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Well folks, like Frank Sinatra said in that one song the end is near and so I face the final curtain. This Saturday is LAST CALL for your favorite riverfront food and beverage spot this season. We will open Thursday night and Friday night leading up to it. We tried our best to alter mother natures plans but ultimately she remains undefeated. We really thought having bartender Joe Bailey driving circles in the parking lot in a Ford F-350 the last month would have emitted enough greenhouse gases to buy us until February. Turns out we just waisted a lot of money. We can't thank all of you enough for making it another wonderful year here. Working here is special and it would be nothing without the great people that choose to spend their time here with us. Hope to see everyone Saturday! #gettothedeck

Photo by @healthydeliciousrevolution " @bondiharvest_usa's Caveman bowl: chimichurri dressed cauliflower rice with kale, turmeric quinoa, fermented veg, soft boiled egg, bacon, housemade hummus (I sub my bacon with mushrooms!).
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Share your lovely vegan locations with us!
Tug @topveganplaces on your photos and use #topveganplaces to be featured!
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So Trots 🌸 #EatOut #2018 #bestcoffeeshop

Dessert Shake-down: Salted Caramel

This is a perfectly balanced shake with a luxurious texture.
A creamy, ultra-caramelised delight, filled with crème brule, topped in a decadent slither of baked cheese cake, salted caramel disks, sticky caramel filled chocolate and spooned caramel sauce.

Be warned, this shake simply melts in your mouth and will be hard to forget!

#HomeMadeFitFood with @sugarfreesundays: GRAIN FREE LOW CARB CHOC RASPBERRY PANCAKES 🥞
"Everyone should have a failproof, easy af, healthy pancake recipe in their back pocket. You know, like for a rainy day or something.

This one is super simple, and can be jazzed up any which way into a million different flavour combos 💃🏻 It helps that they're gluten, sugar and dairy free as well 😉
•25g coconut flour
•2 egg whites
•2 whole eggs
•80-100ml milk of choice (choose your consistency)
•2 tbsp liquid coconut oil
•1/2 tsp baking powder
•2 tsp xylitol
•salt and vanilla extract
•chopped up sugar free choc
Blend everything except the choc and raspberries together. Wait a minute and see how thick the mixture is and water it down to the right consistency (coconut flour is very absorbent so it sometimes gets too thick after a minute or two). Then mix choc and chopped raspberries in (leave some out to put on top). Heat a pan and spray lightly with a non stick spray or use some coconut oil. Wait for bubbles to form on the pancakes before flipping. Top with the rest of the choc and raspberries. Or better - put some raspberries in the microwave for 30secs and they become all mushy and sweet and pour that one top 💃🏻 Enjoy 🥞🥞🥞🥞
We would officially like to welcome Maxine from SugarFreeSundays to the InstaEats team. Watch this space every 2nd week for a new epic recipe from Maxine and let us know what your favourite Homemade Healthy Food is.


Verona Family Night Ariane Kitchen & Bar tonight, featuring tomato & mozzarella flatbread #familyfunnight #nohomework #dinnertime #VMAC #eatout

Have you had a look at the properties we have available over the Christmas holidays?
This is one of our gorgeous homes in Reedy Creek.
Can you see the family splashing around in that pool!? 👙🐳
Website link in bio.

Thinking about last night's dinner and I can't wait to go back because YUM! I need to go back for these custard-filled churros, anyhow. Thought I ordered them, turns out I was just drooling at the idea of having them. 🐟+🍟=😋
@catch56_la .
#eat #food #dinner #dine #EatOut #restaurant #fishandchips #NotJustChipsTho #chipshop #calamari #coleslaw #HerbedRice #housemadesauces #brit #theme #Hollywood #LosAngeles

visit down the angel for a pint and food with the boys🍻🍽 #food #eatout #tablefor4 #theangel #pubgrub #mixedgrill #defeated #eyesbiggerthanmybelly

O Bully's , @bullys_restaurante , está com algumas novidades no cardápio, dentre elas, esse lindo e delicioso suco de amora com pitaya, que tem essa cor rosa incrível, o legal é que no mês de outubro quem pede o suco ou a sobremesa de pitaya ainda ajuda a Afecc.
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Taking me back to summer holidays on a rainy October night. Every Thursday @frizzantecafe is “Agriturismo”, Italian food, live music & good company; what more could you want. - - #foodie #tasteofitaly #frizzante #eatout #london #hackney #eatwell #thursday

When dinner with my bestie @leannellew looks like this ❤❤❤❤ @bonechinatruro #cornwalllife #eatout #girlsnight

If you're looking for a tasty Sunday lunch with a French twist then look no further. Our reasonably priced and well balanced set menu offers something for everyone. #penarth #sundaylunch #goodfood #homeliving #cosylunch #rustic #frenchie #frenchcuisine #france #limoges #eatout #chezfrancis #pearthrestaurants

Don't forget!
We have started taking reservations for year-end functions.
The holiday season is around the corner and we can hardly wait!

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