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Soaking in the last of the autumn sunlight curating meals over flame. There isn’t much that makes me happier than these slow afternoons with friends 🌿

#heybaba we have snacks. Apple pie baklava and turmeric cookies 🍪 #yyj #eatmag #tastingvictoria

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2017. #yyjfood #yyjeats #eatfresh #eatmag

We had one day to get some content for an upcoming article in @eatmag. Everything lined up - No wind, Sunny, good Visability and another beauty 27lb Ling caught by @adairc. It was great to see Dean Azim photographing from the water and some stellar support boat action from @adrien.sala. What a day!!! Can't wait to see it in print!
#eatmag #exploremore #vancouverisland #vanisland #beautifulBC #spearfishing #spearfishingcanada #fishing #diving #freediving 📸 @adrien.sala @bottomdwellersfreediving @spearfishingcanada @riffe_international

Brunch for 1 ~ Baked some pita, slathered it in hummus, topped with a medium boiled egg rolled in za'atar, added sumac onions and a bit of red pepper hot sauce. #thedallahmenu

Fireside bubbles are a few of my favorite things ... #EATmag #writeon #lifeinfull #Coloradolove #datenight

It’s happening guys, my first cappuccino of the day @folepiyates

Who needs coffee with breakfast when you can have fresh fruit juice mimosas?! 🥂
Thanks for the photo @patrickcools


Soaking in the last of the autumn sunlight curating meals over flame. There isn’t much that makes me happier than these slow afternoons with friends 🌿

It’s happening guys, my first cappuccino of the day @folepiyates

Great wine-tasting evening at Chorizo & Co. Excellent tapas by Johnny. This red wine is screaming, “Let me out, let me out; try me, try me!” #chorizoandco https://www.facebook.com/chorizoandco Thank you Tomas and see you soon for a bonbon.

Saturday morning comfort 🌿 {pasture raised eggs over autumn chilli topped with pea shoots} Served in one of my new favourite bowls from @nourishvictoria / @pc_ceramics

Great simple salmon dish

Beet burger patty, green bean casserole, crispy shallots, turmeric tahini dressing, chipotle BBQ sauce

On the end of the day it’s all about the basics: our daily bread @folepi.ca

Reading @eatmag on this rainy Sunday and saw a nice little write-up on Fishhook's new location at Mermaid Wharf. Check it out! And congratulations @fishhookvic!!
#fishhook #newlocation #eatmag #victoriabc #yyj #yyjeats #seafood #fresh #oceanfresh #oceanwise #foodie #foodies #yyjrestaurant #seafoodie #yum #nomnom #getit

Great architecture. This beautiful building shines particularly nicely at sunset @songheesnation.ca location,location, location...

Autumn rays ✨ It’s the last day to receive a discounted seat for the upcoming Photography and Styling Workshop Lyndsey ( @lyndsey_eden ) and I are putting on! You can find the link in either of our bio’s ✨ It’s been so inspiring to work with Lyndsey over the past few months curating this day for you. It’s so incredible to be fusing our creative souls together on this project and I’m feeling so lucky and excited about this day. Lately I’ve been really riding off of inspiration from all of the incredible women in this community (& all around the world) Seeing successful creative women in business who are following a life that feeds their soul is just so beautiful. Thank you & so many others here for being so authentically yourself! You all give me shivers of inspiration and a ten mile push to continue on this road ✨

I find “El Rincon de Esteban” to be one of the best traditional restaurants in Madrid, Spain.

Macarons galore....

OPEN for registration 〰 Seats are officially available for my upcoming Photography & Styling Workshop with the incredibly talented Lyndsey Eden (@lyndsey_eden✨) on January 27th, 2018. This day has been thoughtfully planned out to include everything from camera basics, food photography, styling food scenes, playing with motion, creating and shooting flat lays, enjoying a delicious lunch, editing tips and tricks, creative shooting, and the opportunity to ask us anything and everything about what we do and how we do it. We just can’t wait to share it with you, so for the next week we’ll be offering a reduced price on seats for all of you early birds that can’t wait either! More details, pricing and link to purchase can be found via the link in my profile 🌿 We can’t wait to create with you!

Eggs Delmonico 🍳

A little cappuccino, a little bit of sun, and perhaps a little donut can be the start of a great day.

Now this is a breakfast sandwich!! Those people @redbarnmarkets are breakfast superheroes!

Solid breakfast

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