How delicious does this cauliflower pizza by @jshealth look??? YUM - definitely got the Leap's tick of approval!
PS: Did you know we've just launched the LEAP program - a personalised 8-week program, to learn the simple way to healthy living and building sustainable healthy habits!
You will have unlimited access to all the classes at our studio, PLUS the support from a qualified nutritionist and wellness coach in the 8 weeks, starting 11th June 2018! More info via the link in bio xx .
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Think about this graphic before you grab that daily chocolate bar this afternoon or evening. Balance and moderation are key in all areas of life including nutrition. Plan ahead to eat well and plan ahead to cheat eat! #wannabefit #eatthisburnthat #igfitmom

What if we tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE to feel amazing, lose weight, without having to do the exercises you hate and restricting yourself? This is what The Leap Program is all about! 8 weeks of unlimited classes at our studio AND personalised support from a qualified nutritionist and wellbeing coach! Don’t miss out on our Early Bird special (limited spots available!) - direct link in bio or http://leaphealthandwellbeing.com.au/the-leap-program/ 📷:@sarahs_day

This chilly Friday night calls for a bowl of hearty minestrone soup 😍 Hope you have an amazing Friday night! PS: The best part about our studio is - you can still rock up to your Saturday morning class feeling all warm and hearty 💛 // 📷: @laurenargonne

EAT THE RAINBOW via @jshealth // Are you sick of dieting and restricting certain foods? Or are you sick of being healthy for a few weeks, then fall of the bandwagon, rinse and repeat? Well, stay tune LEAPers, we’ve something coming your way very soon! X

Kickstarting the week right with this dream bowl by @thevibrant_vegan and of course your favourite class at @leap_health_wellbeing 😇 What is your fav class? X 📷: @thevibrant_vegan

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Moving and staying active is only a part of the equation, fuelling your body with the right nutrients and nourishing whole foods is just as important! If you’re busy and time poor during the week, try meal prepping on the weekend instead! Spend 1-2 hours preparing all your meals for the week so you can just grab, go and eat during the week! X 📷: @eatthisburnthat

Pasta for dinner, anyone? Remember, carbs is not your enemy! ✖️We’ve been crushing on @nadiafelsch recipes all arvo - simple, delicious, healthy and most importantly balanced! What are you having for dinner? X

Can you see me now? (Oh picture me rollin')
Move to the side a little bit so you can get a clear picture
Can you see it?
Picture me rollin' (picture me rollin') #tupactuesday

Chocolate hazelnut PB protein ball to kickstart the day? Sounds pretty damn good to me! ☀️ This little bad boy is packed with PROTEIN (grass fed whey from @isowhey - I used the Ivory chocolate flavour), COMPLEX CARBS (from the oats) and GOOD FAT (from the natural peanut butter)! 🤗 You can prepare a huge batch on the weekend, freeze them & grab a few on your way out! 🏃‍♀️ The perfect on-the-go bites in the morning especially when you’re busy hustling! Let me know if you would like me to share the recipe #ontheblog 💻 What’s your go-to brekkie at the moment? Xx

HAPPY FRIDAY - hope your first week back to adulting and life wasn’t too hard! 🤗 What have you got planned for the weekend? X

Finishing off the year the best way possible with these two power rockets @arwitawita and @vilocirapter !!! 💪💪 My first week trying CrossFit and I think I'm addicted. . . 😅😅 No break for Xmas and New year's because when you love it, you actually take the extra time off to work harder! 💪 2018 ain't got shit on us! You girls rock! May our barbells be filled with heavy weights!! Ahhaha 💗💗 #phuket #thailand #happynewyear #crossfit #girlswholift #muaythailife #muaythaiwomen #trainhard #doworkson #alphabitchkelly #alphabitch #journey #eatthisburnthat #thisgirlcan

Happy hump day from Brisvegas! 🤗 We will be staying around Fortitude Valley in the next 2 days - if there’s any must see/ must eat/ must visit, let me know in the comment below 👇🏼

Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day errrrberdy 🎄 Hope you had a great time with the fam and had some good buys today! X

3 more days to Christmas - who else is excited? Here’s your friendly reminder to take a break, relax & recharge, spend time with people that you love, eat your veggies, enjoy all the bubbles, food, desserts and get moving! 🤗 Life is short - TREAT YO SELF 💚💚💚

2018 planning is currently happening in full force, fueled by @enjoylifefoods Mixed Berry Baked Chewy Bar. This is a great snack bar alternative if you’re looking for something sweet and for those with the following food allergies: gluten, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, egg, sesame seeds. #EnjoyLifeFoods #ThanksEnjoyLifeFoods #Sponsored

Protein Papaya Boat for brekkie, anyone? My little tip to include protein into your dessert is to add 1 serving of Greek or protein yogurt (current fav is SKYR or YOPRO) like this little bad boy here! So good for brekkie or post dinner dessert! .
I N S T R U C T I O N S ▪️Slice your papaya into half, remove all the seeds. ▪️Pour the yogurt into the little “bowl” you created. ▪️Top it up with your favourite fruits & toppings - I have raspberries and inca-berries here. ▪️(Optional) drizzle some honey and squeeze half a lime all over it to take this dessert to the next level! .
Give it a go and let me know how you went! X

Mojito or sparkling water with lime & mint? Who knows? 💁 Everything tastes better in a wine glass, right? 👌🏼

When the cookies cravings hit 🍪 Are you team crunchy or chewy?
@enjoylifefoods offers a range of snacks and treats that are made to be free from 7 major food allergens (gluten, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, egg and sesame seeds), making it a great alternative to those with (multiple) food allergies! #ThanksEnjoyLifeFoods #Sponsored #EnjoyLifeFoods

Guess who just blogged for the first time in Yonkers? Giving you all the DL on my (not-so) recent stay at @billabongretreat 💚 Direct link to blogpost in my bio x PS: could definitely go back for another retreat and a hot stone massage right about now!

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