All back of the bus 😎 Jack loved getting to ride around in the safari truck on some of our hunts in Africa! He is so happy when he gets to take part when we go hunting in whatever way he can. Whether it’s the drive there, just getting to put on some camo, or helping to dress the animal once we get it back, he just wants to spend time with us. Let hunters be your kids’ role models, not video games or tv shows.

Ummmmmm. Just ask yourself, what does your dad want for Father’s Day, boxers or Winchester Merch?

Order now and we will deliver it to your door! Job done.
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If I could hunt lamb, I’d be 100% predator!

It's not just about the pursuit and killing.. When a perfectly cooked backstrap brings together good friends, you can't beat it.
#eatwhatyoureap #backstrap #mediumrare #higherpurpose

I am baffled how I forgot, how big this makes me smile! I literally jumped for joy when the first shot was a dead bullseye and all those emotions came rushing back. Can’t wait to get back out there. #poundingheart #getseriousgethoyt #hoytarchery #2018huntingseason #huntwyoming #girlswhohunt #fillingthefreezer #eatwhatyoureap #yesimshootingfrominsidethehouse #shitIDOwhenjoshisgone

Moose looking especially majestic while we fill feeders with Peas Plus on our home-ranch.

After 13 years of faithful service, we’ve traded in our trusty old #biltong cutter (in back of photo) for a flashy new one (front of photo). The bigger blade should help us slice through biltong much faster. If you want to make your own biltong, check out our game meat biltong recipe on our website. Link in bio. #iamhunter

Gosh African antelope are beautiful! How should I get this guy mounted? Traditional shoulder mount (pic 2) or electroplated euro mount (pic 3) on a Zulu shield (like pic 4 but with the wood stained black)? Swipe across πŸ‘‰

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