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Thanks to my wonderful hotel for having plenty of natural gluten free and healthy options! It is rare! #apolloreiser #holiday #elounda #crete #EatTheRainbowEveryDay

Struck gold today!! Thank you Libby Adams! #eattherainboweveryday

Kick off the long weekend with gorgeous fresh fruit and herbs. Melon, watermelon, mint and basil. Juicy, fresh and the right kind of sweetness🍉🍈🍃😋#healthykids #thesimplicitykitchen #thesimplicityproject #bowlofbeauty #eattherainboweveryday

Enjoying a little Tesla while I embrace the weather outside. Taking a pause in the chaos. For ME and my MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Feeling greatful for these 70 plus superfoods in my cup. One meal I get stoked about everyday. #feelingfab #eattherainboweveryday #momsjourney

What can learn from the 21 day fix program? Your COLORS! Just eating the right amount of all your different macronutrients you will feel amazing and fight disease!! It's the basics that work...nothing fancy just real food. Next challenge is Monday! Sign up today and I will send you some FREE start up materials so you don't miss a thing!#jenerationfitness #eattherainboweveryday #loveyourselfeveryday

We have been on the road for three days now. Getting whole food meals is not always easy, this is how I get 28 fruits and vegetables into my little guy everyday ❤💚💜 #projectsummer #healthyhappykid #eattherainboweveryday #ashleypharazynhealthcoach

| Roast Pumpkin |
My favourite vegetable especially in the cooler months is roasted pumpkin. Here I've added some cherry tomatoes, thyme, olive oil and some sea salt and pepper. Roast for around 40 minutes at 180 degrees C. Once roasted I generously sprinkled on some feta!
Do you have a favourite cold weather dish?

Fruit... taste the rainbow 🌈 That's the slogan right? #fruitkabobs #eattherainboweveryday

Summer fruits and veggies are delicious. Its never to late (or early) to create healthy habits. Make conscious decisions and know the origin of your food. #eattherainboweveryday #smalldailychoicesaddup #watermelon #greens #peaches


NICE TO COME BACK FROM VACATION TO THIS! FROM SEEDLINGS TO THIS IN UNDER TWO WEEKS! #towergraden#nogreenthumbneeded#itssoeasy#eattherainboweveryday#aeroponicgrowingsystem#juicepluscompany

👆👆 Right here is one of the (many) reasons I love fermenting... with a few jars of tasty ferments in the fridge meals literally take moments... it's fast-food slow-food, if you will! 🤗 This was Sunday's chow - lentils left-over from Hare on the Hill with some leaves and fermented beetroot, a few different pickles, radishes, and fresh bread 👌. All the flavour work is done well in advance thanks to fermentation so this humble little spread took five minutes 🙏 #FoodwithTime.
#vegcentric #fermentingforflavour #hareonthehill #fermentedvegetables #fermentingathome #fastfood #slowfood #slowfoodfast #sauerkraut #dillpickles #lentilsalad #fridgeforage #fridgeraidwin #pinkandgreen #livingfood #livingfoodlove #culturedfoods #rainbowfood #eattherainboweveryday #happyfood #probioticrichfoods

We have been on the road for three days now. Getting whole food meals is not always easy, this is how I get 28 fruits and vegetables into my little guy everyday ❤💚💜 #projectsummer #healthyhappykid #eattherainboweveryday #ashleypharazynhealthcoach

You know what happens when you take veggies, fruits and berries, crush them (skin, seeds and all) and remove the water and sugars? You get all of this powders goodness right here 👇🏻 ...antioxidants and phytonutrients...that is a nutrition game changer. It's my preferred way to start the day. 💥 #NutitionEasyButton #wholefoodnutrition #EatTheRainbowEveryday

Thank goodness for easy nutrition and sweet puppies!
What is the cheapest, healthiest meal you can make with what you have in your pantry right now?
This one right here is free and has more nutrition than 6 giant salads full of the freshest, most exotic fruits & veggies you can think of.
Want in? Message me for more deets on how I got my hands on this gold mine at no cost!
It has changed my life in more ways than I can say and I want to share it with you 😍

Breakfast is such a great way to WAKE UP your mind/body and BOOST your energy/metabolism first thing each day 👌
This morning I'm having greek yogurt + banana + almond butter + cinnamon!
Even out in the woods, it's not difficult to eat the things that fuel your body the right way. It is possible to be a happy & HEALTHY camper 🏕😋
Click the link in bio to learn more about my meal plan, how I make it happen while I'm camping, and let's begin your transformation from the inside --> out 👌


Even out in the woods, I am so grateful for an easy, healthy breakfast option! -Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-Almond Butter
-Chocolate superfoods

I love that my superfoods come in 9 different, delicious flavors and can make my meal prep tasty & simple 👌

What are you having for breakfast today?

Dinner + a movie 👌

#toddlertuesdaytip ❤️ I am often asked about how I prepare the beets my kids love so much. Here it is! ❤️ #eattherainboweveryday #myrecipe #dietitiankitchen #dietitianmom #colouronyourplate #saladtopper #show_me_your_food #cbrecipeforsuccess

Fruit... taste the rainbow 🌈 That's the slogan right? #fruitkabobs #eattherainboweveryday

La piña es una fruta que nos fascina, en temporada siempre la tenemos en casa para preparar jugos, smoothies, ensaladas o simplemente comerla sola, así cortadita, su sabor es fabuloso y además tiene muchos beneficios entre ellos vitamina C y B1, potasio, magnesio, es genial en este tiempo ya que refuerza el sistema inmune para evitar gripes o constipados, ayuda a curarte de una indigestión, contiene gran cantidad de fibra y nos protege de enfermedades cardiovasculares. En nuestro blog encontrarás varias recetas con piña, no te olvides de comerla 🌱🌱💚 #investinyourself

Pretty in Pink 🌸

I can't believe that it has almost been 1 whole year since I started drinking this superfood magic. I am truely looking forward to getting that golden scoop that comes in the mail when you become a 365er 🦄

My 5 favorite things about @shakeology:
1. It is my easiest meal to plan and make while on the road.
2. I have daily peace of mind that I am putting something really great in my body no matter how I eat the rest of the day.
3. It comes in 9 different, super yummy flavors, with vegan options for people with dairy or gluten sensitivities.
4. It literally makes me feel SO GOOD!
5. Each daily dose of this dense nutrition costs less a candy bar and coke from the gas station 🌿✌❤ Each 30 day supply comes with a 100%, empty bag, money back guarantee --- Sampler packs of each flavor is available as well!

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain from giving this a try! 🌸Shoot me a message if you're ready to take the first step to becoming a 365er like me! Emails welcome too fitforadventure30@gmail.com

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