Alright y’all! Here’s some common misconceptions concerning taking control of your health, corrected by the truth.

Excuse: I like to eat too much. I can’t eat like a rabbit.
Truth: Swipe and look at the pictures. I eat all day. It’s all about finding the right fuel, at the right times, in the right portions. ✨
Excuse: It’s too expensive to eat healthy.
Truth: Its much cheaper than going through the drive thru, grabbing a morning cup of Joe, and your health deteriorating over time. It’s too expensive not too. ✨
Excuse: I don’t have time to be healthy.
Truth: You make time for what’s important in life. You make sacrifices for what you really want. It’s not that you “don’t have time”, it’s not a priority. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it!! ✨
I did not lose 33 pounds (and still counting!) since November by accident. I haven’t kept it off by accident either. Every day I invest in myself because my health is worth it! Breakfast every morning, packing healthy snacks for the day, plenty of water and reminding myself daily why I’m doing this. All it takes is one thought, one workout, or one message to take control of your life by canceling out all of those excuses. ✨

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Remember a week or so ago when I asked you to take a nutrition journey with me, that you wouldn’t regret?
This is still so uncomfortable to post but here is one week into that journey. Just one week. 4.5 pounds gone.
Was my nutrition perfect in that week? NO! But with the program, that’s okay, it doesn’t have to be! Did I work out everyday? YES! But another great thing is that with the program, workouts are optional, but you are still guaranteed results.
Now, who is ready to change their mind about this journey, and join me?
DM me or follow the link in my bio!! ☀️ #2bmindset #happynutrition #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #eatrighttofeelright #hrlife #momlife #wiscogirl #boymom #slayingsummer #joinme #teamsweatsmilerepeat #teamfitnessandfamily

Sunny days = sunny food! Love a good salad and when the sun is shining it's my go to food!
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Experiencing the affects of a high fat- low calorie diet. Pros: I get to eat things like bacon (in moderation), I’m fuller faster and longer, my body burns the fat easily without all the extra calories. Cons: I can only eat one piece of fruit a day ☹️👎
Aside from not being able to eat literally only fruit all day, my body is super happy! 😁 and yes, that’s coffee not soda. ☕️

Who says you have to be hungry on an eating plan?? One of my fave Pinterest recipes so far. #21dayfix #eatrighttofeelright #food

Pretty serious about my chow eggos!!! #justsaying #eatrighttofeelright #nutrition

Our nutrition quick-start guides for men and women are now available in our new online store! ———————————————
Check them out here: https://athleticsi.com/shop/

Our nutrition quick-start guides are now available for download in our new online store! ————————————————
Check them out here: https://athleticsi.com/shop/

Honestly though 💜 You may think that being healthy is too expensive. I know I sure as heck did. Why pay $25 for a healthy home made meal for two when I can get cheap processed food for half that, right? Wrong. Lately I’ve been seeing A LOT of older people around me (friends, friends family, coworkers etc) paying the price now in medical bills and long painful days because they chose to not care for themselves when they were younger. I exchanged buying processed food for buying healthy choices to prep and started on supplements for the nutrition I wasn’t getting from food alone. Guess what the outcome has been? IM SAVING MONEY! Crazy, right?! I’ll be honest it was hard in the beginning but once you fully commit it’s a breeze. Invest in your self. If you don’t nurture your own body and health no one else will. You are SO worth it. 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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First attempt at low carb cloud “bread,” it’s not bread but it’s actually not bad and not too hard to make, so it’s going on the list. Burger has cheese, bacon, tomato, pickles, mayo and mustard with a side salad, Trader Joe’s Cheese Crisps, and a pickle of course. I love pickles so much. I was so hungry for dinner after a crazy Monday! I ate pretty light all day so I went all out for dinner. Week two, here I come. 3lbs down. #lowcarb #cloudbread #andthepickles #traderjoes #cheese #crunchy #eatrighttofeelright

Back on the wagon. Low carb, low sugar, less processed, grain-free, eating. I am a little discouraged by the weight I've gained and the neglect I've let happen to my body and mind the last few months. I won't lie, winter is hard for me. I get severe seasonal depression and I haven't learned how to manage it very well, and I often turn to food for comfort. I love cooking and I love creating foods I love and I did that with some really well crafted, worth-it foods...but I also turned to convenient crap in frozen packages and bags from drive-thru windows while working 12 hour days and 12 day streaks without a day off. But the crazy-busy season is over, and although my wallet feels fat, so does my body (and it still beautiful). But I'm feeling better now and I'm proud of myself in other ways for the work that I've done to get myself financially stable and now the days are getting longer, warmer, and brighter and with that, my motivation to take care of my body is slowly returning. I'm going to ride this momentum wave into better food choices. Today I'm starting with this spinach, sundried tomato, and garlic stuffed mushrooms and side salad... especially now that those damn Girl Scout cookies are gone! Better choices. Better attitude. Better outlook. I've done it before and I know I can do it again. #lowcarb #grainfree #eatrighttofeelright #nomorewastedtime #lovemybody #healthymindandbody #stuffedmushrooms

Good morning ☀️HaPpY FrIdAy😉Today's smoothie has ~

Freshly cut slices of strawberries 🍓
Freshly cut slices of sweet nectarine
Freshly cut slices of cucumbers 🥒
Freshly cut slices of ripen bananas 🍌
All natural peanut butter
Fresh chopped walnuts
Freshly cut cut cubes of mango
Freshly cut slices of cherries 🍒
Flaxseeds (are aWeSoMe 😎)
Cinnamon (I love 😍)
Chia seeds (are my favorite 😉)
Turmeric (helps w/PAIN 😫)
Fresh red kale leaves 🍃
I'm so glad it's Friday ✌🏻. I'm on Day 14 w/NO BREAD 🍞 OR PASTA 🍝 & DAY 7 w/NO CHEESE 🧀. I feel so much better & my pain has been under control 💃🏻. The food is in the medicine & the medicine is in the food. You just have to eat right & your body will thank you 😉. I feel so much better everyday 💜🦋🥄✌🏻😉💃🏻. I hope you all enjoy your weekend ❣️❣️❣️❣️MADE WITH LOTS OF L♥️VE❣️❣️❣️ 💜February 23,2018🦋#smoothie #smoothieoftheday #smoothieeveryday #lupus #lupuswarrior #fibromyalgia #fibromyalgiawarrior #love #healthybreakfast #healthymom #foodisfuel #foodismedicine #themedicineisinthefood #healthy #drinks #pretty #420 #healthylifestyle #healthynotskinny #weightlossjourney #eatrighttofeelright #vegatarian

•soup and salad• •

• •

🌈perfect cure for the rainy day blues🌦

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Let me be your reminder that no matter how many times you start a fitness plan and stop you haven’t failed, you’re human and it happens to everyone! The worst you can do is to throw in the towel. Just pick back up and try again! It’s not about being perfect and you certainly don’t need a Monday to start. Every day is a new opportunity to make progress. (This is mainly a pep talk to myself because I love to eat 🤷🏼‍♀️ and my nutrition hasn’t been 100% or even 90% but I’m working on it. Maybe you needed this positivity today too!)

Day 13 #januarywhole30 this day is HARD! I haven't gone grocery shopping since the day before day 1 so options are limited and I'm so TEMPTED by all the things for kids in my pantry!! All the willpower is giving me a headache 🤕
For breakfast I had a 3 egg scramble topped with salsa and lox.
Lunch was left over seafood gumbo.
Snacks were a banana and lots of nuts today...because I needed crunchy things that weren't crackers 😳
Dinner was thrown together. Stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and olives with tilapia baked right on top! Then sprinkled with pine nuts and crushed red pepper. Delicious and quick 😉

#whole30 #day13 #todaymademewanttobreak #stickingtoit #eatrighttofeelright #fitfamilynyc

Day 6 #januarywhole30
I just realized I only took a picture of dinner! It was a busy day filled with laundry, workout, shlepping the kids, teaching 3 classes, and then more kid schlepping. Today my headache is gone! Still low on energy but I kicked my own butt into gear and got stuff done ✅
Breakfast: potato and sweet potato with spinach hash with 2 fried eggs on top. Side of sweet potato toast 😊
PreWorkout: pistachios and dried plums
Post workout/Lunch: leftover spinach and strawberry salad with a hard boiled egg and the rest of an apple that my toddler took 4 bites of.
Train snack: raw almonds
Dinner: carrot And zucchini noodles with almondmeal covered tilapia. Pretty delicious 😋 *had a squabble with the hubby tonight. We're both feeling the #whole30hanger

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