Taco Tuesday, shrimp fajita-style! 🍤🌮

Roasted sweet potato & pumpkin and stir fried veggies on a bed of salad✌🏻🌈🍠🥦🌶🥗 Honestly, the amount of people that would deem this meal as tasteless or boring is astounding to me. I love vegetables sooo much and you know, they are only filled with pretty much everything the human body could possibly need 😉 Even went back for more veggies😂 #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodshare #vegetables #veggies #salad #veganaf #whatveganseat #eatyourdamnveggies

Sometimes simple meals are just the best. Cheesy chicken and noodles (with some mushrooms and shredded kale) and roasted broccoli with a lemony drizzle. Side note: Elijah ate those lemon slices. Even as a baby, he could practically drink lemon juice with no reaction!! But hey, letting him squeeze the lemon over the top is all it took to get him to eat his broccoli! Total mommy move for the win! 🥦🍋🤗

What’s your favorite leafy green?! Loving my new office artwork and excited to try some of these leaf crops I haven’t had before! 🌱💚🌿 #eatyourdamnveggies #rd #meatlessmonday #nodiet #eatrealfood #healthylifestyle #supportlocalfarmers

If you're anything like me (and probably most of the western population), the weekends are often a time for a bit of treat yo'self. And that's all cool as long as it doesn't turn into hate yo'self on Monday. So maybe you enjoyed a few delicious glasses of rose on the beach and maybe that lovely vino was accompanied by some very fucking tasty hot chips with truffle parmesan. Big fucking deal. You don't need to undertake four hours of cardio to 'pay' for it, you don't need a fucking diet or a crazy detox and you really don't need to flush coffee up your arse, seriously, don't waste the good stuff on that! .
What you really need is a couple of litres of water, a big bowl of veggies and a good poo, and fortunately the former generally leads to a quality version of the latter. Never underestimate the restorative value of a satisfying large and cleansing bowel motion 💩.
So step away from the cabbage soup (that stuff will make you shit alright, right through the eye of a needle and into next week!), drop the diet faux food which is probably just sawdust with a brand name slapped on the packaging, forget about the juice fast, give your colon a proper goddam treat and and make yourself a goddam bowl of salad or stirfry.
In case you were wondering, yes, I was the one with the rose and hot chips last night and it was ace. Tonight it's a big fuck off slaw and last week's pulled pork stashed in the freezer for such CBF occasions as Monday. There's no rules with slaw, just chop, shred, dice and slice whatever you have. In here: cabbage, kale, broccoli (floret and stem), snow peas, celery, beetroot (red poo no less!), capsicum and a fucktonne of fresh mint and coriander. I finished my plate off by dumping a load of avocado unceremoniously on top when I panicked that I may have missed the 37 seconds in which it was perfect to eat. Got the fickle little fucker just in time! 👊🏻
#cleaneatsfromafilthymouth #stopeatingshit #bigarsesalad #mondayreset #happycolonfood #loveagoodpoo #getsomesaladupya #eatyourdamnveggies #healthyeating #balance #lifestyle #paleo #wholefoods

Ecoli free salad. I hope. #eatyourdamnveggies

Veggie and fruit haul from today! So gorgeous I had to take a photo. Didn’t have to buy a lot of meat as I have a decent amount in the freezer already 🙌🏻 😋

Only the best breakfast ever, no big deal. @best.of.kc

Alright, tried another recipe from my favorite cookbook. And it’s pretty good, not as favorite as some of the others but it defiantly gave some energy to get some things knocked out. Day 7 about to happen and my speed workout . Keep watch. Also I LOVE beets, love love love them.
Beets boost stamina to help you exercise longer, improve blood flow, and increase heart health. #moralofthestory eat all the beets! 😉 *
*#paintmehealthy #beets #eatbetter #runfasteatslow #nomnom #eatwholefoods #veganfriendly #eatyourdamnveggies #thenickellife #justbeyourself #beetjuice #eatrightnotless #eatright #runnergirl #inspiringwomenrunners #workoutathome #aspiretoinspire

Okra Winfrey in da house! Cooked some Besan Wali Bhindi to celebrate Work From Home Day this week, with @paromenon and @captainfomo. Much fun. Here's the recipe.
1) Halve the okra lengthwise.
2) Heat oil, add asafoetida, Turmeric and cumin.
3) Add 4 chopped green chillies and saute.
4) Add 3 tbsp Besan (gram flour), 1 tsp each of coriander powder and fennel powder.
5) Cook the mixture like you would cook roux for a sauce.
6) Add okra, sprinkle Amchur (dry mango powder), salt and red chilli powder. Toss.
7) Cook covered on medium heat for 7 min. Don't screw this up and don't even think of adding water. Bad things will happen.
8) Take off the lid and cook open for another 3-4 min.
9) Demolish.
Thanks for the #recipe, @nishamadhulika_recipes. I made a few adaptations but what a whopper this is! :)
#foodie #foodporn #veggies #eatyourdamnveggies #vegetarian #vegan #okra #bhindi #ladyfingers #indianfood #foodblogger #desifood #indiancuisine #chef #homemade #homecooked #hashtagoverload

What are you eating today? I seriously am in love with this mixture of veggies and the most AMAZING chicken pear sausage. It had #rainbowcarrots #mushrooms #chilipowder #garlic and #brusselsprouts cooked in a bit of olive oil. #nomnom #eatbetter #eatyourdamnveggies #cookmore #fuelyourbody #healthychoices

So thanks to @vinnietortorich I’m on a no sugar no grains diet and finding food to eat that was enjoyable at first sucked. But I found a way substituting veggies for pasta. Anyways, I am down 80+ lbs overall, a little over 30 just this year. This is a cauliflower rice taco bowl with @grillyourassoff Pop Smoke. Also, I need to learn how to cut cilantro. #knifeskillsareweak #eatyourdamnveggies #nsng

Started my mini cut yesterday. This is my bedtime snack (I forgot 😉😉🙄 to eat them with my last meal) before casein. Smells like toots 💨. Def been slacking on my veggies which is insane because I totally know they have super powers! #rpstrength#rpdiet#minicut#eatyourdamnveggies#blahhhhblahhhh

Light yet filling evening meal #eggsandkale #ilovecauliflower #fruitlove #kaleinit #eatyourdamnveggies
Veggie egg scramble: 1.5 servings
Sautee #evooil with chopped onions and garlic until onions become translucent, add 1 cup kale and continue to sautee. Add 2 eggs to sauteed veggies on low-medium heat and scramble until eggs cooked. Top with cilantro and season with pepper and a dash of salt to taste.
Non-fried cauliflow: 1 serving
Equipment: Oil-less fryer
1 cup chopped cauliflower tossed in 1 Tbsp garlic chile olive oil. Place in oil-less fryer and set to vegetable setting. Season with salt and lemon pepper to taste.

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