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Nock another one 🤟🏽

Got that itch pretty bad today! Just a couple more weeks til I get to shoot ol’ Mr Tom in the face 😎 #cantstoptheflop #kyhunting #eatwhatyoureap

People forget that everything must die for us to eat, for us to live, even a piece of lettuce once lived. When it comes to meat a huge portion of our society eats a burger without a thought of where it came from, that it once lived, breathed and eventually died.
As hunters we understand that some must die so we can live, even the Vegans kill to live. Ours May be bloody and more violent, but it has to be done if we want to eat meat. We choose to do it ourselves, we choose to respect our meals by knowing our meals, by getting our hands dirty for our dinner. —————————————————
I will never apologize for being a hunter, a provider. I know this Post will be flagged for insensitive material, I know people will scream, send rude hateful messages and death threats. But the truth is I understand life and death, I am not saying my way is the only way. I am not afraid of standing for truth, for conservation, for my meal. I choose real life. #fromfieldtoplate

Join our tribe @shehuntress Meet Elisa @_elisabello_ “Hey! My name is Elisa. I grew up on a small farm in VA and moved to PA in my early teens. I always wanted to hunt but never had the opportunity until I moved to PA. When I met my husband he introduced me to archery hunting and I have been hooked ever since. Now my whole year is planned around archery season and I wouldn't have it any other way! ” ⠀ ⠀
Photo and story credit to Elisa @_elisabello_⠀
@Huntressview @ladies_of_the_land @reelcamogirl⠀
#captureyourhunt #whatgetsyououtdoors #womenwhohunt #womenwhohunt #hunterboots #lovetohunt #huntressview #reelcamogirl #girlswhohunt #itsinmynature #turkeyhunting #girlshunttoo #huntfishfitgirls #howiconquer #mtnops #iamhunter #outdoorwomen #neverstopexploring #supremeoutdoors #iamsportsman #fieldtotable #huntingtastesgood #eatwhatyoureap #outdoorlife

My first time hunting Reds 🦌 I didn't realise the body mass of them ! Heres just 1/3 of one side of the back straps . Beautiful meat #HuntNz #MonsterReds #EatwhatyouReap

We are pretty excited to have this guy home! Now, where do we hang him? 🤔

The story of a gal's first successful antlered whitetail hunt in pictures. Honestly, this first picture was an accident. When I stood to walk towards my buck (he dropped immediately), I was so elated and incredulous (see the tear running down my cheek?), that I fumbled with my camera, and it took an accidental selfie. I had no idea this picture was taken until later. It's not my best angle, but it sure did capture the feelings I was having as I realized I had my first solo successful hunt and first antlered buck. He's not huge, but he sure is handsome. He was named "Handsome, Good Luck Buck," and I butchered 51 pounds and 12 ounces of meat off of him. This is why I hunt. This first picture captures the excitement and thankfulness that comes over every hunter who hunts for meat. To say that Dec 28th was the best day of my life in 2017 is an understatement.

130 yard bomb from the other day. The arrows already in the target were from trying to figure out were my 130 yard pin was!

New recipe on the blog today and it’s just in time for turkey season! Turkey taco pizza 🍕 🌮 the best of both worlds 😊 link in profile! #theladyandthehunter #wildgame #wildgamerecipes #turkey #wildturkey #eatwhatyoureap

As a dad of daughters it’s my goal to show them how to be strong. That they don’t need to flaunt themselves to be beautiful. I need to show them what the love of a father is, what a Godly man looks like. When they are in the wild with me it’s our time, our time for laughter & love. This world saddens me, but they give me hope! #fromfieldtoplate #daddydaughtertime

Sound up!! Tried to call the Coyotes in but no luck. We’ll be back! @flannelthistle @arrow_country

Beyond excited to try and get a red stag with my bow. If I’m successful, it will be my first NZ hunt, first red stag AND first bow kill 😱 #firsttimer

Spring is coming 🌺. 15 April our roe buck season in Hungary starts again.
❗️We still have some dates availible❗️
❗️Stay tuned to see more❗️
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