitz – who was with her teenage daughter – browsing in the cosmetics aisle and putting items in her purse. She is later seen paying for groceries.
Honowitz did not leave the store immediately, according to the Sun Sentinel.
Minutes after buying the groceries, she was in line to buy a lottery ticket.
She is seen reaching into her purse to pay the second cashier, but it is not clear if she sees the cosmetics in her bag.
The footage then shows Honowitz and her daughter leaving the store – and being confronted by a security guard and a store employee.
Honowitz's attorney, Jayne Weintraub, says the incident was an honest mistake, and there was no intent to commit a crime.
He said his client simply forgot to pay for the mascara and lipstick she meant to buy, according to Fox News.
'After reviewing the video it confirms what we have said,' Weintraub said.
'She put the lipstick and mascara in her purse and intended to pay and forgot. Had she put it in the cart, it would have fallen through cracks of the cart.
She had every intention of paying and simply forgot.'
Honowitz has been a prosecutor for three decades and is a supervisor in her office's sex crimes and child abuse unit.
She has also written books for children about abuse and frequently appears as a commentator on television.

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A County Sheriff's Office Volunteer became an unexpected hero when he spotted a semi-trailer pulling onto a highway with a dog attached to the trailer bumper.
The volunteer was leaving an Arizona parking lot after a quick break to assist a deputy, when he saw the truck pulling out of a gas station parking lot with the dog in tow. 
Thinking quickly, he activated his lights and sirens and pulled the driver over to save the dog's life.
Video from the dashcam, taken earlier in the month in Ash Fork, Arizona, shows the Yavapai Sheriff's Office volunteer pulling out of the gas station and then pausing to let a semi-truck pull out into the road.
But as the truck swings around, a small dog can be seen tied to the corner of the back of the trailer, running furiously to keep up with the quickening truck. 
As the truck was pulling onto the highway, time was running out to save the dog.
In the video, the volunteer leans on his horn before setting off the lights and a siren. 
He then pulls up to the driver's side of the truck and pulls him over.
Gas station surveillance shows the driver walking back and unleashing the dog.
'A very grateful owner retrieved his pet and expressed deep appreciation for the VIP's efforts,' the Sheriff's Department said on Facebook. 'The driver was simply distracted and headed towards the interstate forgetting to unleash his dog. 
No charges are being sought. Thanks to the work these dedicated volunteers do day in and day out and for the actions of this VIP to save this dog.'
On Facebook, people praised the volunteer for his quick thinking. 
Yavapai Sheriff's Office volunteers help deputies with tasks including prisoner transport, traffic control, crime scene security, vacation property checks and more, according to the department.

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Plans are underway for a new Jurassic Park-style attraction in Russia after an official claimed woolly mammoths will return to life in the wild within a decade.
The regional government in Yakutia, Siberia, is supporting scientists seeking to clone the extinct species and bring it back to life using elephants as surrogate mothers. 
Experts hope to use similar techniques to make cave lions and extinct horses part of a new 'Ice Age' park.
Aisen Nikolaev, acting head of the territory, forecast that co-operation between Russian, South Korean and Japanese scientists will see the 'miracle' return of woolly mammoths inside ten years.
He claimed the mammoth return will be possible because of DNA material of the giants found in the permafrost in Yakutia, also called Sakha Repubic, a region until now most famous for diamonds.
'We are actively working with South Korea,' he said. 'Thanks to cooperation with Korean and Japanese scientists, in my opinion, this [cloning a mammoth] will happen in the next decade.
The prospect was no longer fantastical, he said.
In 2014 he first proposed 'an Ice Age Park with mammoths' to act as home for them to roam, he said.
'Everyone laughed then,' said the official. But they're not laughing now, he added.
Mammoths were native to Yakutia, the coldest region in Russia. 'Today, technology is developing at an explosive pace, and what yesterday seemed to be scientific nonsense, today is an absolutely clear prospect for scientists.
I believe that miracles are possible.'
Regional capital Yakutsk is expected to build a semi-underground laboratory complex aiming to usher in the return of the woolly monsters. US scientists are also working on a return of the mammoths.
Cloning experiments are already underway on extinct ancient horses and cave lions found in Yakutia, seen as a prelude to restoring the mammoth.
Nikolaev said 'every prerequisite' now exists to bring back the species which finally died out some 5,000 years ago after a long decline, reported The Siberian Times.

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