I usually cook for Thanksgiving, but this year I’m taking it off since we have enough in our plates 🍽 already with the BIG move. ⠀

BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have recipes to make your table a little more veggie focused — and delicious!⠀

Like these Thyme Roasted Grapes and Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Sherry Vinegar. They’re sweet, salty, savory, and completely addictive. ⠀

Recipe linked up top @erinparekh_ 🦃⠀

Is there anything better than a bright and hearty fall salad? ⠀

When navigating the holidays, vegetables are where it's at -- and I tell all of my clients to load half their plate with food that looks like this. Then let the other half be for more traditional fare. ⠀

Winter Squash Salad with Massaged Kale, Toasted Hazelnuts, and Pomegranate is NEW and linked @erinparekh_

We should have been packing this weekend, but....⠀

instead we drove up to our happy place — Newport, RI — to spend a little quality time together relaxing before the craziness of the next two weeks commences. (In case you missed it, we’re moving to Florida right after Thanksgiving!)⠀

To-do lists always get done one way or another. However, what we always seem to put off is self-care and being present with those we love — spouses, friends, family, and partners. ⠀

How can you be a little more present today? xx ⠀

Soup’s ON this blustery fall weekend 🍂 ⠀

And it’s the perfect thing to make for meal prep. A big pot like this will last for days in the fridge — just reheat on the stove with a splash of water to thin it out. ⠀

Search Punjabi-style Black Lentils on the blog for this warming, Indian-spiced stew. ⠀

Happy Diwali! ✨ In the Hindu religion, this festival of lights celebrates the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. ⠀

It's such such a beautiful holiday and the perfect reminder to us all that good will always prevail when we look within ourselves, seek truth + knowledge, and let our inner light shine. 🌟⠀

How many times do you stand in front of the fridge wondering what to have for breakfast on a Monday morning?
Exactly 🤷🏼‍♀️ BUT — a few go-to options are all you need to make sure you (and the kids) are fueled up with protein + fiber + healthy fats.
Which is why I shared a few balanced breakfast favorites with @stamfordmoms 🥣

3-ingredient grab and gos
The perfectly balanced smoothie
How to think outside the box

Plus a few favorite recipes:
Raspberry Chia Jam
Essential Overnight Oats
Banana Blender Pancakes
Kitchen Sink Frittatas
Linked in my profile ⬆️ @erinparekh_

🕑 Did you know it can take our bodies up to one week to adjust to Daylight Savings? ⠀

We were up at 5:30am (always early risers, but not THAT early!) and have been a little out of whack all day. ⠀

Making sure to get lots of sunshine and outdoor activity will help your circadian rhythm adjust faster + logging off your phone before bed (which is what I’m about to do right now...)⠀

We’re enjoying the extra hour in a cozy, happy food coma after bowls of this Red Lentil Cauliflower Curry and watching Season 2 of Making A Murderer. ⠀

Recipe for in my blog archive and linked @erinparekh_ 🍛 if you want to cozy up too.

So far, I’ve taken most of the photos on this account with my fancy DSLR camera, but lately things have been so crazy that I just haven’t had time to set things up or (most often) the shots just sit on the camera waiting in limbo. ⠀

SO today is a new day and I’m sharing my IRL breakfast post-boxing thanks to my lovely iPhone. Details for the toppings in my stories. ⠀

Happy Saturday loves! 💕⠀

T-30 days and we’re MOVING! 🌴☀️⠀

Never in a million years did I think I’d end up living in Florida (Palm Beach area to be exact!), but life takes you in certain directions for a reason and you have to trust the process. ⠀

I’ve definitely felt absent minded around here lately — wanting to share so much more than my current brain capacity and stress levels can handle in the midst of it all. ⠀

BUT, I’m so excited to finally be able to share this new adventure with you all. I’ve only been to Palm Beach once (last week!), so any connections, recommendations, or insights you all might have would be very appreciated ☺️ ⠀

Trick or Treat?! 👻⠀

What’s your favorite candy? I’m a chocolate girl through and through. ⠀

I made these peanut butter cups last year and really need to test them again so I can post (and eat!) them. If you want the recipe message me and I’m sure I can cobble it together 🙃

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates ⠀

Always the learner 🤓 I’ve been upping my game this fall with a certification in culinary nutrition — which means fine tuning my cooking skills + diving deep into the therapeutic properties of food + using that knowledge to develop even better meal plans for my clients. ⠀

I truly believe we’re all unique individuals with specific needs + goals that vary from day to day and with each season of life. ⠀

So when working with clients, my plans are completely customized with no one size fits all approach. We start with a food journal and deep dive introductory session where I learn your wants, needs, and goals. Then, we develop an action plan and I support + motivate you 100% of the way. ⠀

I have a few coaching spots open for November. And contrary to popular belief, the holidays are a great time to start! ⠀

We’ll work together to increase energy, beat the bloat, and make sure there’s no damage to be undone in January — while still making sure you enjoy yourself. No deprivation, I promise! ⠀

Interested? Message me to chat! Xx⠀

Nine times outta ten, this is the dinner I want. And it probably looks harder to prepare than it actually was. ⠀

This meal is less than 10 ingredients and came together super quick thanks to an hour’s worth of weekend prep. ⠀

On Sunday:⠀
✔️Roast the squash ⠀
✔️Cook the lentils + quinoa ⠀
✔️Chop and wash the kale⠀

To assemble:⠀
1. Reheat squash in toaster oven. ⠀

2. Sauté shallot in olive oil. Add quinoa + lentils + a few dashes cumin and warm through. Set aside in serving bowl. ⠀

3. In same pan, add a drizzle of olive oil + huge handful kale + pinch of salt + splash of water. Cook until just wilted. ⠀

4. Add kale + squash to bowl. Top with nuts/seeds and a side of fermented veggies — I used the last of some ramps I had from the summer farmer’s market. ⠀

And that’s it! Dinner. 🍽⠀

Can you tell when your body craves a nutrient? Today, all I wanted after spin class was eggs and seaweed. Random maybe, but it meant I needed to replenish with a complete protein and trace minerals. ⠀

Trusting your body to tell you what it wants takes practice and really listening to that internal voice, which is something I focus on and work through with clients. ⠀

But it starts with simply asking yourself — what sounds good to me right now? And it may not be what you expect. Go with it. ⠀

So often we think of cravings as bad — leading to sugary sweets or a basket full of french fries. But when we dig a little deeper and ask ourselves the why behind the craving there's often a reason for it. ⠀

Maybe you want that chocolate cake for a serotonin boost to calm your mood after a rough day at work. In which case, a few squares of dark chocolate may do the trick instead while also supplying your body with additional nutrients. ⠀

It's not about depriving yourself of cravings, it's about understanding them and making a healthier swap 80-90% of the time — because there’s also a time and place for cake. 🍰⠀

That C R U M B L E though...⠀

Grain-free, refined sugar free, basically paleo but I hate classifying recipes by a diet — PUMPKIN SPICE MUFFINS 🎃⠀

These muffins are super easy to make and clean up is a breeze (everything goes straight into your blender!). And if you want to up the spice factor like I did, try adding a little cardamom, black pepper, or Chinese five spice in addition to the classic mix. ⠀

Pumpkin is a great source of minerals, fiber, and beta-carotene (which our body converts to vitamin A -- promoting good vision, a healthy immune response, and cell growth). And pumpkin seeds are full of zinc which supports our immune system — because cold season is upon us! ⠀

Recipe linked up top @erinparekh_

Well 15 days and I didn’t make my 15 pound goal. I feel good though. I’m still down and losing. The progression is the greatest reward and even after today I am continuing to push to lose the weight and push to be well mentally, physically, and emotionally. The journey continues! I am happy! I am in a happy place! Life truly is good and I am blessed. What journey are you on? Share your story! #eatjunkfood #junkiefitlife #15to15

If you saw my stories from lunch today, it was the most delicious Moroccan spiced vegetable stew with quinoa, but it ended up being much lighter than I expected it to be —which left me starving a few hours later. A prime example of making sure protein + fat are in every meal! So #snacktime today ended up being a little mini-meal to help me finish the day strong. #inmybowl thanks to a fridge full of #mealprep staples — steamed kale, roasted purple sweet potatoes, roasted garlic hummus, pumpkin seeds, and pecans 😋⠀

Snacks don't have to be raw veggies, fruit, or a handful of nuts — all good options for sure, but listen to your body and if you need more food — go for it! ⠀

This Northeast cold snap means cold and flu season is kicking into high gear 🤒 Which is why I'm sharing my Immune Boosting Raspberry Beet Smoothie. It's loaded with vitamin C thanks to raspberries + camu powder and features beets for their grounding, blood building properties. All topped with bee pollen -- another nutrient-dense, immune building superfood. 🐝⠀

Recipe linked in the archives @erinparekh_

✨EAT EMPOWERED ✨is something I focus on a lot BUT it's just one of the eight pillars for #livinganutritiouslife that we embraced this past weekend at the @nutritiouslifeofficial Masterclass. The Nutritious Life community is the most inspiring, enlightening, and empowering group of women. I made lasting connections and left feeling refreshed and focused -- ready to tackle this next year head on.
Last October, I enrolled in Keri's program The Nutritious Life Studio and it was a game-changer. Not only did it introduce me to this incredible community of women, but it also furthered my knowledge in health, nutrition, and wellness so I can better serve and educate my clients. BUT it's also not just for those in the wellness world -- anyone wanting to connect and expand their knowledge is welcome. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Enrollment is open again this week (closing the 20th!) and I couldn't recommend the program more. You can find details by clicking the link in my bio or messaging me for details.

Soup season is here! And while I love a warming bowl on a chilly day, I always prefer to pair my soup with a bright and crisp salad — it’s classic for a reason. ⠀

But who says salads have to be lettuce based? This one takes advantage of heartier produce and also keeps it simple with only 5 main ingredients. ⠀

This Apple Fennel Walnut Salad is linked up top @erinparekh_ 🍎⠀

P.S. It pairs perfectly with my black lentil soup from one post back 😊 ⠀

When I first started dating Ravi, his mother loaded me up with spices, lentils, rice, and a pressure cooker — because she knew I loved to cook and wanted her boy to enjoy homemade Indian food! ⠀

Well, it took me years to get over my fear of cooking it — worried I wouldn't meet her (or Ravi’s) standards and trying to understand how to use the different spices, because I definitely didn't grow up with turmeric and black mustard seeds in southern Indiana.⠀

Fast forward to today... I love home cooked Indian food and experimenting with the amazing flavor combinations. Like anything, it just took a little practice + getting used to the newness and initial uncertainty. I really don’t know what I was so hung up on in the end. ⠀

This little story brings me to my simplified version of Dal Makhani — a traditionally thick and creamy black lentil soup. It's the perfect warming blend of cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and clove for these early fall evenings. Finished with coconut cream and a spritz of lime. ⠀

Recipe linked up top ⬆⠀

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